Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Heat, Pujols Are Hot Hot Hot!

I said before the NBA playoffs began that it was the Detroit Pistons' to lose. To be honest, I didn't think the Miami Heat would even make it past the Nets, let alone snag homecourt from the defending Eastern Conference champs. Now, Wade, Shaq and company are in the driver's seat, only 1 game from the NBA Finals. Wade has taken this team on his back into the conference finals while fellow stars of the '03 draft like LeBron and Melo have yet to make it out of the 2nd round. Granted Wade may have a better team around him, but the leadership he's shown at this young age has been tremendous. If they can finish off Detroit, you have to give them a good chance against either Phoenix or Dallas in the Finals. And what happened to the vaunted Piston's defense? Letting Wade shoot 70% from the field in game 4 is exactly what's wrong with this team. They've lost their edge, their swagger and their about to be bounced from the conference finals. In the West, Dallas has already done away with the defending champion Spurs and now find themselves 2 games from the Finals as well. If they manage to make the Finals, you have to consider them the favorite, even if the Pistons come back to win. They've already proven they can hang with teams in the halfcourt (Spurs), and now are proving they can run up and down with the Suns. If they keep this up, Mark Cuban may never have to work at Dairy Queen again.

Who's The Manica?
Is Danica Patrick the real deal? Let's recap here. Career wins? Zero. Endorsement dollars? Millions. Sure she's young, but that's not the first time we've seen that either. The truth is, the first few statements could have applied to Danica, Anna Kournikova or Michelle Wie. Now Wie and Patrick may be just getting into their sports, but we know for sure that Anna was a bust. But what they all have in common, is their ability to beat anyone. I'm at the head of the line when it comes to wanting to see women compete with men, especially in a sport like golf or racing where the field is more level than in other major sports, but I am not a fan of pointless hype. Danica has had several strong showings, including top ten finishes in the last two Indy 500's, but until she makes it to the winner's circle she will be an inspiration to young female athletes, instead of an established driver. Hopefully one day she will be both, but until then let's scale back the hype a little please.

Draft Lottery More Like A Crap Shoot
So as usual, the worst team walks away from the lottery without the #1 pick. The NBA has this lottery system in place for one reason, to avoid having teams tank their season on purpose to get the #1 pick like you could do in the other major sports. There are a lot of years where the Portland Trailblazers (worst record last season) would be pissed they were missing out on the first pick, but there's no LeBron, Duncan or Yao in this draft. Truth is, there aren't any sure things in this draft, especially at the top. What makes it even more interesting, is that most teams need shooting guards and point guards, but the top prospects at those positions aren't considered worthy of the top half of the draft. There's still about a month until the draft, so I won't bother doing a mock until players have had a chance to workout for teams, and the teams have had a chance to change their minds 3 or 4 times. So be on the lookout for that.

Red Sox Update
Last Week: 5-3
Overall: 30-19
Standings: 1st by 1 game

*When the week starts by losing 2 of 3 to the Yankees at home, it doesn't look too promising. But whenever you sweep a 4 game series (yes, even against the lowly Devil Rays), it will put some pep back in your step. The problems remain the same though, the back end of the rotation continues to struggle, whether it's David Wells with injuries, or Matt Clement with his entire life. I want to see Jon Lester and Craig Hansen brought up and slotted into our rotation and bullpen. We've seen the impact Papelbon has had, and these guys can't be any worse than bums like Rudy Seanez, David Riske or Lenny DiNardo. Give the kids a chance! I mean hell, if we think these guys are as "ready" as we thought Hanley Ramirez was, then we may have a couple Cy Young winners on our hands.

