Friday, January 27, 2017

College Hoops Top 16 (1/27)

So, it's the week before the Super Bowl. And in an attempt to remove myself from the ouroboros that is my anxiety about the Patriots' upcoming performance  (IE "there's no way Atlanta can hang"...five minutes later..."but what if they score first?...or create an early turnover?!"), I've decided to post my first college basketball rankings of the new year...

And in keeping up with the Teds, I've shortened my rankings from 25 to 16. Mostly because it goes well with my laziness. But mostly because the top 16 will essentially become the new top 25, if for no other reason than the anticipation of its now annual reveal. Little bit of ouroboros going on there, too. But that's a different discussion for a different day...and for Twitter...

So, absorb and enjoy. And I'll catch you all back here next week for all of the Super Bowl whatnot. And maybe even another obscure reference to an ancient and/or mythical snake. Although I'm pretty sure, barring an energized Google search, ouroboros is all I've got. I am quite the avid Internetsman, though. And I do like going down rabbit holes (it's how I found out that Jeff Lynne produced some tracks for Regina Spektor!). So I guess you Teds will just have to wait and see...

But, for now. Here's this...

College Hoops Top 16

1. Kentucky (17-3)

2. Gonzaga (21-0)

3. Villanova (19-2)

4. Louisville (17-4)

5. West Virginia (16-4)

6. North Carolina (19-3)

7. Baylor (19-1)

8. Virginia (16-3)

9. Kansas (19-2)

10. Oregon (19-2)

11. Wisconsin (17-3)

12. Purdue (17-4)

13. Arizona (19-2)

14. Cincinnati (18-2)

15. Duke (15-5)

16. Butler (18-3)

just missed: Florida St.; UCLA; Florida; St. Mary's

What to Watch This Week

Florida St. @ Syracuse
Baylor @ Mississippi
Kansas @ Kentucky

Virginia @ Villanova

Duke @ Notre Dame

Creighton @ Butler
West Virginia @ Iowa St.

Baylor @ Kansas
Cincinnati @ Tulsa

Gonzaga @ BYU


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