Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Picks: Happy Tedsgiving!...

Gobble gobble, my damies! I've got a Tedsgiving 6-pack of picks for ya. But before I unleash that Turducken of a beast, just a friendly reminder. In order to ensure that you have as pleasurable a Thanksgiving as humanly possible, refrain from starting and/or engaging in any conversations that involve these topics:
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • The right and wrong ways to raise a child
  • Whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • What is and isn't a catch in the NFL

Steer clear of those napalm laced talking points, and you should be good to go! And if you happen to have a relative that's actually watching and caught up on Fargo? Well then that, my friends, would be you ending up with the large part of the wishbone. Figuratively speaking of course. I'm still of the opinion that ending up with a lesser chunk of bird skeleton should really constitute a win in that situation. But again, not an argument you're trying to get into with the relatives...

Soiled bird corpse aside, I hope you Teds have yourselves a fantastic and restorative Thanksgiving. And in failing that, maybe just a better than average weekend. Ya know. Keep the bar nice and low, so it's easy to grab. Or jump over? What are we doin' with that "bar", anyway? Hitting it? Because that's what I'm about to do. Oh!...

Gobble gobble, my friends. And good luck...

Thanksgiving Picks

Detroit Lions (pick) vs Philadelphia Eagles + UNDER 46

Dallas Cowboys (pick) vs Carolina Panthers + OVER 45

Green Bay Packers  (-8) vs Chicago Bears + OVER 46

Last Week: 7-4-2

Overall: 82-73-6 (.528)



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