Pujols Watch
*It's becoming clear that we may be watching one of the best hitters in history enter his prime. Albert hits for power, hits for average, has a great eye and can hit to all fields. He hits good pitches, bad pitches, fastballs and breaking balls. I've always said that Manny Ramirez is the best all around hitter I've seen in my lifetime, but that may all be changing. With Barry passing the Babe, it now appears as though Albert has a legit chance to make a run at another homerun record, Barry's single season mark of 73. Major League Baseball would like nothing more than to have Albert pass Barroid for obvious reasons, and so would I. So each week I am going to chronicle Albert's pace in hopes that he can knock at least 74 over the fence this season. There's also an outside shot that he can capture the first triple crown since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967, but until he gets closer to the top of the league in batting average, I'm just going to focus on the homerun chase. Here's where he stands so far...

Homers Last Week: 3
Total: 25
Projected Total: 83

*So Barroid passed the Babe with homer #715 this weekend. But the real story was in the homerun call by Giants radio announcer Dave Flemming. As soon as the Sultan of the Syringe lunched the ball into orbit, Flemming's microfone cut out due to what is being called a "technical difficulty". Yeah sure. Might as well just call it a waldrobe malfunction. There are those in the media that want to take their shots at Barry, and that's exactly what this was. And just think, an announcer like Flemming may never get a chance in his career to make such a momentous call. Props to all the boys over their at Giants radio for taking one for the fan, and sending the subtle message that even Giant fans aren't OK with the juicer chasing down the Hammer.

*For those of you that enjoy look-a-likes as much as I do, you'll really like this one. While Dwayne Wade is lighting up the playoffs, his identical twin Gael Monfils (might as well be) is playing this week in the French Open. You may have seen this already on, but if you haven't take a look at the similarities. Pretty scary if you ask me...

Fantasy Update
Week 8 Final Score:
Record: 83-69-24 (7 games back)

Week 9 vs not another 86 years (69-78-29)

*It's pretty easy to win when your pitching staff goes 6-0 with a 1.73 ERA, a .88 WHIP and 3 saves. I told you I could feel my team starting to click, and if they can put together back to back weeks, things could start to get really interesting. And by interesting I mean I will start punishing the rest of the league and mocking them on my blog while I do it.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Barroid Injects Himself Into Record Books

7 1 4*
For once I agree with Barry Bonds. After finally hitting homerun #714 on Saturday, the Ambassador of Beef Roids told the press they should now focus their attention on the historic pace Albert Pujols is on. After all, Pujols is on pace to smash nearly every career offensive mark, all without shooting himself with insulin, cattle roids or female fertility drugs. The fact Albert is doing all of this without having to increase his hat size every week is impressive. Hopefully one day Pujols will be able to eclipse all of Barroid's inflated records, but that's so far off it's not even worth discussing yet. As for the Sultan of the Syringe? He finally tied "that fat white guy" with a dinger off Oakland lefty Brad Halsey, 9 games after he hit #713. I'll admit, I was hoping something would happen that would prevent Bonds from ever tying and passing the Babe, but I knew it was unlikely. I also realize it's still very possible that he will pass Hammerin' Hank. The one thing that does make me happy about Bonds hitting #714 was the 19 year old Oakland fan that caught it. He had some choice expletives for reporters when asked how he felt about Bonds, and has already said he plans on selling it, as opposed to giving it to Barroid. Whatever he decides to do with the ball is irrelevant. MLB was right. While the number 714 has a place in our hearts and minds, the real record is 755. All Barry did this weekend was pass Babe Ruth on the all-time homerun list, he didn't erase the Babe from our minds and he never will. History will still remember the Babe as perhaps baseball's greatest icon, while Bonds will be remembered as a cheating racist with an ego so big he ruined what was a sure-fire Hall of Fame career just to hit a few homers. So go ahead Bar, knock a few more in McCovey Cove, it won't change the fact that you cheated and disgraced the game for the sake of your own bravado.
From Glory To Glue?
Now I've never been one to take a career ending injury lightly, but that headline was too good to pass up (and this is a horse not a person). The scary part is, the headline could become reality. After a false start in the 131st Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby winning superhorse Barbaro only managed to make it a few hundred yards down the track at Pimlico before pulling up lame with what turned out to be a broken ankle. Bernardini was able to take advantage with Barbaro out, taking the race by more than 6 lengths over Sweetnorthernsaint and Hemingway's Key who finished third. But the result was secondary to the devastating injury to Barbaro. To make matters even worse, it's now being reported that Bernardini may not even run in the Belmont, meaning nobody will be watching. There will be no chance for a Triple Crown, no Barbaro and no Bernardini. AKA No reason to watch.

