Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 6 Picks: Hail, Sports!...

Sports are great, aren't they? Ya know, minus the scandals and the cheating. OK, so those can be great, too. But you get my point. And it's moments like Jose Bautista's home run and bat flip up there (and the batshit crazy 7th inning that built up to it) that should remind us of that. That sports are great. And, perhaps even more importantly. That sports should be fun! Just like movies! Which is why, even though I'm ditching you fine folks again for another last grasp at golf, I'm leaving you with the trailer for the new Coen Brothers film (Hail, Caesar!) in addition to that joyus GIF of Bautista and (of course) my prodigious picks. Oh, and I've even got an extra college coed for ya since the Google Image search for Florida coeds (no so shockingly) yielded a bevy of quality results...

So, yeah. That's my penance for dipping out on you fine folks. And I've paid it. Now go watch this trailer, get your betting affairs in order, and go out there and have some fun this weekend.!

Week 6 Picks
New England Patriots (-7.5) @ Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota Vikings (-4) vs Kansas City Chiefs

Cincinnati Bengals (-4) @ Buffalo Bills

Pittsburgh Steelers (+3) vs Arizona Cardinals

Denver Broncos (-4) @ Cleveland Browns

Tennessee Titans (-2.5) vs Miami Dolphins

Chicago Bears (+3) @ Detroit Lions

New York Jets (-6) vs Washington Tedskins

Jacksonville Jaguars (+1.5) vs Houston Texans

Carolina Panthers (+6.5) @ Seattle Seahawks

Green Bay Packers (-10) vs San Diego Chargers

San Francisco 49ers (+2.5) vs Baltimore Ravens

New York Giants (+5.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week: 10-4-0

Overall: 39-36-2 (.520)

NCAA Top 25 Picks
Penn St. (+17) @ (1) Ohio St.

(2) Baylor (-21) vs West Virginia

(3) TCU (-20.5) @ Iowa St.

(4) Utah (-6.5) vs Arizona St.

(8) Florida (+9.5) @ (6) LSU

(12) Michigan (-7) vs (7) Michigan St.

(9) Texas A&M (+4.5) vs (10) Alabama

(11) Florida St. (-6.5) vs Louisville

Memphis (+10.5) vs (13) Mississippi

USC (+6.5) @ (14) Notre Dame

(20) Northwestern (+2.5) vs (17) Iowa

Kansas St. (+4.5) vs (19) Oklahoma

Tulane (+19.5) vs (24) Houston

Last Week: 8-6-1

Overall: 28-24-1 (.538)

Good luck, Teds. And I'll catch you next week...

Be good...



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