Friday, March 11, 2016

College Hoops Top 25 (3/11)

Well here it is, my damies. The most meaningless Top 25 of the year. Which is to say that you're going to humor me, and give my other Top 25's some of that proverbial clearwater revival. Either way, there's a higher likelihood than usual that you're viewing this while a game is going on that could radically change my opinion. So, Willis. That's what I'm talking about. But here's my current take, anyway! And make sure to check back on Wednesday for my thoughts on the field of 64. I might even give you my Final Four, this year! Yep. Feelin' frisky. So you'll have that, which should be nice...

But in the meantime, you have this. Which is important, too. Mostly because history has shown me that my penultimate predictions tend to be better than my final thoughts. But that's for you to decide, Teds. I just turn the faucet. It's up to you to provide the necessary filtration. So getcha Brita ready, friends. And get ready for some of that good ole fashion thirst quenching fun. Enjoy...

College Hoops Top 25
1. Michigan St. (26-5) 1

2. Virginia (25-6) 6

3. Kansas (28-4) 2

4. Villanova (28-4) 4

5. Xavier (27-4) 3

6. Indiana (25-6) 9

7. Oklahoma (25-6) 5

8. North Carolina (26-6) 8

9. West Virginia (25-7) 15

10. Kentucky (23-8) 12

11. Utah (25-7) 10

12. Arizona (25-7) 13

13. Purdue (24-7) 19

14. Miami (25-6) 7

15. Oregon (26-6) 21

16. Texas A&M (24-7) 22

17. Seton Hall (23-8) 25

18. Maryland (24-7) 11

19. Dayton (24-6) 24

20. Gonzaga (26-7) NR

21. Providence (23-9) NR

22. Wichita St. (24-8) 16

23. Baylor (22-10) 20

24. Duke (23-10) 18

25. St. Joe's (24-7) 23

just missed: St. Bonaventure; St. Mary's; Texas; Cal; Iowa St.; Wisconsin

dropped: (14) Louisville; (17) St. Mary's



beachwoman said...

My Brita is ready!

Brett Ferruccio said...

And very how!

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