Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 Thanksgiving Picks

Gobble gobble, my damies! And a happy and healthy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Now go eat some food...and watch some football...and avoid any and all commercials by setting The Simpsons' 600 episode marathon on FXX as your perma-'last channel'. Yep, that should do it. Oh, and don't bring up politics unless you're talking about how great it is that your state just (hopefully) legalized weed. In failing that, just yell 'make America great again' every time you leave a room. And then never return to that room...

Ted speed...

Thanksgiving Picks

Detroit Lions (-1) vs Minnesota Vikings

Washington Tedskins (+7) @ Dallas Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts (+9) vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Week: 8-5-0

Overall: 83-61-6 (.573)



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