Friday, October 20, 2017

2017 Week 7 Picks

Do you like baseball? Are you a fan of The Simpsons? Do you like documentaries? How about mockumentaries? Well, my fellow nerd. If you answered yes to at least 2 out of 4 of those questions, then boy do I have a treat for you! This Sunday, after the 1 o'clock football games, FOX is airing a mockumentary special based on the iconically magnificent Simpsons' episode, 'Homer at the Bat'...

So set your DVR. That way, you can watch football all day long, and then cap your day off with a little bit of sports relaTed humor. OR, you can just record it, and then stare at it in your saved shows folder for a few months until you forget what it was and delete it. Pretty sure that actually counts as having 'watched it' these days, anyway...

Either way, you'll be good to go. So long as you remember to TRIM THOSE SIDEBURNS!


Week 7 Picks

New England Patriots (-3) vs Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers (-3) @ Chicago Bears

Tennessee Titans (-5.5) @ Cleveland Browns

Green Bay Packers (+4) vs New Orleans Saints

Indianapolis Colts (+3) vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Baltimore Ravens (+5.5) @ Minnesota Vikings

 Buffalo Bills (-3) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Arizona Cardinals (+3.5) @ LA Rams

Miami Dolphins (-3) vs New York Jets

San Francisco 49ers (+6) vs Dallas Cowboys

Pittsburgh Steelers (-4.5) vs Cincinnati Bengals

LA Chargers (+1.5) vs Denver Broncos

New York Giants (+4.5) vs Seattle Seahawks

Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5) vs Washington Tedskins

Last Week: 5-8-0

Overall: 38-46-3 (.454)

ALL TIME: 1579-1170-96 (.570)

Top 25 Picks

(2) Penn St. (-9.5) vs (19) Michigan

(4) TCU (-38.5) vs Kansas

(5) Wisconsin (-24.5) vs Maryland

Syracuse (+17) @ (8) Miami

Kansas St. (+14) vs (9) Oklahoma

Texas (+7) vs (10) Oklahoma St.

(13) Notre Dame (-3) vs (11) USC

(15) Washington St. (-10) vs Colorado

(18) Michigan St. (-6.5) vs Indiana

Navy (+7.5) vs (20) UCF

Baylor (+9.5) vs (23) West Virginia

Mississippi (+7) vs (24) LSU

Last Week: 8-5-0

Overall: 32-29-2 (.524)

ALL TIME: 850-609-34 (.581)


beachwoman said...

Whoo hooo! Orange over Miami!!!
And Pats beating Falcons!!!
Great pics, Bags!

Brett Ferruccio said...

Thaaaaaaat me!

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