*After 7 hours of surgery on Sunday, Barbaro survived and is able to stand. Word is it's tough for a horse to recover from leg injuries because, unlike humans, they can't exactly stay off of the leg. Doctor's also say that it's common for horses to be killed right on the track after experiencing an injury this severe. Somthing tells me the 150,000 people in attendance and the millions watching on TV prevented that this time. For his sake, I hope the injury won't prevent him from knockin' up a couple female horses and spendin the rest of his life as a spoiled babymaker.

Playoff Notes
*Something tells me that when the NHL returned to action this season, these weren't the 4 teams the league wanted to see in the conference finals. Two teams from cities where hockey is at best the 5th most popular sport (Anaheim/Carolina), another team that's the 3rd most popular in it's own state (Buffalo), and probably the least popular team in Canada (Edmonton). Again, I'm not trying to say these games aren't exciting, but I'm willing to bet more people are watching Law and Order re-runs than these games. It's bad enough that nobody could find them during the regular season on the Outdoor Life Network (and I swear I still can't find it and I have a digital cable box), but now all of the fans in the big markets have tuned out for good. Not to mention the average fan can't name 5 players that still have a chance to win the Stanley Cup this year. No matter how exciting the games are, if the fans can't relate to the players, and no big market teams are in contention, then the interest is going to be low at best. Add to that the fact that your league is coming off of a strike, and things aren't looking too hot for the NHL. I don't care how many tickets they claim they are selling.

*If you really thought the Cavs were going to somehow beat the Pistons, then I'll take a shot of whatever you're drinking. Even when they were up on Detroit 3-2 with game 6 at home, I just didn't see Cleveland being able to knock off the defending Eastern Conference champs. LeBron put forth a great effort trying to lead his team, and even without Larry Hughes for most of the series they were able to push them to the brink. Bron will get his, just not until he gets a few more key role players to compliment him. As for Detroit. Outside of Philly and Pittsburgh there aren't too many cities I dislike more. But I will be cheering for them if only so they can win a ring without that selfish old fart Larry Brown.

Red Sox Update
Last Week: 4-2
Overall: 25-16
Standings: 1st place by 1.5 games

*Not a bad week for the Sox, but a great week for Mr. Josh Beckett. While taking 2 out of 3 from the Phillies to open interleague play, Josh Beckett not only got a win on Saturday, but he hit a dinger. I think that alone justifies trading for him, even if Bronson Arroyo already has 2 homers this year. This week the Sox welcome the Yanks to Fenway for a 3-game set that could either keep the AL East race close, or put the Sox firmly in the drivers seat for the first time this season.

Diamonds Are Forever
*I'd be lying if I said I wasn't envious of Michael Barrett. He's a big league catcher, making tons of money, in a city with great baseball tradition, and best of all he got to take a swing at AJ Pierzynski. From all the replays I've seen, its pretty clear Barrett over reacted, but who cares. AJ's always runnin' his mouth, and it was only a matter of time before someone took a swing at him. He was well within his right to knock Mike over, and it did look like he was trying to make his way back to the dugout, but Barrett says he was a little dazed and his emotions got the better of him. But hey, since Derek Lee has been injured it's the most excitement the Cubs have had.

