Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 Week 3 Picks

Week 3 Picks

Arizona Cardinals (-3.5) @ Buffalo Bills

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) vs Denver Broncos

Green Bay Packers (-7) vs Detroit Lions

Oakland Raiders (+1.5) @ Tennessee Titans

Cleveland Browns (+9.5) @ Miami Dolphins

Washington Tedskins (+4.5) @ New York Giants

Carolina Panthers (-7) vs Minnesota Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars (+2.5) vs Baltimore Ravens

San Francisco 49ers (+9.5) @ Seattle Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5.5) vs Los Angeles Rams

Indianapolis Colts (-2.5) vs San Diego Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs (-3) vs New York Jets

Philadelphia Eagles (+3.5) vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Dallas Cowboys (-7) vs Chicago Bears

New Orleans Saints (-2.5) vs Atlanta Falcons

Last Week: 8-7-0

2016 Season: 16-14-0 (.533)

NCAA Top 25 Picks

(4) Michigan (-18.5) vs Penn St.

UCLA (+3) vs (7) Stanford

(8) Michigan St. (-5) vs (11) Wisconsin

Arizona (+11) vs (9) Washington

(10) Texas A&M (-5.5) vs (17) Arkansas

(12) Georgia (+6.5) @ (23) Mississippi

South Florida (+6) vs (13) Florida St.

Auburn (+3.5) vs (18) LSU

(19) Florida (+6.5) @ (14) Tennessee

(24) Utah (-3) vs USC

Last Week: 7-3-0

2016 Season: 14-6-0 (.700)

Friday, September 16, 2016

2016 Week 2 Picks

Week 2 Picks

New England Patriots (-6.5) vs Miami Dolphins

Cleveland Browns (+6.5) vs Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions (-6) vs Tennessee Titans

New York Giants (-4.5) vs New Orleans Saints

Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5) vs Cincinnati Bengals

Dallas Cowboys (+2.5) @ Washington Tedskins

San Francisco 49ers (+13) vs Seattle Seahawks

Houston Texans (-2.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs

Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) @ Los Angeles Rams

Denver Broncos (-6) vs Indianapolis Colts

Oakland Raiders (-4.5) vs Atlanta Falcons

San Diego Chargers (-3) vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Green Bay Packers (-2) @ Minnesota Vikings

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) @ Chicago Bears

Last Week: 8-7-0

ALL TIME: 1414-1024-83 (.577)

NCAA Top 25 Picks

(1) Alabama (-11) @ (19) Mississippi

(10) Louisville (+2.5) vs (2) Florida St.

(3) Ohio St. (-1.5) @ (14) Oklahoma

(4) Michigan (-20.5) vs Colorado

(7) Stanford (-9) vs USC

California (+8) vs (11) Texas

Missouri (+7) vs (16) Georgia

Auburn (-3.5) vs (17) Texas A&M

(12) Michigan St. (+7.5) @ (18) Notre Dame

Nebraska (+2) vs (22) Oregon

Last Week: 7-3-0

ALL TIME: 754-527-30 (.587)


Friday, September 09, 2016

2016 Week 1 Picks

Welcome back, my damies! I've returned for yet another season of handicapping goodness, and I'm happy to see you've managed to meander back in my general digital direction. I'm taking the minimalist approach again, this season. Which basically means you won't have to scroll past too much whatnot in order to get to my picks...

But, as I'm sure you're already well aware, I have far too many hot takes to keep quiet for long. So I'm sure I'll have the flamethrower at the ready from time to time. And sooner much rather than later. And I'm always good for a tv and/or movie review or two (ie you should probably check out Atlanta). In fact, I've even updaTed the list I revealed around this time last year of my 100 Favorite Films! So, yeah. All that's on tap, too. So getcha p-corn ready....

But for now, I've just got my take on week 1. Which is basically me just going with my gut. A gut that's telling me that it's a good idea to fade the teams that everyone seems confident are going to win or lose. Like, say. Green Bay and Cleveland...

Actually, my gut is really telling me that you shouldn't be betting in week 1 at all. But I'm well aware that degens are gonna degen, so here I am to help you itch that monkey. After all, nobody likes an itchy monkey. Hence the popular aforementioned saying that definitely isn't a mixed metaphor that I'm desperately trying to force into common usage....

OK? OK. Now, without further dudes. Here are my week 1 picks! Good luck, pimps. And I'll catch you all the next time...

