Saturday, October 29, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 8 Picks

**This may be my last week before I take a bye in week 9 due to my trip to California, but that's still To Be Determined. Meanwhile, while I was able to push my Monday Night winning streak forward, I could not pull off another winning week overall. There were many exciting finishes last week, and luckily none of them cost me any of my picks, which would have really driven me crazy. As opposed to last week, where I chose all underdogs, this week I am actually going to ride some favorites. Here is to hoping I can end the first half on a positive note**

Week 8 Picks
Tampa Bay Bucs (-10) over San Francisco 49ers
Miami Dolphins (+2.5) over New Orleans Saints
Oakland Raiders (PK) over Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.5) over St. Louis Rams
Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions under 33

Monday Night
Pittsburgh Steelers (-10) over Baltimore Ravens

Record: 19-14-2
Monday Night: 5-3-0

San Diego Chargers (-6) over Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 1-2-0

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants
*I certainly would not have thought that this would be the biggest game in the NFC East, and one of the biggest in the NFC period, at this point of the season. While I did predict the return of the Redskins this year, I did not think either team would be this good this early. But The Giant offense has looked good so far this year, and Clinton Portis has finally kicked it into high gear to help support Mark Brunell and the very sketchy Redskin passing game. I say sketchy only because Brunell has pretty much only been able to connect on big plays. Manning cemented the fact that he has arrived, leading last week's come-from-behind victory and looking impressive in doing so. Whichever defense can control the pace of the game will have the best shot in this one. Don't expect too much offense, unless it's from the Giants. The Giants are the only team in this game capable of blowing the other one out (yea I saw what Washington did last week but that was the 49ers who would lose to Syracuse), but I expect it to be a rather low scoring defensive struggle.

NFL News and Notes
*Tedy Bruschi is going to play, and may even start for the New England Patriots this Sunday night against the Buffalo Bills. There has been a lot of talk that maybe Tedy is coming back for selfish reasons, namely the fact that the defending champs are 3-3 and their defense has looked awful at times. But rest assured, Bruschi has said he would be making the same decision whether the Patriots were 0-6 or 6-0. He doesn't owe anyone anything, he just loves to play football. After all, it's his job, and he has been cleared by four independent specialists to play so why not? All I have to say is welcome back Tedy, we missed you and its going to be great to see you on the field again doing what you love.

*Word out of Rams camp is that Mike Martz is done in St. Louis. Apparently Martz tried to call in a play from his hospital bed last week, and management would not let him. Does this sound like a good relationship? I don't think so. Martz time is all but up in St. Louis, and the team has even adapted a new, run-first scheme under interim coach Joe Vitt. But Martz is a mad genius, so expect him to land on his feet next year with either a co-ordinator job or as head coach in any number of places including Minnesota, Houston or maybe even Detroit. Imagine Martz in Motown with all of those WRs at his disposal? Could get V interesting.

*T.O. put his Morristown, NJ house on the market this week for $4.4 million. A lot of people in Philly see this as a sign that after this season Owens will definitely try to bolt from the city of brotherly love. Ever since McNabb came out out and backed RB Bryan Westbrook in his contract talks with ownership, people have assumed that Owens has been pissed off. And with good reason. After all the trouble he went through with his contract, and now to have McNabb speaking out for another teammate, Owens can not be pleased. Combine all of this with the "struggles" that the Eagles have experienced so far this year, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see another T.O. offseason like we did this year. Expect more sit-ups in his driveway, and plenty of that whiny brat Drew Rosenfag.

*This week saw the passing of one the greatest men in NFL history, Giants co-owner Wellington Mara. Mara helped found the NFL, guide it through the merger with the AFL, and watched it continue to thrive in the new age of Monday Night and Fantasy Football. He was a true pioneer, and he will be missed.

*The Packers have now lost Ahman Green, Najeh Davenport and Robert Ferguson this year. In order for things to get any worse for the (1-5) Packers, Brett Favre would have to be involved in an incident in which he was fatally hurt while saying he never liked cheese and hated cold weather.

Other News
*So it seems that Texas has hopped over USC in the BCS standings to #1. Why you ask? Well the computers saw that Texas beat up on then #7 Texas Tech, a previously undefeated team. See, I thought the computers were supposed to know, better than the humans. That before the Red Raiders were crushed 52-17 by the Longhorns, their "biggest" win (and I use that term very lightly) was a 34-31 win over Nebraska. Not to say that beating Sam Houston St., Florida International, and Inidana St. weren't big wins, oh wait that's exactly what I'm saying. While USC will probably go back to #1 after they beat UCLA, it's still a little weird to see Texas on top. Hopefully the BCS will be gone soon, but obviously not soon enough.

