Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 8 Picks: Over 'N Out, I Guess...

Well, my damies. I've got another abbreviated post for ya. And golf's not to blame for this one. Work is. Well, it was the reason. But then this happened, and that happened, and then general apathy and convenience ultimately won out. But I've still got that delicious pick-y goodness that you crave. Along with a reminder that you should be watching the new season of Fargo. Because it's good TV. And good TV is meant to be watched...

I know you're not watching, because ratings and lack of chatter. Which means you're missing out on (among many other things) a top notch supporting performance by Bokeem Woodbine (above). A dramatic turn that would even make Mike Ehrmantraut blush. Ya know, if Mike Ehrmantraut deigned to ever show any emotion. Which he wouldn't do unless there were a boxcutter involved. Because he's a boss. Ehrmantraut doesn't have a fake band, though. And Woodbine's Mike Milligan is already singing lead for prog rock up-and-comers "Mike Milligan & The Kitchen Brothers". So he's got that goin' for him, which is great. I even hear that they're scheduled to tour the sub-continent with The Blue Jean Committee. But that's just a rumor at best, and a poor tangent at worst...

But yeah, you should be watching Fargo. You really should. Like, take a break from tracking Lamar Odom's bowels (by which I mean "in-laws") for an hour or so, and watch a bunch of talented people tell a unique and interesting story. Okay then? Okay then...

Now, here are the picks. Starting with MinnesOHta and Kansas City. Ya know. Because Fargo...

Week 8 Picks
Kansas City Chiefs (-5) vs Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings (pick) @ Chicago Bears

Cleveland Browns (+5.5) vs Arizona Cardinals

St. Louis Rams (-7.5) vs San Francisco 49ers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7) @ Atlanta Falcons

New York Giants (+3.5) @ New Orleans Saints

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1.5) vs Cincinnati Bengals

San Diego Chargers (+3) @ Baltimore Ravens

Oakland Raiders (+1.5) vs New York Jets

Seattle Seahawks (-6) @ Dallas Cowboys

Green Bay Packers (-2.5) @ Denver Broncos + UNDER 46

Carolina Panthers (-6) vs Indianapolis Colts + UNDER 48

Last Week: 9-5-0

Overall: 54-47-3 (.534)

Could have gone with the sexy Halloween theme, here. Pretty sure I've done that in the past, and Lord knows it's a proven winner. But I decided instead to stick with the Fargo theme. Which means you get a naughty gopher (though I hear she went to high school in White Bear Lake. Go Bears!) and a petite blonde in a Steve Buscemi dress. That's when you know that you've finally made it, folks. When your creepy face is on a dress, and your eyes are lined up perfectly with the boobs. Imagine Christina Hendricks in that thing? Because that's what I'm doin' right now. You've got a funny lookin' fella on your whatnots there, dontcha know...

NCAA Top 25 Picks
(3) Clemson (-10) @ NC State

(8) Stanford (-12) vs Washington St.

(21) Temple (+9.5) vs (9) Notre Dame

(11) Florida (-2.5) vs Georgia

(12) Oklahoma St. (-3) @ Texas Tech

(13) Utah (-23.5) vs Oregon St.

Minnesota (+14) vs (15) Michigan

(16) Memphis (-30) vs Tulane

(17) Florida St. (-20.5) vs Syracuse

(18) Houston (-11) vs Vanderbilt

Auburn (+8.5) vs (19) Mississippi

Last Week: 4-6-0

Overall: 38-37-1 (.507)



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