Friday, November 06, 2015

Week 9 Picks: Every Dog Has Its Day...

Golf is calling me again, my damies. Thank you very much Indian Summer! That's still politically correct to say, right? I mean, I know Daniel Snyder would give it the OK. But would Daniel Day Lewis? I'm not so sure. So let's just call this, 'The Last of Golf-hicans'. Which I'm sure is a phrase that both Daniel's could get behind. Ya know, despite it being exponentially more offensive...potentially...

But I do have thoughts on the latest "is a hot dog a sandwich?" debate that's setting the Interwebs ablaze. And those thoughts are right here, presented mathematically for your viewing pleasure:

A hot dog - the bun = a hot dog

A roast beef sandwich - the bread = roast beef

See? A hot dog is NOT a sandwich. Says math. And me. And that picture of a undoubTedly delicious hot dog sandwich, up there. So yeah. Not a sandwich. Not unless you're referring to the artery clogger pictured above...

Oh, and I've got the latest trailer for Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight for ya, too. Which, needless to say, looks quite promising. But I'll let you be the judge:

Promising, right? I thought you'd think so. And it should serve to tide us over quite nicely until the latest Coen Brothers' offering drops in February...

OK then. I'm off to golf. And you're off to buy hot dogs. Well, first you're going to lose all of your money playing fantasy sports and betting on games (despite having absorbed my virtual wisdom). Then, lacking both money and self esteem (and likely wearing only stained and/or ripped articles of clothing), you'll be buying those hot dogs. And they'll be delicious, no matter what you choose to call them. Ya know, because you don't have to be smart to enjoy a delicious treat. DARWINISM IS DEAD!...

Good luck, Teds. And I'll catch you next time...

Week 9 Picks
New England Patriots (-14) vs Washington Tedskins

Miami Dolphins (+3) @ Buffalo Bills

Minnesota Vikings (-1) vs St. Louis Rams

New Orleans Saints (-7.5) vs Tennessee Titans

Oakland Raiders (+5.5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Carolina Panthers (+3) vs Green Bay Packers

Atlanta Falcons (-7) @ San Francisco 49ers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3) vs New York Giants

Denver Broncos (-4.5) @ Indianapolis Colts

Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5) @ Dallas Cowboys + UNDER 45

San Diego Chargers (-4) vs Chicago Bears + UNDER 49

Last Week: 7-6-1

Overall: 61-53-4 (.534)

NCAA Top 25 Picks
(1) Ohio St. (-23) vs Minnesota

(3) Clemson (-10.5) vs (17) Florida St.

(4) LSU (+7) @ (7) Alabama

(12) Oklahoma St. (+5.5) vs (5) TCU

Nebraska (+6.5) vs (6) Michigan St.

Pittsburgh (+8.5) vs (8) Notre Dame

(10) Iowa (-6.5) @ Indiana

(13) Utah (+3) Washington

(15) Memphis (-7.5) vs Navy

(18) Houston (-8) vs Cincinnati

Last Week: 8-3-0

Overall: 46-40-1 (.534)



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