Friday, March 04, 2016

College Hoops Top 25 (3/4): Ex Marchina...

Well, my damies. Conference championship tournaments have begun, and The Big Dance is nearly upon us. And those facts, in combination with the fact that I finally saw Ex Machina this week (that Oscar Isaac fanboy card isn't gonna earn itself), is why you've been blessed with that fantastic gif up there. One which features Oscar Isaac getting his groove on during a particularly memorable scene from said film, all while sporting a gloriously menacing beard reminiscent of a pre-Gitmo Khalid Sheikh Mohammed...

Because college basketball is great. The NCAA Tournament is great. Ex Machina is great. And probably most importantly of all, Oscar Isaac is great. So you should celebrate all of their collective greatness, by taking this weekend to watch both the copious amounts of the pivotal college basketball contests that will be on, and of course, by watching Ex Machina (Amazon is your best bet). Seriously, though. Oscar Isaac is a once in a generation acting talent (see: Inside Llewyn Davis. No, seriously. See it!)), and you all need to act accordingly, and get on board. So, yeah. Ex Machina...

Now, here's my Top 25...

College Hoops Top 25
1. Michigan St. (25-5) 1

2. Kansas (26-4) 3

3. Xavier (25-4) 2

4. Villanova (26-4) 5

5. Oklahoma (23-6) 4

6. Virginia (23-6) 10

7. Miami (24-5) 12

8. North Carolina (24-6) 7

9. Indiana (24-6) 14

10. Utah (23-7) 17

11. Maryland (24-6) 6

12. Kentucky (22-8) 9

13. Arizona (23-7) 13

14. Louisville (23-7) 11

15. West Virginia (23-7) 21

16. Wichita St. (23-7) 19

17. St. Mary's (25-4) 24

18. Duke (22-8) 8

19. Purdue (23-7) 22

20. Baylor (21-9) 18

21. Oregon (24-6) 25

22. Texas A&M (23-7) NR

23. St. Joe's (24-6) 15

24. Dayton (23-6) 16

25. Seton Hall (21-8) NR

just missed: Notre Dame; Texas; Providence; California; Iowa; Iowa St.; VCU

dropped: (20) Notre Dame; (23) Iowa

What To Watch
Ohio St. @ Michigan St.
West Virginia @ Baylor
Iowa St. @ Kansas
UNC @ Duke
Iowa @ Michigan
Louisville @ Virginia

Maryland @ Indiana
Wisconsin @ Purdue




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