*Air Force reprimanded head football coach Fisher DeBerry after he was quoted as saying "African American kids can run very well...It's very obvious they run very well". He also commented that TCU, who had just beaten Air Force "had a lot more African-American players than we did and they ran a lot faster than we did". I really don't know how to comment on this because its such a stupid comment. Reprimanded? He should be fired. Not because he's a racist, because that may not even be the case. Fisher should be fired because he was dumb enough to make those comments to the press. The man is obviously an idiot. We all know they do things their own way in the armed forces, but this is just unreal. Fisher DeBerry, you are a moron, plain and simple. And PS, maybe you can't get black players because you talk like this! Ever think of that?

*So Sheryl Swoopes came out this week and announced that she is a lesbian. Conspiracy theorists will tell you that this is just the best player of all time trying to gain exposure for her struggling league. What I will tell you is, she's not hot, so nobody cares. But, on the plus side, now the WNBA stands for "What? No Boys Anymore?"

*The White Sox won the World Series. Allow me to insert a steel toe boot right to the crotch of every Cubs fan in America. Now you are the biggest losers in the MLB, if not all of sports fandom. Your team sucks, your ownership sucks, your fans are by FAR the dumbest and most apathetic in all of sport, and right now your "window" to win a championship (or at least the one Cubs fans thought they had with Prior and Wood) seems to be shutting faster and faster with every annual trip to the DL. Now that the Red Sox and White Sox have their titles, is it only a matter of time before the Cubs end their curse? No way. And since their fans don't even pay attention to the games, I don't think they will care.

*Red Sox Nation have no fear. It appears as though the Sox and GM Theo Epstein will come to a new contract agreement this Monday. There was a lot of speculation these past weeks that Theo wanted too much money, or that he needed to wrestle for control from current managing partner Larry Lucchino. Ironically it was Larry who basically got Theo this job, but there are many in the game that feel Theo is held back by having to run all of his deals through Larry. There are even some who believe that Larry and the ownership group have used the Boston Globe as an outlet to smear Theo in an attempt to either get him to leave town or to take less money to stay. I mean when you look at the type of organization the new group has tried to run, they treat the GM and the head coaching positions as pawns, guys there just to hold down the fort and run things their way (they being John Henry, Tom Werner and Lucchino) for a small sum of money. After all, its all about making money isn't it?

*Bobby Valentine also won the World Series this week, the Japan World Series. And he says that his Chiba Lotte Marines would win "at least a couple games" against the Chicago White Sox. Hey Bobby, shut up and stay in Japan. We don't need you in the REAL baseball league, and we don't even really want you on ESPN anymore. So stay in Japan and keep wishing that you had another shot in the bigs. Let's all just hope you don't get that shot. Not because you're a bad manager, because you're not, but because we can't stand listening to all of your nonsense all the time.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 7 Picks

*Before I went completely nuts, my judgment got the better of me and I dumped one pick last week (Cleveland) in favor of the Nappiest pick of them all (Tampa). Was it a sign from above? No. It was just common sense poking its head out yet again. Hopefully this week I can get all my picks settled before I post any of them. On another good note, my Monday Night streak is over and I am back to my winning ways. So lets keep this train moving!*

Week 7 Picks
Tennessee Titans (+5.5) over Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos (+2.5) over New York Giants
Baltimore Ravens (+2) over Chicago Bears
Buffalo Bills (+3) over Oakland Raiders
San Diego Chargers (+4.5) over Philadelphia Eagles

Monday Night
Atlanta Falcons (-7) over New York Jets

Record: 17-11-2
Monday Night: 4-3-0

Money line on the Buffalo Bills vs the Oakland Raiders (+140)
*For all of you not familiar with the money line, this means you would win $140 for every $100 you bet.

Record: 1-1-0

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals
*This is the first real game so far this season with playoff implications. The Bengals can stake a huge claim of the NFC North with a win this Sunday. A win would make them 6-1, and the closest teams in the division would be Pittsburgh and maybe even Baltimore and Cleveland at 3-3. But this Steeler defense is going to put Carson Palmer and the explosive Bengal offense to the test. Pittsburgh is a tough team and they like to play smashmouth football. What that means is getting up in your face on defense, and tough run blocking on offense. If Pittsburgh's power running attack can get going then it may be a long day for the Bengals. The health of Ben Roethlisberger is important only because he is not mistake prone. He's not great, and certainly not as good as Palmer, but he limits his mistakes and allows the running attack to move the ball down the field. This is a statement game for both teams and should be very fun to watch. Hopefully Chad Johnson gets into the endzone and shows us some new dance or celebration, even though he says he is running out of ideas. Say it ain't so Chad! Say it ain't so!