Week 1 Picks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3) @ Atlanta Falcons

Minnesota Vikings (-1.5) @ Tennessee Titans

San Diego Chargers (+7) @ Kansas City Chiefs

Oakland Raiders (+1) @ New Orleans Saints

New York Jets (-2.5) vs Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns (+4) @ Philadelphia Eagles

Jacksonville Jaguars (+6) vs Green Bay Packers

Baltimore Ravens (-3) vs Buffalo Bills

Houston Texans (-6.5) vs Chicago Bears

Seattle Seahawks (-10.5) vs Miami Dolphins

Dallas Cowboys (pick) vs New York Giants

Indianapolis Colts (-4) vs Detroit Lions

Arizona Cardinals (-6) vs New England Patriots

Washington Tedskins (+3) vs Pittsburgh Steelers

San Francisco 49ers (+3) vs Los Angeles Rams

Last Season: 136-118-12 (.534)

ALL TIME: 1406-1017-83 (.577)

NCAA Top 25 Picks

(1) Alabama (-27) vs Western Kentucky

Troy (+36) @ (2) Clemson

(4) Ohio St. (-28.5) vs Tulsa

(5) Michigan (-35.5) vs UCF

Akron (+25.5) @ (10) Wisconsin

Syracuse (+14.5) vs (13) Louisville

(16) Iowa (-14.5) vs Iowa St.

(17) Tennessee (-11.5) vs Virginia Tech (Bristol, TN)

(18) Notre Dame (-28) vs Nevada

(24) Oregon (-24.5) vs Virginia

Last Season: 63-63-1 (.500)

ALL TIME: 747-524-30 (.586)


Friday, April 08, 2016

Narration & Vacation OR It Ain't Ova Til It's Nova...

OK, my damies. How's this for my last hot take before I hit my hiatus?:

I was not a fan of the 2016 NCAA Tournament.

Sure, that title game was must see TV. With arguably the most entertaining closing sequence in championship history. And yes, I was more than mildly entertained by the unexpecTed run of my beloved Syracuse Orange. But outside of those 2 things (and that Syracuse "run" was really only 2 games. Thanks to Dayton and Middle Tennessee opting to remain on their respective buses), this tournament was more or less a total dud...

Yeah, I'm sorry. But not nearly enough of this year's games were actually worth watching. GranTed, the bar was set mighty high. But no higher than usual. In fact, I'd argue that the bar was even lower this year, because nobody had any realistic expectations as to what might go down. You know, because one-and-done parity and no truly dominant/experienced teams etc?  Yeah, well because of all that, many were even predicting that we'd have even more close games than usual. But no. We got mostly blowouts. Or at least an increase in games that weren't what we've come to expect in terms of competitiveness...

And I'll even do you one better! That extremely entertaining championship game? Sure, those teams were very good. And both were totally worthy of cutting down the nets. But they're not legendary and/or particularly interesting teams. So it's kinda hard for them to have played in really all that legendary of a game...

Take the Syracuse title in '03, for instance. GranTed, I'll take some heat for making this comparison, and should probably use that epic Memphis/Kansas clash in '08 to prove my point. But walk with me. That Syracuse team had the country's best freshmen (player?), and improbably beat basically every team in that season's best won, oh by the way, in fantastically dramatical fashion by way of a last second block by Hakim Warrick, against a team that many had considered that season's best in the Collison/Hinrich led Kansas Jayhawks. That's my long-winded way of saying that, for better or worse, truly great games need to have some sort of worthy narrative leading up to them, and can't merely be defined by one singular moment. That Syracuse/Kansas game, along with many other title games past, had it. This game, did not...
conference (the BIG XII) on their way to the title game. A game they

So, yeah. That's my hot take. And yes, I know. I'm a hater. A hater who struggled to keep his favorite movie list under 100 and is constantly refining it. Yep. I'm a hater. And I'd rather be known as a hater than as someone who spends their life on the fence, getting splinters up their ass. Though Lord knows that would probably make me a LOT more popular on Facebook. Where the insecure illiterati reign supreme!...

I also like The Money Pit...

Now go out and enjoy your Springs and Summers, my damies. I'll be in and out intermittently. But mostly I'll be golfing, and passing my various judgements in relative silence. Then again, there's always Twitter...

Be good...