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College Hoops Top 25 (1/7)

OK, so college football is finally over. Not that I really needed to wait until after the instant classic of a National Championship to post my first poll. But I did. And here we are. So, without further dudes, let's check this thing out...

Oh, and congrats to be brohan from another mohan, Kevin Tomasso, and his Florida St. Seminoles. He's a rat bastard, but even rat bastards deserve a championship run now and again. So there ya go, ya rat bastard...

And yes, I realize that was a "further dude". But, whatever. Basketball is back, friends. And it's time to celebrate. Or at least time to make a list of which teams I think have the best chance of cutting down the nets. Which is kind of like a celebration, right? No? Well at least I'm not reintroducing the Rodeo Cheeseburger without the cheese and pretending like nothing happened. Freakin' Burger King. Hey, just because we're hungry doesn't MAKE US SAPS!!..

Great, now I'm just pissed. Whatever. All the more reason to get to some hoop talk. Enjoy... (is there a Ralph's around here?)

College Hoops Top 25

1. Michigan St. (13-1)

Sparty was my favorite coming into the year, and while I was briefly blinded by Kansas' talent (I blame Duke), they still remain my team to beat. Nobody has the combination of talent and experience that Izzo's crew has, and that should pay dividends both through a tough Big 10 and deep into the NCAA Tournament...

2. Syracuse (14-0)

My Orange clock in at a surprising #2. And I say surprising only because I don't think anyone expected Tyler Ennis to be this good. Good, yes. But now he's being slotted ahead of Andrew Wiggins (gasp) as one of the top freshman in the country. A slot I'd say he deserves, but then you'd just write off as bias. But, whatever. You're a Ted, and he's Ennis the Menace. Those are just facts you're going to have to come to terms with...

3. Arizona (15-0)

4. Wisconsin (15-0)

Ken Pomeroy has one of the best mind in sports. Fact. And lucky for me, he chooses to focus that "beautiful mind" on breaking down and analyzing all things college basketball. Per usual, his statistical ("tempo free") statistics favor a good Wisconsin team. It always does. And those teams ALWAYS overachieve come tournament time. Granted, right now he has them at #4, just as both of the polls. But he, as will I, will remain high on this deadly efficient squad even after the drop a couple of inevitable games in Big 10 play...

5. Ohio St. (15-0)

6. Duke (11-3)

7. Kansas (9-4)

Call me stubborn if you must, but I still believe this Kansas team will put it all together. And likely sooner, rather than later. I'll give you that Wiggins isn't as good as many had projected, but his talents paired with Perry Ellis and Joel Embiid should still be enough to push them back up the rankings. Or they could just really suck, for some reason. And that would be fun to watch, too...

I will give you this. Even if they only play "so-so" the rest of the way, you're going to want to keep an eye on them come March. Mostly because of the aforementioned talent, and how that tends to be the difference come tourney time...

8. Wichita St. (15-0)

9. San Diego St. (12-1)

Their one loss is to Arizona, and they already sport wins @Kansas and against then ranked Creighton and Marquette. That's as impressive a resume as you'll find. They've also got a 3 point assassin in senior PG, Xavier Thames. He hits nearly 50% on nearly 5 attempts per game from 3, and having someone that can fill it up like that will always keep your opponents on their heels. Not to mention he's a senior point guard. That's like NCAA tourney gold, right there. At least it used to be before everyone was one and done. Meh, I'm thinkin' it still is...

10. Florida (11-2)

11. Iowa St. (13-0)

I'd love to see the Fighting Fred Hoibergs actually beat someone of substance (sorry, Iowa and Michigan) before I make them elite. A home win tonight against Baylor would be a great start. They're another efficient bunch, ranking in the top 30 in the nation in assists (2nd), points (9th), rebounds (9th) and field goal % (29th). That'll win you a lot of games, right there...

12. Oklahoma St. (12-2)

13. Baylor (12-1)

14. Kentucky (10-3)

Julius Randle is getting lost in the shuffle a bit because his supporting cast is proving to have been over hyped. But he's been as dominant as any player in the country, posting MAN sized numbers of 18 & 11 per game. It'll take more consistent play from the Harrison twins for me to really get on bored. But Randle is proving to be big enough to keep the Cats in a lot of games with a lot of good teams...

15. Colorado (13-2)

16. Kansas St. (11-3)

17. Gonzaga (14-2)

18. Iowa (12-3)

19. Louisville (13-2)

I though this group had a chance to be special again, this year. But without Chane Behanan, who is now possibly looking to play football, they'll struggle to be better than a top 20 team. That's obviously still very good, but a disappointment is a disappointment...

20. Villanova (13-1)

21. UMASS (12-1)

Marcus Camby's not walking through that door, fans. Mostly because he's barred from the premises. But mostly because his knees probably don't work anymore. I picture a situation where he lays by a pool and is served icy cold drinks by that robot that Rocky bought Pauly. Yeah, not sure why. But it is what it is...


22. Memphis (10-3)

23. Oregon (13-1)

24. Missouri (12-1)

25. North Carolina (10-4)

just missed: St. Louis; Pittsburgh; UCLA; Harvard; Illinois

What To Watch This Week
Ohio St. @ Michigan St.
Baylor @ Iowa St.

Illinois @ Wisconsin
Texas @ Oklahoma St.
Kansas @ Oklahoma
Harvard @ UCONN

Arizona @ UCLA
Memphis @ Louisville

UNC @ Syracuse
Minnesota @ Michigan St.
Wichita St. @ Missouri St.
Florida @ Arkansas
Kansas St. @ Kansas

Iowa @ Ohio St.
Arizona St. @ UCLA

Kansas @ Iowa St.
Virginia @ Duke

I'll be in around this time every week with my Top 25, so keep it bookmarked. I'll also be back on Friday to give you some .500 style playoff picks. And you know you don't want to miss those, either. Because, yeah...

OK, Teds. Enjoy your week, and I'll catch you next time...




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