Friday, December 09, 2016

2016 Week 14 Picks

Week 14 Picks

Pittsburgh Steelers (-2.5) @ Buffalo Bills

Cleveland Browns (+6) vs Cincinnati Bengals

Detroit Lions (-7.5) vs Chicago Bears

Tennessee Titans (-1) vs Denver Broncos

Indianapolis Colts (-6) vs Houston Texans

Arizona Cardinals (-1) @ Miami Dolphins

Washington Tedskins (-1.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles

San Diego Chargers (+2.5) @ Carolina Panthers

Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5) vs Minnoesta Vikings

San Francisco 49ers (-2.5) vs New York Jets

Seattle Seahawks (-2.5) @ Green Bay Packers

Atlanta Falcons (-5) @ Los Angeles Rams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1.5) vs New Orleans Saints

New York Giants (+3.5) vs Dallas Cowboys

Baltimore Ravens (+7.5) @ New England Patriots

Last Week: 8-6-0

Overall: 100-71-9 (.581)

Meh. So it appears as though I've missed out on a profitbale season (generally considered ~55%). No matter. I'm sure I'll be able to sneak back into the black come playoff time. So fear not, my damies. And enjoy your Winter Break! By which I mean that soon to be frostbitten flesh-farmer, up there...

2016 NCAA Picks: 69-57-2 (.547)

ALL TIME: 816-581-32 (.582)


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