*If the season ended today, there's a good chance Jose Contreras would be a serious contender for the AL Cy Young Award. That's gotta sting for Yankee fans, who have major pitching issues. Not only has Randy Johnson been a huge disappointment, but the two guys that were supposed to bring youth to the staff, Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano, have been complete busts. It seems like just yesterday that the Evil Empire sent Contreras and $3 mil to the White Sox in exchange for Esteban Loaiza in August of 2004. But now, the once inconsistent Cuban is mystifying hitters this year (and I don't mean they can't figure out how old he is or why he looks like Shawn Kemp), continuing the success that helped the White Sox to their World Series title last October. Despite a no decision yesterday to the Cubs, Jose is 5-0 with a 1.90 ERA and almost a 3 to 1 strikeout to BB ratio. (Mike Mussina is the only Yankee starter with an ERA under 3.80 this season)

*Just when the Mets look as though they are going to take the first two games from the hated Yanks, Billy Wagner went Rick Ankiel and blew the game. Wagner came into the game with a 4-0 lead, taking over for Pedro Martinez after Petey went 7 strong, striking out 8 and allowing only 4 hits, and promptly imploded. He was only able to record one out while walking 3, plunking Bernabe Williams and giving up two hits. It's one thing to blow a save, but it's another to do it like this. If you're a Met fan, you need to be watching Wag's next few outings closely, because we all know it can take just one bad outing to totally break a closer's confidence. Don't believe me? Just ask Mark Wholers or Mitch Williams. Who? Exactly.

*Now I know this story made the rounds last week, but for those that missed it it definitely bears repeating. Jose Canseco is back in baseball. No not pro, not semi-pro, but the SoCal Senior League. And what type of bats do they use in this league you ask? Well metal bats of course. You got it. A man with more juice in him than the Kool Aid guy, is wielding an aluminum stick, and taking his hacks off of dentists, CPA's, bankers and griddle jockeys from the local Jack in the Box. The only question isn't how far he's going to hit these bombs, or even how many guys hes gonna kill with his screaming liners. The public wants to know. Will he pitch? Because that's the only real way to level the playing field between Jose and all those 9-5ers. But seriously, Jose joining this league may sound a bit absurd, but you also have to tip your cap to him for still trying to play the game he loves. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Fantasy Update
Week 7 Final Score: 9-9-4
Record: 67-66-21
Week 8 vs Coz's Coalition (69-64-21)

*My team has officially changed names once again, this time from Centerfield Cereal to Hanley Ramirez. The name change didn't bring me a great performance, but I've still been encouraged by a lot of the players on my team recently. I need to have a big win soon though, or the ass backwards scoring method in this league may begin to drive me crazy. Operation stop losing begins.......NOW!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

George Clooney....He's Gonna Solve That Thing

Brown-Out in NY?
OK. So maybe I picked the UCONN Huskies to win the NCAA title last year. And yea, I had the Patriots winning last year's Super Bowl, and the Yankees over the Marlins in the 2005 World Series. So forgive me when I gloat about the rumored buy out of Larry Brown's contract with the NY Knicks. After a season full of losses, infighting amongst players, coaches and management, and more losses, it looks like Brown's "dream job" may be over. Good riddance I say. There are those out there that will say LB has never turned a team around in just one season and that he needs more time to get his players and philosophies in place, but I said from the beginning he wouldn't be able to do that, and that's why this setup would never work. As long as Isiah is doing his best to run the storied franchise into the ground, Larry will never be able to turn them into a winner, and I think everyone has come to this realization. I hope he gets bought out, it would be sweet revenge for all those teams that Brown just walked out on. Larry has always been the guy that likes to give the impression he is the ultimate team guy, when in reality there is only evidence to show that he is in it all for himself. Is he a great tactitioner? Yea. But does that alone make a great coach? No way. It doesn't bother me that he's going to get all this money (possibly the full $40 million remaining) while sitting at home, we just better not see him again. Leave now Larry. Get out of basketball. It may be time he comes to the realization that his style may not work anymore, or that he may just be too stubborn to adapt to new players. Whatever it is, I'm glad it's all blowing up in his face, and I sincerely hope this is the last time we see him on an NBA bench. As for Isiah taking over as coach? (laughing) Zeke has already destroyed the CBA and the Raptors, and he is well on his way to totally killing the Knicks. I don't see how you make him the head coach, but then again, I don't see how you make him GM either after the previous failures he'd experienced. For the sake of their fans, I hope the Knicks can figure something out, but the future looks bleak at best.

