Friday, January 29, 2016

Hail, Hoops!...

Well, my damies. Another season of football has come and gone. Well, minus the "big game". And while I gave it the 'ole "university attempt", my prodigious picks fell just short of profitability. That's the bad news. The good news, is that we're just under a week away from Hail Caesar!, and just over a month away from the madness of March. So, in keeping with those spirits, I've provided you with both the latest featurette from the Coen brothers' soon to be released film (which is being aggressively advertised, for once), and the debut of my College Hoops Top 25. So there ya go. Bases covered...

College Hoops Top 25
1. Maryland (18-3)

2. Oklahoma (17-2)

3. Iowa (16-4)

4. North Carolina (18-2)

5. Michigan St. (18-4)

6. Texas A&M (17-3)

7. Miami (16-3)

8. Xavier (18-2)

9. Louisville (17-3)

10. Iowa St. (16-4)

11. Virginia (16-4)

12. Purdue (18-4)

13. Oregon (17-4)

14. Providence (17-4)

15. Kansas (16-4)

16. West Virginia (17-3)

17. Villanova (17-3)

18. Kentucky (16-4)

19. Baylor (16-4)

20. Indiana (17-3)

21. Dayton (17-3)

22. St. Mary's (17-2)

23. Duke (15-6)

24. Wichita St. (15-5)

25. Arizona (16-5)

just missed: USC; Valparaiso; SMU

What To Watch
West Virginia @ Florida
Virginia @ Louisville
Iowa St. @ Texas A&M
Oklahoma @ LSU
Kentucky @ Kansas

Maryland @ Ohio St.

North Carolina @ Louisville
Texas @ Baylor

Indiana @ Michigan
West Virginia @ Iowa St.

Notre Dame @ Miami

There ya go, friends. Check back next week for another Top 25 and all of the Super Bowl prop action that's fit to print. But until then, enjoy your weekend. And I'll catch you Teds next time...



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