Friday, February 27, 2015

College Hoops Top 25 (2/27)

Baseball is BACK! YEAH! OK, that's enough of that. I mean, I'm excited for baseball, and sights like Rusney Castillo's sweat fueled mohawk, up there. But there are few things outside of a network sitcom that can rival Spring Training's uselessness and unwatchability. But watchable baseball will be back soon, and that's a good thing. Even if you're team consists of a bunch of shady #3 starters and a bunch of position players playing out of position. Mostly because fantasy sports make anything watchable. Except, of course, Spring Training. Which I continue to capitalize, for some reason...

But that time is not now. Now, it's college basketball's time to shine. And with just a few weeks til the tourney, things are finally starting to take shape. I mean, not really. But with so little change towards the top, and so little time left, that's just the kind of thing you say. So there it is. And here it is. The it, of course, being my latest Top 25. Not a lot of changes because, like I said, I have it all figured out. But you should peruse it nonetheless. I mean, you are already here...


College Hoops Top 25

1. Kentucky (28-0) 1

2. Gonzaga (29-1) 2

3. Duke (25-3) 3

4. Virginia (26-1) 4

I mean, it's not the best sign in the world that both Virginia (London Parentes) and Duke (Jahlil Okafor) are dealing with nagging injuries to their major stars. But it's not enough for me to drop their respective postseason stock. Definitely something to keep an eye on, though. Obviously. I mean, in a one and done situation, nagging injuries have a way of popping up at inopportune times...

5. Wisconsin (25-3) 5

6. Villanova (26-2) 6

7. Arizona (25-3) 7

8. Northern Iowa (27-2) 9

9. Wichita St. (26-3) 10

If you can only watch one game this weekend, this is probably the one you want to see. Mostly because it should be a great game between two evenly matched teams. But mostly because there's a good chance you haven't seen either of these two teams play, this year. And they're both gonna be players come tourney time. So, yeah. Take a gander. Saturday at 2 on ESPN...

10. Arkansas (23-5) 11

11. Oklahoma (19-8) 13

12. Notre Dame (24-5) 14

13. Utah (22-5) 8

14. North Carolina (19-9) 15

15. SMU (23-5) 17

16. Oregon (21-8) NR

The Ducks are 8-2 since Christmas, with their only losses being of the road variety @ Arizona and UCLA. Joesph Young, averaging an NBA-like 19.9 points per game, leads one of the nation's most efficient offenses (at #58, KenPom disagrees) that features two others (Dillon Brooks + Elgin Cook) scoring better than 12 every contest. But they're not the West Coast's Iowa St. They can play a little defense. I mean, at least enough defense to make their 77 points per game hold up more often than not...

17. Kansas (22-6) 12

18. Baylor (21-7) 25

19. West Virginia (22-6) 23

One of these teams is going to go on a run, win the Big XII tournament, and then proceed to destroy my bracket. My early money is one Kansas, but I can totally see Baylor or the Fighting Huggy Bears turning the trick, too...

20. Maryland (23-5) 21

21. San Diego St. (22-6) 22

22. Louisville (22-6) 16

23. Providence (19-9) 18

And down here, in Pitinoville, we have a couple of talented squads that need to decide if they're on the brink, or the cusp. Louisville lost Chris Jones to sodomy charges, because gross. And they'll need to scramble to replace his production. And PC, with their latest blowout loss to Villanova, continues to cast doubt about whether or not they'll live up to my lofty expectations. They've got elite scorers, and that's key. But the way they've been man handled by Nova, they're only real high caliber competition of late, has me worried...

24. Ohio St. (20-8) 20

25. Butler (20-8) 19

just missed: Michigan St.; Iowa St.; Davidson; Dayton; Indiana; VCU; Texas; Cincinnati; Xavier

dropped: (24) Iowa St.

Games To Watch This Week
Manhattan @ Iona

Syracuse @ Duke
Dayton @ VCU
Northern Iowa @ Wichita St.
Arkansas @ Kentucky
West Virginia @ Baylor
Texas @ Kansas
Arizona @ Utah
Boise St. @ San Diego St.
Tulsa @ Memphis

Michigan St. @ Wisconsin

Virginia @ Syracuse
Baylor @ Texas
Oklahoma @ Iowa St.

Georgetown @ Butler
West Virginia @ Kansas

Notre Dame @ Louisville
Miami @ Pitt
Oregon @ Oregon St.

VCU @ Davidson
Wisconsin @ Minnesota
Memphis @ UCONN

And that's it for me, friends. Enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you in MARCH!

Be good...



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