Red Sox Update

Last Week: 2-2
Overall: 21-14
Standings: 1st place tie with Yankees

*This week was a wash, both literally and figuratively. After taking 2 of 3 from the Yanks to start the week, the Sox only got in one game with the Rangers, a 6-0 loss in 6 innings. But winning the 3 game set in the Bronx was a good sign. Although I still think these two teams will remain close the whole year, anytime the Sox can make Steinbrenner blast A-Rod, I consider it a job well done.

Diamonds Are Forever
*It's great to see Ken Griffey Jr. back in action. I mean with all the negative stories surrounding Barry Bonds chase for the home run record, we sometimes forget that if not for some terrible injuries, we would all probably be watching Junior chase down Hank and the Babe. But due to injuries, Junior is no longer the Gold Glover he once was, and he hasn't played more than 130 games in a season since 2000, his first year in the Natty. I can't help but think, that if Ken had chosen to take steroids, would he have been able to recover faster or come back stronger?

*Don't look now Met fans, but after winning 9 of their last 10, the Phillies are right on your heels. And this has all come without any production from star slugger Bobby Abreu, who's hitting a measly .257 with only 13 extra base hits in 108 at-bats. Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Pat Burrel and Aaron Rowand have picked up the slack offensively, while starters like Gavin Floyd, Jon Leiber and Brett Myers have provided enough to get to Tom Gordon, who has a 1.62 ERA and is averaging 14 K's per nine innings to go along with 12 saves. It also doesn't hurt that lefty specialist Rheal Cormier has yet to give up an earned run in over 11 innings this year. I still have the Mets winning this division, but with the Braves and Marlins having down years, it's good to see their should be a fight to finally dethrone Atlanta as NL East champs.

*I would be remiss if I didn't touch on the piece of work Rick Sutcliffe produced this week while attending a Padres game. After tossing back a few too many tall boys, Sut somehow stumbled into radio booth and onto the air. Once there, he started to bumble about how his daughter is going to Harvard, George Clooney saving the people of Africa, his golf trips will Bill Murray and the fact that he has very little to do these days for his employer, ESPN. It was the best drunken rambling since Broadway Joe offered to kiss Suzy Kolber a few years ago. I think it's safe to say Sutcliffe must have a smart wife, because there's no way his genes are what got his daughter into Harvard medical school. If you want to view the video of the incident, just go to and take a look, its truly hilarious.

Magic Flute Plays Final Note
Doug Flutie called it a career today at the age of 43, after seasons 21 in professional football. Flutie rose to stardom with his Hail Mary pass to push Boston College past Miami in that memorable Thanksgiving game to go along with his Heisman trophy in 1984. Doug spent 12 season in the NFL, but was a much more effective player in the CFL where he won 6 MVP awards and 3 Grey Cup Championships. Doug's style was always fun to watch, darting around the field, a small boy in a game of huge men. He looked out of place, but he was always able to make some magic happen, not to mention how elusive he was in video games. I'm glad Doug was able to return to New England to finish his career, and the drop kick he pulled off this year was one of the more exciting plays in recent memory. I'm also glad Doug is going to be working for ESPN/ABC. He has such a passion for the game that just beams out of him, and the game needs more people like that as opposed to blowhards like Tom Jackson and Shannon Sharpe. So while it will be sad to see Flutie go, it's good to know he's not going too far.

