Friday, October 06, 2017

2017 Week 5 Picks

Is it me? Or does David Andrews, wandering around last night without his helmet, bear a striking resemblance to a drunken Mike Napoli, wandering the streets of Boston after the Red Sox won the 2013 World Series? Because that's what comes to mind for me. Well, that. And the fact that a large, confused, and disheveled man seems to appropriately embody my picks so far thru four weeks of the season...

But this week? This week, I'm going to FIND. MY. HELMET! Or get my beard knocked off tryin...


Week 5 Picks

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) vs Buffalo Bills

Cleveland Browns (+1.5) vs New York Jets

Detroit Lions (-2.5) vs Carolina Panthers

Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) vs San Francisco 49ers

New York Giants (-3) vs LA Chargers

Miami Dolphins (-1) vs Tennessee Titans

Arizona Cardinals (+6.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers (-7.5) vs Jacksonville Jaguars

LA Rams (pick) vs Seattle Seahawks

Baltimore Ravens (+3) @ Oakland Raiders

Green Bay Packers (+3) @ Dallas Cowboys

Houston Texans (+2) vs Kansas City Chiefs

Chicago Bears (+3.5) vs Minnesota Vikings

Last Week: 7-8-0

Overall: 27-30-3 (.475)

ALL TIME: 1568-1155-96 (.573)

Image result for tom petty
RIP Tom Petty. Another Traveling Wilbury who was taken too soon.
Top 25 Picks

Texas A&M (+26.5) vs (1) Alabama

(2) Clemson (-21.5) vs Wake Forest

Northwestern (+13.5) vs (4) Penn St.

(5) Georgia (-17.5) @ Vanderbilt

(7) Michigan (-10.5) vs Michigan St.

Nebraska (+11.5) vs (9) Wisconsin

(11) Washington St. (-2.5) @ Oregon

(12) Auburn (-21) vs Mississippi

Florida St. (+3) vs (13) Miami

(19) San Diego St. (-9.5) @ UNLV

(20) Utah (+4) vs Stanford

(21) Florida (+1.5) vs LSU

Last Week: 6-4-0

Overall: 18-19-1 (.487)

ALL TIME: 836-599-33 (.581)


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