NFL News and Notes
*Mike Tice still has a job. So yes, anything is possible.

*Tony Dungy goes for his 100th win this week. He still has yet to win any important playoff games. So the question remains, is he a great coach? Or is he just a coach that has managed to surround himself with good players, but lacks the strength and intellect himself to put his teams over the top? Well with the Colts at 6-0 and clearly atop the AFC right now, it may be now or never for Tony to prove himself. I mean you don't want to end up like Bill Cowher, that's for sure.

*Another story from the "who cares" files. Joey Harrington and Jeff Garcia are battling for the starting QB job in Detroit. I know you're asking yourself, "Rooch, nobody likes the Lions so why would you even talk about this?" Well, there is a good reason to talk about this issue. And it is...ok fine you got me I was just tryin to fill space. Lions, suck. Matt Millen, sucks. Garcia, Harrington, suck and suck. So there! I won't say Mooch sucks, because I kind of like him. Although there is a lot of evidence out there (see 13-23 record as Lions head coach) to support the claim.

*Brian Westbrook has been openly complaining about how he thinks he needs to be more involved in the offense, and I don't blame him. He only touches the ball an average of 16 times a game, and has only rushed for 231 yards total this season. Hopefully the Eagles will realize what they are wasting before it costs them. He is such a weapon in both the rushing and passing game that Westbrook should be getting at least 25 touches (20 carries and 5 catches) per game. If Philly really wants to know how to utilize an explosive and versatile RB, all they have to do is look across the field on Sunday at Ladanian Tomlinson.

Other News
*Leo Mazzone has signed on to be the pitching coach for the Baltimore Orioles. He's said it was always in his mind the promise that he and current O's coach Sam Perlazzo made to each other when they were coming up together, that if they were ever in the position to work together, they would take advantage of it. So now that fate has landed them together, let's see if Mazzone can bring his already Hall of Fame caliber career to new heights. Its going to be tough in Baltimore, not to say that it was easy in Atlanta. But here he will face a team that hasn't been to the postseason in about a decade, and a pitching staff that is going to need some retooling in the offseason. One intriguing point however, is the signing of Mazzone enough to keep free agent closer BJ Ryan from bolting to greener pastures?

*Apparently at the last Miami Hurricanes home football game, a graphic was displayed on the jumbotron that read "Mexicam". Above the graphic was nothing less than a Mexican man (who supposedly gave consent to participate in the "stunt"). I'm going to go ahead and say that's terribly inappropriate, but at the same time I can't stop laughing.

*My prediction at the beginning of the season you ask? Marlins over Yankees in 7. Ok safe to say that didn't happen. But now that the matchup is set, I get a new shot at predicting the outcome of the Fall classic. It just so happens, I don't really like the White Sox, so despite the fact I think they may be the better team, my choice is the Astros, but probably in the full 7 games. MVP: Lance Berkman

Saturday, October 15, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 6 Picks

*So, another sub .500 week. At least im still managing to keep my head above water for the season, which is respectable. But I aim higher! I really feel a 5-0 week coming on soon. With that said, I am avoiding the Seahawks alltogether for the rest of the season becuase they have foiled me 3 times already in just 5 weeks. Hopefully I can start the train moving in the right direction before the MLB Playoffs end and everyone begins to notice how bad I've been doing lately. And I beg the sports Gods to help end my Monday Night losing streak!*

Week 6 Picks
San Diego Chargers (-1.5) over Oakland Raiders
Tampa Bay Bucs (-3) over Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers (-1) over Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings (+3) over Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals (-3) over Tennessee Titans

Monday Night
Indianapolis Colts (-13.5) over St. Louis Rams

Record: 14-10-1
Monday Night: 3-3-0

(6 point tease)
- Tampa Bay (+2.5) over Miami Dolphins
- Under 41

Record: 0-1-0

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
*You're kidding yourself if you thought this week 6 matchup would be pivotal to winning the NFC East, but with the Eagles struggling, and fresh off a throttling at the hand of the Cowboys, this division is up for grabs. The Giants and Redskins are tied at the top at 3-1 and Dallas could move right up there as they are currently 3-2. The Giants great start can be attributed more to other teams than their own. While Eli Manning has been better than expected, most teams to start have stacked the box and dared Manning to throw the ball. So far he has repsonded, but its only a matter of time before defenses adjust. There in lies the key for Dallas. If the Cowboys can keep Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs under control, it will allow them to drop more men into pass coverage and create tougher reads for Eli. In my opinion, this game could turn into a shootout, which makes for great football.