Playoff Notes
*Congrats to Uncle Spliff Robinson. The Nets forward was suspended for for violation of the NBA's substance abuse policy. I thought the Nets were going to win this series before the playoffs began, and not like this suspension is the reasons they won't, but it certainly doesn't help. Note to Cliff: You had the whole summer to spark up my man, there was no need to burn one down in the middle of a playoff run. Too bad now nobody will remember the great years you had in the NBA, only the fact you got suspended for hittin' the hookah when your team was in a 2nd round playoff series. Even Rick Sutcliffe thinks your an idiot.

*San Jose Shark fans for booed the Canadian anthem before their game against the Edmonton Oilers? I mean I am all in favor of showing support for your team, and even hating on the opposing team, but this is just idiocy. Yea sure the Oilers are from Edmonton, and thats in Canada, doesn't change the fact that 15 San Jose players, including MVP candidate Joe Thornton, are also from Canada. Gee. Maybe that vibe was part of the reason the Sharks dumped game 5 at home, and our now facing elimination on the road in America Jr. It's no wonder every other country hates us. But I'm not sure I'd expect anything less from hockey fans in California.

Fantasy Update
Week 6 Final Score: 5-14-3
Record: 58-57-17 (14.5 games back)
Week 7 vs Suck It France! (61-49-22)

*Well, the week with my pitchers getting bombed and it never got much better. It was one of those times where it seemed no matter who I put in, the guys on my bench did better. But on a positive note, my pitching for the rest of the week was incredible, and hopefully I can carry that momentum and string together a few good weeks to get myself back in the race. And from the "who would have thunk it" category. Hanley Ramirez has been a thorn in my side. I mean how do I bring myself to play him over Miguel Tejada or Todd Helton? Well he's been making a great case, batting .336 with 10 doubles and 8 SB, including this past week in which he batted .462, better than Helton and Tejada combined. Geesh.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Derby Field Smoked Like Stale Pall-Mall

Barbaro ran away with the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, winning the 132nd run for the roses by 6 1/2 lengths. In what was being heralded as the deepest and most talented Derby field in decades, Barbaro was able to run the same race that had kept him undefeated coming in. He sat off the early blistering pace set by Sinister Minister, and once they turned for home, he made his push and nobody could catch him. Virtual co-favorites Brother Derek and Lawyer Ron never really got close to the front, while longshot Bluegrass Cat was able to slide into 2nd and known stalker Steppenwolfer was able to capture 3rd. As usual the race was a great spectacle, but I truly think we saw the beginning of an historic Triple Crown run. If this field was half as good as the experts said it was, then who is going to stop him? And I don't want to hear how he won't last in the length of the Belmont, because the horse I saw on Saturday was just getting started at 1 1/4 miles. You kind of knew (from what experts told us) that recent Derby winners like Giacomo, Smarty Jones, ... didn't have what it took to win the Belmont. You knew they may be able to handle the 1 3/16 mile Preakness, but the 1 1/2 mile track in Belmont would be the end of them. I don't see that at all with Barbaro. This horse has yet to lose, and from the race I saw, it doesn't look like he's losing anytime soon. Mark it down. Barbaro: 2006 Triple Crown Winner.

