Friday, January 16, 2015

Championship Picks: Make Ya Thing Bling!

It's taken me a while, but I've finally figured out the thing that I like and admire the most about Bill Belichick. OR, at the very least, the thing I'm going to miss the most about him when he's finally done being my team's head coach. And no, it's not our shared affinity for the hooded sweatshirt...

Nope, my favorite thing about Bill Belichick, which was yet again magnified in the wake of last week's win over the Ravens, is his reaction to the reactions that he elicits with his unorthodox tactics. Oh, you've never seen that play before? "Well, it's in the rule book. And they announced it on the field." Brilliant, just brilliant. And he says it all with an implied facepalm that's properly embodied by the near Slingblade-looking facial expression given above. You know, just to drive hiome the fact that he KNOWS that he's not only smarter than you are, but more clever to boot. Yep, he's just the man. And the fact that I'm still finding new things to love about him so deep into his tenure just speak to his brilliance more than another Super Bowl ring ever possibly could. Though puttin' some more bling on the thing probably wouldn't hurt his cause, either. OH, and that's a phrase now. "Puttin' bling on the thing." So feel free to use it as liberally as possible...

Now let's see who I like to get their things blinged this weekend. Which may or may not be my new phrase in the present perfect passive. Man, remember having to learn those? Yeah, me neither. Obviously...


Championship Picks

Indianapolis Colts (+7) @ New England Patriots + OVER 52

All 8 of Bill Belichick's playoff losses have come to teams that the Patriots had already beaten during that regular season. Andrew Luck, on the other hand, is 12-0 when playing teams for the second time in the same season. GranTed, those are just meaningless numbers. But they're convincing numbers. And it's not like I needed much to be convinced that the Patriots were probably going to be in for more than the masses are anticipating, either. But hearing that definitely helped solidify my position of grabbing the Colts and taking the points. I still think the Patriots will prove too much for Indy, and being at home certainly helps. But I fully expect this game to be within a score or two well into the 4th quarter, with a final score similar to that of last week's tilt against the Ravens...

Oh, and how sweet was that Edelman pass? Answer: Very. It was very sweet. And I still got wood. STILL! I GIVE IT A TEN!...

Seattle Seahawks (-7.5) vs Green Bay Packers + UNDER 48

And in the NFC Championship, I like the Seahawks to do what the Cowboys couldn't. And that's to actually pressure a clearly gimpy Aaron Rodgers. Something they'd probably be able to do with a healthy Rodgers, anyway. But taking away his time AND mobility will probably prove too much for the Packers to overcome. Hell, that defense will still probably be too much even if Aaron manages to strut his way from the locker room with some sort of painkiller induced superhuman strength (a la after halftime of last week's game). That's how good the Seattle defense has been. And I expect that unit to give a vintage performance in stopping Rodgers, and making it's way back to it's second Super Bowl in as many years...

Last Week: 7-3-0

Overall: 154-153-3 (.502)

Oh, hey. And here's my College Hoops Top 10. Mostly because I'm too lazy to do a full 25. But mostly because I'm not lazy enough to give you nothing...

College Hoops Top 10

1. Kentucky (16-0)

The Wildcats are the most talented team in the country, and it's not even close. Hell, their second team would probably be #1 in the country, too! Anything short of an undefeated season will be a disappointment, and anything short of a title will be considered a failure.

2. Gonzaga (17-1)

Could this be the year Gonzaga finally reaches the Final Four? I wouldn't bet against them. Especially with the addition of Kentucky transfer, Kyle Wiltjer, and under the leadership of Kevin Pangos, arguably the most efficient guard in the country.
Kevin freaking Pangos. Sav.

3. Virginia (16-0)

The Cavs are tough, and probably play the best brand of "team basketball" going.

4. Duke (14-2)

Okafor is the nation's most talented big, and Duke is Duke. Some improved perimeter play wouldn't hurt. But they'll be around of the long haul. At least longer than the haul produced by Jabari Parker and friends.

5. Villanova (16-1)

Jay Wright has yet another group of tough guards and versatile bigs that will work you all game on both ends of the floor. The definition of a "tough out".

6. Arizona (15-2)

Sean Miller's cupboard is never bare, as evidenced by freshman big Stanley Johnson. The big man is already averaging nearly 15 & 7, and is a major reason as to why these Wildcats should be there in the end, too.

7. Louisville (15-2)

Far from the most talented bunch that Pitino has ever had, but that's like being the shortest midget. Unless I botched up that metaphor. Which I most certainly did.

8. VCU (14-3)

They've won 9 straight, and 2 of their 3 losses have come to Virginia and Villanova. They're going to be well tested, and they're going to play tough defense. That's usually a good combination come tournament time.

9. Notre Dame (16-2)

The Irish sport the best FG % in the country (.530), wins over Michigan St. and UNC, and one of the most explosive guards in the country, in Jerian Grant. They're prone to getting pounded on the glass (199th in the country), but if you don't miss too many shots then that shouldn't be a problem.

10. North Carolina (13-4)

North Carolina, along with Texas, are arguably the 2nd and 3rd most talented teams in the country (behind Kentucky). Can they put it all together on a consistent basis? Well, that's the key now, isn't it?

just missed: Wisconsin, Utah, Iowa St., Texas

And there you have it, Teds. I'll be back next week with (hopefully) a full Top 25 and my Super Bowl breakdown. And who knows, maybe I'll still even have a winning picks record by then! OR not. Either way, it is what it is. And I wouldn't have it any other way...

Enjoy your weekend, friends. And I'll catch you next time...



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