NFL News and Notes
*First it was Hurricane Katrina. Then it was the "home game" in New York. Now, fresh off a 52-3 drubbing from the Packers, the Saints have some more good news! Deuce McAllister is done for the year, suffering a season ending knee injury. So let's go ahead and officially call this season a wash for the 'Aints, and let Jim Haslett keep his job for one more year.

*After going six years in the NFL, and an additional 4 years at Wisconsin, Green Bay's Mark Tauscher was finally called for his first ever holding penalty. The run lasted 75 games, 73 of which were starts. Its such an impressive streak, espcially since you always hear how the officials could basically call holding on at least one lineman every play.

*Ricky Williams is back this week! So everyone pick up your pipes, grab your papers, and lets give a toast to the best stoner ever to run the bean. We don't know what his "roll" will be, but one can only hope that Nick Saban will give him more than just a few "toke"n carries a game. Ha!

*A popular saying in the NFL is that you can only play the teams that are on your schedule. That arises when you try to compare two teams that haven't played each other. That brings us to the "vaunted" new Colts defense. All you seem to hear now that the Colts are 5-0 is that their new look defense is what is going to put them over the top and finally get them to the Super Bowl this year. Well this just in. The "best" offense that the Colts have faced so far this season is the Cleveland Browns. Thats right, the offensive juggernaut that is the Browns, is the highest ranked offense, at 16th, that the Colts great D has shut down so far. Let's hold off our judgement on this defense at least until the Colts play Cincy and New England in the coming weeks.

*On Friday former Rams OT Kyle Turley appeared on the Jim Rome show and talked about how he was accused of threatening former coach Mike Martz. Now Martz is in the hospital. Hmmmmm.

*I'm only making one comment on the alleged Minnesota Vikings sex cruise: Next time spring for it and get your own boat! You can't expect to leave used condoms and lube all over the place and not get caught. I mean its freking Minnesota and you are the Vikings. For crying out loud there are no other celebrities in the whole damn state. Of course you are going to get noticed and reported!

Other News
*So it looks like Ron Artest has learned his lessons from the "Malice at the Palace", and will return to the court this year a kinder and more well behaved player. OK now wake up and remember how big of an idiot this man is. If it wern't bad enough that hes going to be under scrutiny from referees after causing the single biggest brawl in NBA history, Artest threw some more fuel on his personal fire with his latest comments. "Im going to continue playing hard and out of control, like a wild animal that needs to be caged in. I'll let the referees handle it." Well Ron, with comments like that, saying that you are intentionally going to play out of control, expect the referees to handle it with a lot of technical and flagrant foul calls.

* you're tryin' to tell me that Bill Romanowski did steroids? Well mark me down as shocked.

*Just to put it simply. The umpire may not of been wrong in his call in Game 2 of the ALCS, but he sure is being stubborn. This whole nonsense about strike and out calling mechanics is bullshit. Do we need replay? I'm still not sure. What we may need is umpires that don't have such big chips on their shoulders. I mean have you ever heard a MLB umpire admit he got a call wrong?

*Anyone still trying to give the MVP to A-Fraud? While Ortiz was clutch all year, Rodriguez showed his big-game performance in a nut shell grounding into the double play that essentially ended the Yankee's season. And oh yeah, in the ALDS series as a whole, he was 2-15 with 0 RBI and 1 double.