The Daly Double
Talk about a bad 3-putt. After 3-putting the third playoff hole against Tiger Woods last year at the World Golf Championships in San Francisco, John Daly left the course and went immediately to Las Vegas. Once there, he proceeded to burn through the $750,000 prize check he just won in about 30 minutes playing $5,000 slot machines. 30 freaking minutes. I mean it makes you wonder if he actually boarded the plane to Vegas with one of those oversized checks and just brought it to the casino with him. And $5,000 slot machines? How is that even legal, to tempt a man like JD with a machine that takes bets up to $20,000 per spin. So if that's not enough, after blowing his prize money, Daly took out a marker from the casino for an additional $750,000, and proceeded to blow that in another couple hours. This amazing story and more can be found in Daly's new book title "My Life in and Out of the Rough". In the book, Daly estimates he's lost between $50-60 million gambling through the years. And while he's been able to stop guzzling booze, swallowing pharmacies and trashing Super 8's, he has not been able to kick the gambling habit. But fear not, he says he has a plan of action. Long John says he should be able to kick it by scaling back to the $100 and $50 slots, and setting a loss limit. And hell, he says if he starts to win, maybe he would venture up to some more expensive slots, or even through some money around on the craps and blackjack tables. What? I mean is he serious? If in his mind that sounds like a legit course of action, then God please somebody put him in rehab ASAP. Here's a though JD, how about you never step foot in a casino again? Wouldn't that help curb your appetite for playing slot jockey with the GDP of Zaire? It's hard to expect someone to change, but if Daly doesn't he could be headed towards a disastrous end. So here's to hoping you can put your life in order JD, although I can't say I expect it to happen.

Red Sox Update
Last Week: 5-1
Overall: 19-12
Standings: 1st place tie with Yankees

*I personally didn't think Johnny Damon was booed half as badly as a lot of the national media, but either way I expected it. And for Joe Torre to say he didn't expect it? I think I have to side with Boomer Wells on this one, Torre may be getting a little sensitive. I mean fans cheer for the uniform, and Damon is now a Yankee. Sure a few saps will cheer him, but he wasn't thinking of your feelings when he signed his contract, so don't worry about his now. Then Kevin Millar came into town and nobody really cared. I mean we wanted him out of Boston anyway by the end of last year. Sure he was a great clubhouse guy, but there comes a point where no matter how nice a guy is you have to let him go if he's killing your offense. Now the Sox travel to the Bronx to start the week on Tuesday with a 3-game series. With the two in a virtual tie for first in the AL East, whoever wins this series will take the early division lead and fire the first real bullet of the season.

Diamonds Are Forever

*The bidding war for Roger Clemens has begun, with the Astros firing the first bullet. Houston offered the Rocket a pro-rated $18 million, meaning he would get the same percent of the $18 mil as the percent of the season he was on the roster. I'm sure this is just the beginning of the frenzy that this bidding war could create.

*Personally, I think it should be news when Barroid doesn't get hit in the head with something. I mean dear lord, even Kevin Mench had a good laugh at that one. On top of that, I really wish Bonds had hit his 715th homer in Philadelphia. I mean where better to do it than a city that specializes in booing. There's not a decent fan in Philly. Not only are they dumb as rocks, their teams suck too. When you're city's biggest sports hero is from a movie (and what's even sadder is it would be a horse if Smarty Jones hadn't lost the Belmont), you know you have issues. But alas, this would have been the only situation that I would have found Philly fans useful. They would have been able to boo Barry like no other. But, as it unfolded, Barry didn't do it, and Philly will have to go on suckin' for another couple decades.

A Few More...

*Just a few notes on the NBA playoffs. Nothing pleased me more than Phoenix Sun Raja Bell getting up in Kobe Bryant's grill and tossing him to the ground. Then for Kobe to say "who is this guy?" Well Kobe, if you weren't too busy "not raping teenagers in Colorado", maybe you would have remembered that Bell played against your Laker team as a member of the 76ers in 2001. Aside from that, there's great matchup's out West with the Clippers/Suns and the Mavs/Spurs showing down. As for the East, Detroit is going to win it, so don't bother watching.

*Another note. I've always followed boxing as an outsider. I don't claim to know a ton about the sport, but whenever there are big time fights I like to pay attention. I mean when you think about it, boxing should still be one of the most popular sports in the world. It's pure athleticism and strategy at its best. Now my long wait may be over, a true super fight may be on the horizon, with all the drama of a Sopranos season. With his 6th round TKO this weekend of Ricardo Mayorga, Oscar De La Hoya may be setting himself up with a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Not only is Mayweather considered by many the best pound for pound boxer, but his father is the long time trainer of who else but Oscar De La Hoya. Now, Mayweather Sr. has already said he will never train anyone to fight his son, but after the Mayorga bout, Junior was blatantly trying to promote the bout, and De La Hoya did little to shoot down the possibility. I for one am holding out hope. I mean what a script. Aging Golden Boy takes on the new pound for pound king, while a father has to deal with training his prize pupil to pummel his own flesh and blood. It doesn't get any better than that, and a fight like this could give boxing a huge boost back onto the front of the sports pages.

