Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 Sweet 16: Nothin' Bruin...

Freakin' Duke, am I right? Although if having half of my brackets busTed is the price I have to pay for that picture up there of Sad Grayson Allen. Then so be it...

As for the rest of the dance, I'm more than a little underwhelmed. UCLA is great. And watching that region shake out between them, Kentucky, and UNC should make for some good watchin' (don't sleep on Butler). But unless rock fights are your thing (see: Gonzaga, Arizona, West Virginia), then that's pretty much it. And while that's undoubTedly exciting for some, it's slightly more than a little disappointing for me. And I'd imagine I'm not alone in my thinking that this is at least the second straight year that the tournament has failed to meet it's admitTedly lofty bar...

Then again, I'm probably still just bitter because Syracuse didn't make the dance, and now it looks like their basketball program may or may not be falling apart. And besides. I was disinteresTed in last year's Final Four, too. And it turned into one of the best finishes Facebook has ever seen (several of my friends cited the presence of Jesus and/or God). So, there's always that...

But, yeah. Let's go Bruins! It's time to go 'Ball Deep!'. Which just sounds awful and painful and wrong. But could easily be just as fulfilling. I mean, hey. Who am I to judge? After all, I did pick Duke!...

Be good, Teds. And enjoy...


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 NCAA Tournament Cheat Sheet

OK, friends. Here ya go!

1-ROUND WONDER = a team that could pull 1 upset, but probably not 2

SLEEPER = a team with a good chance to significantly outplay their seed



1-ROUND WONDER: (13) Vermont

SLEEPERS: (5) Iowa St.; (10) Oklahoma St.; (11) Rhode Island

WINNER: (2) Louisville


1-ROUND WONDER: (14) Florida Gulf Coast

SLEEPER: (7) St. Mary's

WINNER: (1) Gonzaga


1-ROUND WONDERS: (13) East Tennessee St.; (14) New Mexico St.

SLEEPER: (8) Wisconsin

WINNER: (2) Duke


1-ROUND WONDER: (12) Middle Tennessee St.

SLEEPER: (10) Wichita St.

WINNER: (3) UCLA...OR maybe (1) UNC


(2) Duke OVER (1) Gonzaga

(3) UCLA OVER (2) Louisville


(2) Duke OVER (3) UCLA

I really wanted to take UCLA. Their being a #3 seed and having a transcendent freshman has all the shades of Melo and Cuse in '03. Especially with Cuse having missed this year's cut (it's a sign!). But I just couldn't pull the trigger. I'll have brackets with them winning it all, don't get me wrong. But when push comes to shove, I'm begrudgingly (yet confidently) picking the Dukies to yet again cut down the nets...

And no refunds when UCLA coughs it up in round #1...

Good luck, my damies!

Friday, March 10, 2017

A Prelude to the Whatnot...

2017 NCAA Tournament Preview coming on Wednesday.

So we've got that goin' for us. Which is nice...

Friday, March 03, 2017

College Hoops Top 16 (3/3)

College Hoops Top 16

1. UCLA (27-3) 9

2. Kansas (27-3) 2

3. Kentucky (25-5) 7

4. Gonzaga (29-1) 1

5. North Carolina (25-6) 3

6. Butler (23-6) 14

7. Villanova (27-3) 4

8. Oregon (26-4) 10

9. Florida (24-6) 5

10. Duke (23-7) 8

11. Wichita St. (27-4) NR

12. Louisville (23-7) 6

13. West Virginia (23-7) 11

14. Baylor (24-6) 15

15. Virginia (20-9) NR

16. SMU (26-4) NR

just missed: St. Mary's; Florida St.; Wisconsin; Purdue

dropped: (12) Purdue; (13) Arizona; (16) Cincinnati

What to Watch This Week

Iowa St. @ West Virginia

Notre Dame @ Louisville
Miami @ Florida St.
Kansas @ Oklahoma St.
Duke @ North Carolina

Cincinnati @ UCONN
Minnesota @ Wisconsin