*This past week Michelle Duggar of Arkansas gave birth to her 16th child. That's not even the best part. Much to the shock of everyone, her husband's name is Jim Bob. Who would have thought? A guy named Jim Bob has 16 kids. I bet he grew up in the northeast and attended an Ivy League school.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 5 Picks

* Want to know the difference between a 4-1 record and a 3-2 record? Answer: Josh Brown. When the Seattle kicker missed a FG at the end of regulation, it allowed the Redskins to avoid defeat and gain a 3 point win in OT. Nonetheless, I am still looking for another strong week to boost my record. Here's a look at this week's picks. Hopefully with a 1/4 of the season down, things will get a little easier for me. Its also time to end my 2 week Monday Night losing streak.*

Week 5 Picks
Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars under 38.5
Tennessee Titans (+3) over Houston Texans
Green Bay Packers (-3) over New Orleans Saints
Philadelphia Eagles (-3) over Dallas Cowboys
St. Louis Rams (-3) over Seattle Seahawks

Monday Night
San Diego (-3) over Pittsburgh

Record: 12-7-1
Monday Night: 3-2-0

Miami Dolphins (+3) over Buffalo Bills

Record: (0-0-0)

*New segment added this week. Pick courtesy of master handicapper to the stars. The one, the only, Mr Jared Hutter. If I were you I would put all your money on this man!

New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons
*Its not a coincidence that the Patriots are appearing again in the Game of the Week section. Before their week 7 bye, the Pats will have traveled to Carolina, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Denver. Talk about a brutal stretch to open the season. But this week I have sent Frosco to the Georgia Dome in order to assure a Patriots victory. In case that isn't enough, The Pats may want to try and slow down the Falcon running game and get their own ground attack on track. Its pretty safe to say that if Vick and Co. have as much success running the ball as Tomlinson did last week, then the defending champos may be looking at a 2-3 start to their season. One factor however is how strong the Patriots usually rebound off of a loss. In the past 3 seasons the champs are a combined 5-0 in a week following a loss. Should be a battle, hence why its the game of the week.

NFL News and Notes
*So the Bills dumped JP Losman as their starter and have instead decided to go with veteran backup Kelly Holcomb. Buffalo has apparently decided that despite their 1-3 start, they are a veteran team trying to take a shot at the playoffs. I mean what other reason would there be to bench the 2004 first round pick? The Bills let Bledsoe go in the offseason because they felt that Losman was ready to take the reigns and and lead a team that barely missed the playoffs last year. So if hes not going to take the snaps this year when will he get the bulk of the work? Who knows. If you ask me, this whole situation leads to one thing and one thing only, and thats the firing of both head coach Mike Mularkey and GM Tom Donahoe.

*Charles Rogers has been suspended four games for drug use. Let's play one of my favorite games: What Drug Is It Anyway?? I'm going to go out on a limb and say cocaine, but who really knows for sure. I suppose he could just be puffin' like Ricky. All I do know is, combine Rogers drug abuse with the alcoholism of former Michigan St. QB Jeff Smoker, and I bet they were having great postgame parties up in Lansing during their college days. P.S. If I were Rogers, I would just cop out and say Miguel Tejada gave me the drugs. Right Raffy?

*Word out of Minnesota is that Mike Tice's job is safe. Well i guess that shows what I know. Because what I see going on up there is a team that had Super Bowls aspirations off to a 1-3 start. When that happens its time for a change. I really don't care if Culpepper is dinged up, thats the nature of the league. I also don't think that the only thing wrong with this team is that they are missing the home run ball threat of Randy Moss. I think the real problem here is that the Vikings let Scot Linehan , their Offensive Coordinator, go to Miami in the offseason. Hes the one that always made that team go, it was never Tice. So why keep him around now? He may be a great guy, but this is a business, and a 1-3 start is enough of a sign to me that its time for a change. It's never too late to salvage a season when you play in the dismal NFC North. Prediction: The winner of this division wil at best have a 9-7 record, and could send a sub .500 team to, as Bill Parcell's likes to call it, the "tournament".

*The Boston Red Sox season came to an end Friday night after they lost their 3rd straight game and were swept by the Chicago White Sox. As a rabid Red Sox fan it is obviously tough to see the season come to a close, but I haven't really thought they would win the World Series since the All-Star break. The Sox never had the pitching to make a serious push this year, but it was a fun season and it was time to end. On that sad note, may I be the first to say goodbye and thank you to 2004 World Series MVP Manny Ramirez. I believe, as many do, that Manny has played his last game for the Sox and while I agree with the move to trade him, I also appreciate what hes done during his tenure here in Boston. Let's take a look at his numbers while in Beantown: .315 199 HR 610 RBI 174 2B Thats just Manny being Manny.