Fantasy Update
Week 5 Final Score: 13-8-1
Record: 53-43-14 (4th place 5.5 games back)

Week 6 vs KlasicKountryKaterin (57-36-17) 1st place

*Since Frosco is in last place after taking it on the chin again this week (8-12-2), he changed his team name to "Bent Over" (which seems about right to me). But seeing as I am such a good guy, I renamed my team after his old team. Ok so I'm not a nice guy and I'm doing it to confuse him, all be it for a minute.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Super Mario?

Houston, We Are the Problem
Let's put this in as simple terms as possible. The Houston Texans made a monumental mistake by selecting Mario Williams. However, that's not nearly as big as the mistake they made by NOT taking Reggie Bush. There's a reason Houston had the #1 pick, and it's the same reason why they went 4-12 last year and have never really sniffed the playoffs in their existence. They haven't shown any competence as an organization. I mean fine let's say they determined they couldn't sign Reggie Bush so they needed to take another player. Defense is great, but how about protecting your franchise QB who spends more time on the grass than Ricky Williams? Take the Brick! D'Brickashaw Ferguson makes more sense as a #1 pick than Mario Williams. So the Texans think they have a good enough back with Domanick Davis? Well last time I checked, he doesn't have nearly the track record as Saints RB Deuce McAllister, and New Orleans didn't even blink before taking Bush. Having Bush, no matter who else is on the field with him, is having a player on your team that is a constant matchup problem. And in the end that's the ultimate weapon. As far as the rest of the draft? I really don't feel like delving into it, but I saw there were more teams that really blew it, than teams that really nailed it. I think the Bills came out as the biggest loser, but teams like Kansas City and the Giants made some questionable selections. A lot of teams just seemed to ignore areas of need (including my very own New England Patriots), leading me to think their may be a lot more movement this offseason as teams realize they still have holes to till. One note, props to the Jets on locking down their O-Line for years to come with Brick at #4 and then center Nick Mangold later in the 1st. But as usual, take a look at this draft in about three years, then we will see who the real winners and losers were.

Red Sox Update
Last Week: 2-4
Overall: 14-11
Standings: 1st place tie

*Just a brutal week for the Sox, and it won't get any easier with the Yanks in town for a quick 2 game set. But Doug Mirabelli is back baby! With Mirabelli flying back tonight to catch Wakefield, and Damon making his Fenway debut as a Yank, this season series is starting off on the same hectic pace that has carried the rivalry so feverishly the past several seasons. The season starts now. Let's get it on.

Fantasy Update
My pitching let me down a little this week, but the 9 K's by Schill on Sunday night was enough to salvage me a tie. Bright side? At least I'm not Frosco, whose team took one on the chin this week, getting smoked to the tune of 14-6-2. I really do get the feeling though that my team is just a click or two away from being dominant. It's a long season, and I plan on being in this thing right up till the end.

Week 4 Final Score: 10-10-2
Record: 40-35-13

Week 5 vs Bubba's Bitches (34-43-11)

*Now I know I said I wasn't going to talk about the NHL and NBA playoffs this year, and while there is still the chance that I won't, I did want to this week but ran out of time. Due to a little weekend road trip (working titles include "Sabby's Abortion", "The Adventures of Lord Fuzzybottom" or "White Man: The Xany Pimp") I wasn't able to get to a lot of topics I wanted to this week, but make no mistake that I will be coming strong again next week.*