Tuesday, February 25, 2014

College Hoops Top 25 (2/25)

So, I saw Dallas Buyers Club over the weekend. And it was pretty good. Which is to say, it was the best of what I'd consider a surprisingly weak crop of Oscar nominees. Granted, I've only seen a third of the 9 selections. With the other two being Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. But seeing as those were the three I was most looking forward to seeing, and they're the three likely to produce the most hardware (minus maybe 12 Years a Slave), I feel comfortable in saying that this year's slate was underwhelming at best. Then again, maybe this year's best movies weren't even on this list. I mean, this is the same "academy" that didn't find the latest dramatic effort from the Coen Brothers worthy of a nod. So, who knows? I mean, I still haven't seen Inside Llewyn Davis. But I find it hard to believe it wasn't worthy of being deemed a contender in a massive 9 film field. Though maybe that's just me. (hint: it's not)...

But, yeah. So you should watch Dallas Buyers Club, if you get the chance. Or just watch True Detective. Yeah, do that. It's way better than all these movies. And, if for nothing else, you'll get to watch Woody Harrelson tap a bunch of primo Louisiana tail. He's kind of a selfish prick, so I'm still not sure how he's doin' it. But I'm definitely cool with the fact that it's goin' down. And you know it's goin' down, too. Because of what "she" said, and whatnot...

But all of that is just stuff that we watch when college basketball isn't on. Which, thankfully, isn't all that often. So let's get to said college basketball, and this week's Top 25. And yes, I think that was a terrible call against CJ Fair...


College Hoops Top 25

1. Florida (25-2) 1

2. Duke (22-6) 3

Look at that picture up there, and what do you see? You see Rodney Hood flopping, right? OK, that's actually really not that important. Because you know what you don't see? You don't see Rodney Hood attempting to make a legitimate defensive play. And that's my beef with the near the rim "charge". In that instance, which is all too common, the defensive player is ONLY trying to take a charge. They're not trying to steal the ball, not trying to block the shot. Yet they're rewarded for merely getting in the way. And that's just bad business...

I mean, I'm all for offensive fouls. But they should only be called when an offensive player uses excessive force to access an area already being occupied by an active defender. That's the key. It will eliminate guys just standing under the hoop, and waiting to get run over. And in combination with increasing the foul limit to 6 per player, will result in a lot more action in and around the rim. Something the college game could definitely use...

So, yeah. So endith the rant. Duke's gonna win that game, anyway. So, here we are...

3. Wichita St. (29-0) 4

4. Arizona (25-2) 6

5. Creighton (23-4) 5

6. Syracuse (26-2) 2

I joked earlier in the season that the Orange were exactly the type of team that could take out Creighton and they're extremely efficient offense. And while I still feel that way, I don't think the actual Orange would be able to score enough themselves for that to actually matter. They've been sputtering on offense for nearly a month, and it's started to take it's toll in the loss column. I'd expect that to continue, too, until Boeheim can get his boys back in rhythm. Wouldn't suck if Rakeem Christmas wasn't constantly in foul trouble, either. He's shone a lot of promise on the offensive end, lately. And his presence on the defensive end can not be underestimated...

7. Louisville (23-4) 10

8. St. Louis (25-2) 7

9. Kansas (22-6) 8

10. Wisconsin (22-5) 11

11. Michigan (19-7) 19

It's been said a lot, lately. But it bears repeating. After losing Trey Burke, Mitch McGary and Tim Hardaway Jr., the Wolverines have no business being at or near the top of the B1G10. Yet, here they are. And that's a testament to John Beilein, and the job he and his staff do in not only recruiting, but coaching and development. Just a beautiful thing to see, and I'm always glad to see it happening to guys I like. Even if his boys did beat my Orange last year in the Final Four...

12. Virginia (23-5) 14

13. Kentucky (21-6) 15

14. Cincinnati (24-4) 21

15. Villanova (24-3) 17

16. Ohio St. (22-6) 20

17. Michigan St. (22-6) 13

It's broken record time, but there's still too much talent for this team to fall completely off the map. Isn't there? Hello???

18. San Diego St. (23-3) 12

19. Iowa (19-7) 9

20. Iowa St. (21-5) 23

21. Texas (20-7) 16

More like Cameron HAIRstow, am I right???
22. New Mexico (21-5) NR

The Lobos have been hovering on the outskirts of my Top 25 for quite some time, and their recent win over conference rival SDSU finally boosted them into the black. Their 3 headed monster of Cameron Bairstow, Kendall Williams, and Alex Kirk are good for a combined 52 and 20 per night, and make New Mexico tough to guard and/or game plan against. They also go 8 deep, so this is truly a team effort. I also like them as a sneaky play after last year's much hyped team went down in flames. So there's that, too. You know the guys left on the team are gonna be pissed. Which obviously isn't enough in and of itself, but I'm pretty sure you're getting the picture...

23. UCLA (21-6) 18

24. SMU (22-6) NR

25. Memphis (21-6) NR

just missed: North Carolina; VCU; UCONN; Harvard; Oklahoma St.; Stephen F Austin; Gonzaga; Stanford

dropped: (22) UCONN; (24) VCU; (25) Pittsburgh

What to Watch This Week
Iowa @ Minnesota
Indiana @ Wisconsin

Cal @ Arizona
Baylor @ Texas
UNC @ NC St.
Stanford @ Arizona St.

Iowa @ Indiana
Arkansas @ Kentucky
Oregon @ UCLA
Stony Brook @ Vermont

Iona @ Manhattan

Syracuse @ Virginia
Cincinnati @ UCONN
Kansas @ Oklahoma St.
St. Louis @ VCU
Louisville @ Memphis
Creighton @ Xavier
Texas @ Oklahoma
Gonzaga @ St. Mary's
Minnesota @ Michigan
Ole Miss @ Texas A&M

Stanford @ Arizona
Marquette @ Villanova
Ohio St. @ Indiana
Maryland @ Clemson

NC St. @ Pittsburgh
Kansas St. @ Oklahoma St.

Catch you next week, friends...



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