*Jason Giambi won the comeback player of the year award? Now I understand its not an official award and its simply voted by the fans over the internet, but still. If anything I think thsi speaks to the utter stupidity of some Yankee fans. You know they were the ones carrying the vote, so how else do you explain it? The guy is an admitted steroid user. So the fact that he was able to produce again after going off the juice makes him acceptable now? I think not. And let's take it a step further, who said hes even off roids completely anyway? MLB still has no testing for human growth hormone (HGH). Perhaps the most interesting subplot here though. The same Yankee fans that came out in bunches to vote in Giambi for this award, where were they when Jeter lost out to Scott Podsednik for the extra man award to appear in the All-Star game?

*Reason # 1,896,492 why ESPN's Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are the worst baseball announcing team in the history of the universe. During the Yankee/Angel game Friday night, here is the call Miller gave on Chone Figgins throw to the plate to try to stop Hideki Matsui from scoring on a 5th inning double by Robinson Cano: "Figgins gets it in to Cabrera, throw home, he air mails it! Touchdown!"

*Not sports related at all, but I thought this was funny. Here is the response a woman gave after winning 1.6 million on a slot machine weeks after being chased from her New Orleans home by Hurricane Katrina.

"You just don't realize what done happened until the person next to you hits you and says, 'Well, you done did it!'"

Saturday, October 01, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 4 Picks

*Nothing like a 2-3 week to take me down off of my high horse. Well this is what we call a rebound week boys and girls. It's time to bounce back and reclaim my status as a premier handicapper. Ok, so maybe that was never the case, but nonetheless, I'm taking my shots again this week with a new batch of hot picks.*

Week 4 Picks
Seattle Seahawks (+2) over Washington Redskins
New Orleans Saints (PK) over Buffalo Bills
Cincinnatti Bengals (-10) over Houston Texans
San Fansisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals over 43.5
Indianapolis Colts (-7) over Tennessee Titans

Monday Night
Carolina (-7.5) over Green Bay

Record: 9-5-1
Monday Night: 3-1-0

Philadelphia Eagles @ Kansas City Chiefs
* Tough road game for a banged up Eagles team, and a stern test for a Kansas City team fresh off a monday night trouncing courtesy of the Denver Broncos. Both teams are actually have serious injury concerns: The Eagles with McNabb banged up, and the Chiefs have several key pieces of their revamped defense dinged up with Ryan Sims and Carlos Hall. That being said, neither team will use injuries as an excuse this week, and both teams will try to establish the running game early in order to control the flow of the game. Both Brian Westbrook and the combination of Larry Johnson/Priest Holmes are huge weapons for their respective teams with the ability to break the game open. Kansas City is a tough place to play for anyone, and should serve as a substantial advantage for the Chiefs this week. Whoever loses this game, however, will find themselves at merely 2-2. Since both have Super Bowl aspirations, thats going to be a tough pill to swallow so early in the season. So look for both teams to come out with a sense of urgency, even though its only week 4.

NFL News and Notes
*Everybody officially off the Ben Roethisberger bandwagon? Good. Now let's talk about the real problem in Pittsburgh, and thats Bill Cowher's inability to win big games. I mean has Cowher ever beaten the Patriots? Besides what is now looking like a flukey win last year at Heinz Field, the answer is no. Cowher may come off as a great coach with "the stare" that he gives on the sideline, or the way he gets physical with his players, Cowher is mediocre at best. Look at it this way, Playing in one of the weakest divisions in football the past few years, Cowher's Steelers have gone 44-19-1 in the regular season. But, over that same span, they are only a meager 3-3 in the platoffs. Thats run-of-the-mill for Cowher, who has a career playoff record of 8-9.

*Hellllllo Brooks Bollinger. I love Wisconsin Badgers as much as the next guy, but the speed at which the QB position has delcined in NY is remarkable. After Chad and Fiedler went down, that left the already struggling offense in the hands of the 3rd year man Brooks Bollinger who last started when he was a senior in Wisconsin. Oh but don't worry Jet fans, you jsut signed Vinny! That's right Vinny is back to save the Jets again. Only problem, hes 41 years old and hasn' had any real success to speak of since he replaced an injured Pennington in 2003. Well it should be fun to watch, if only for people who don't like the Jets!

*Before we hand the Lombardi trophy to the Colts because of their improved defense, let's remember why the Colts have failed to reach the Super Bowl the past few years. Believe if or not its been that record setting offense that has held them back in the big games. Last year, Manning and his 49 TD passes only managed 3 points against the stingy Patriots defense in Foxboro. The key for the Colts will be to keep winning so they can have home field advantage during the playoffs and avoid traveling to hostile places like Foxboro or Pittsburgh.

Boston Red Sox Recap