Thursday, February 19, 2015

College Hoops Top 25 (2/20)

Yep, that should do it. With the "that" being the OT classic from UNC & Duke, and the "it" representing the viewing public's annual post Super Bowl reminder that college basketball is about to deliver the goods, and fill the void for the next two months. And if that contest were any indication (and it usually is), then the next two months should be their usual glorious selves. Like Lindsay Lohan's going to be when she emerges from her latest bout of anonymity with a nice big ass. Not sure
how that's relevant, but I've been thinking about that lately. You know, how LiLo's latest incarnation is going to involve her looking like the white Nicki Minaj. Mostly because asses are so IN right now, and I have a modest Lohan obsession. But mostly because, when in doubt, I like to tie everything back to backsides and washed up child stars rapidly descending into the pit that is pornography. So there's always that....

There's always this, too. Which is my weekly College Hoops Top 25. And while it hasn't transformed quite to the degree that LiLo's ass will, it's still worth your time. If for no other reason than you obviously have nothing else to do if you've already ventured this far. So here we are, friends. Enjoy...
College Hoops Top 25

1. Kentucky (26-0) 1

2. Gonzaga (27-1) 2

3. Duke (23-3) 3

I had two die hard Duke fans tell me this week that they didn't think Jahlil Okafor was going to be even close to the pro player that many pundits are projecting. One also said, unprompted, and not at all in a mean spirited way, that he thought that Okafor was going to be the first openly gay player of substance in the NBA's history. Nevermind the fact that he's not openly gay (not that anything's wrong with that). Decent grounds for a futures bet, though. One which you just know I booked with the quickness...

4. Virginia (24-1) 4

5. Wisconsin (24-2) 5

Here's the real player of the year, Frank Kaminsky. An opinion voiced by both of the aforementioned Duke fans, and shared by yours truly. He's obviously not the best professional prospect going, because he's white and older than 19. But he's the most impactful player in the college game today, and should serve as the reason, either way, as to why Wisconsin's season ends like it eventually does...

6. Villanova (24-2) 7

7. Arizona (23-3) 8

8. Utah (21-4) 10

I joked last week about bracketeers blindly picking Utah to go deep, based mostly on the fact that they're a highly thought of west coast team that many won't have ever seen play. But that doesn't mean they still aren't worthy of consideration. And that's due in no small part to senior Delon Wright, up there. One of the few players in the country to average better than 14 points, 4 boards, and 5 dimes a game, Wright leads one of the most offensively and defensively efficient teams in the country. Which is to say that they're top 50 in scoring and assists, top 10 in FG%, and have held 13 of their last 15 opponents below 60 points. With 4 of them coming in under 50...

9. Northern Iowa (25-2) 11

10. Wichita St. (24-3) 12

11. Arkansas (21-5) 18

12. Kansas (21-5) 9

13. Oklahoma (18-8) 14

14. Notre Dame (23-4) 13

15. North Carolina (18-8) 15

16. Louisville (20-6) 6

Louisville isn't the same without Chris Jones, so it's a good thing he's been reinstated. But they've also been exposed of late down low, and that figures to be a season long concern. Which is strange, because they rebound the ball at an elite rate (17th in the nation). It's just that they can't seem to protect the paint at nearly the level that Pitino's teams have been able to do in the past. And as I just said, that figures to be a stumbling block going forward...

17. SMU (22-5) 24

18. Providence (19-8) 20

19. Butler (19-7) 16

20. Ohio St. (19-7) 17

21. Maryland (22-5) 25

22. San Diego St. (21-6) NR

I ripped SDSU's rep last week when I was lumping them in with Utah and New Mexico. You know, the whole east coaster taking blind leaps (and acting just as blindly confident) thing where you take a team you've never seen to the Elite? Yeah well, just like Utah, the Aztecs are actually good. They're also incredibly balanced, with 8 regulars averaging between 5 and 12 points per game. Nobody averages more than 12, though. Which should eventually cause them some problems. But still, that's impressive. And should go a long way towards winning them a lot of regular season games...

23. West Virginia (20-6) 22

24. Iowa St. (19-6) 23

25. Baylor (19-7) NR

just missed: URI; Michigan St.; Indiana; Cincinnati; Texas; Davidson; Xavier; VCU; OK St.; UCLA

dropped: (19) VCU; (21) Oklahoma St.

Games To Watch This Week
Cleveland St. @ Green Bay

Iowa St. @ Texas
Kansas St. @ Baylor
West Virginia @ Oklahoma St.
Miami @ Louisville
Butler @ Xavier
Clemson @ Duke
UCLA @ Arizona
Syracuse @ Pitt
Gonzaga @ St. Mary's

Ohio St. @ Michigan
Utah @ Oregon
Florida St. @ Virginia

Kansas @ Kansas St.

Syracuse @ Notre Dame
Providence @ Villanova
Wisconsin @ Maryland
Texas @ West Virginia
Texas A&M @ Arkansas

Baylor @ Iowa St.
Florida St. @ Miami

SMU @ Memphis

And that's it for me, friends. Consult the list above, get some college hoops in your system this week, and we'll convene again next time. Butt until then, I good you bid weekend. And I'll catch you next time...



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