Tuesday, January 21, 2014

College Hoops Top 25 (1/21)

(Insert polarizing generalizations and commentary of Bill Belichick and Richard Sherman here. Oh, and make sure the Sherman comments are racially charged.)

OK, good. We got all of that out of the way. Now, let's check out the latest College Hoops Top 25...

College Hoops Top 25

1. Michigan St. (17-1) 1

2. Syracuse (18-0) 2

Thanks to his performance being the major reason the Orange were able to fight off Pittsburgh, the Tyler Ennis bandwagon is now fully loaded and operating without brakes. That, and the fact that the game occurred just outside of prime time on ESPN. Ennis is the real deal, though. And if you still haven't had a chance to watch this cool customer operate, well then I'd consider removing the tag "college basketball fan" from your resume. Because, yeah. They've played 18 games already with about half a dozen in prime time on major networks...

3. Arizona (18-0) 3

4. Kansas (14-4) 5

I told you they were going to sweep their games this week, didn't I? And BAM! They done did it. They'll keep winning, too. Especially if Andrew Wiggins continues to realize that he can get to the rim at will, and stops settling for so many jumpers. Those 12 free throw attempts he was able to garner by attacking the rim against Baylor are a good start...

Chevon Troutman: #NEVERFORGET...?
5. Pittsburgh (16-2) 14

Even though they lost, the fact that the Panthers were able to hang with the Orange in the Dome went a long way towards telling me how good this team really is. Granted, Pittsburgh bucks the trend by usually doing well in the Dome. But that's not what this was. Sure, Jamie Dixon having Jimmy B's number goes a long way. But this was more about the Panthers flashing their defensive toughness, and Lamar Patterson proving that he's one of the best players in the nation...

Oh, and I'm not sure why, exactly. But it seems that former Pitt forward, Chevy Troutman, gets mentioned every time Pittsburgh plays Pitt. Usually when talking about Pitt's traditionally crisp interior passing game. Actually, I do know why. It's because Troutman was the best at it. Still odd that his name always comes up, though. Especially since I once sat in his seats for a Pitt/Cuse game at the Dome. It's a long story. OK, not so much. But it's not very interesting. But still. CHEVY TROUTMAN! Dude could have been a great tight end. Even if it apparently decided to become a Samoan. Or whatever it is that's goin' on there...

6. Wisconsin (16-2) 4

The Badgers seem to be struggling a bit with that target on their backs, giving up 76 points per game this week in their two losses. But I'm guessing that's something that Bo Ryan's crew won't do again at any point this season. Of course, if becomes a trend. Then I'll have to adjust my thinking. It's just that I have a tough time believing that will be the case...

7. Wichita St. (19-0) 6

8. Florida (15-2) 8

9. San Diego St. (16-1) 7

10. Iowa (15-3) 15

11. St. Louis (17-2) NR

I'm back on the Billiken bandwagon, launching the boys from the 'Lou from just outside my top 25 to the cusp of my top 10. Winners of 11 straight, they're only losses on the year are to Wisconsin on a neutral floor and a 5 point loss at home to still undefeated Wichita St. Granted, they don't have any wins that are nearly as impressive as those losses. But they rebound well, play great defense, and return a lot of key players (mostly Rob Loe, because obviously...) from last year's team that many had pegged as a potential Cinderella...

12. Oklahoma St. (15-3) 11

13. Duke (14-4) 10

14. Kentucky (13-4) 12

15. Memphis (13-4) 13

16. Louisville (16-3) 17

17. Villanova (16-2) 16

Did you see how many 3's Creighton's crew of Caucasians rained down on Nova, last night? I know I sure did. It was 21. They made 21 freaking 3 pointers, and hit them at a clip of 60% as a team. Sucks for them that they did it in a regular season game, though. Because they'll never be able to do it again, and in the grand scheme last night's game didn't mean shit...

18. Kansas St. (14-4) 23

19. Gonzaga (16-3) 24

20. UMASS (16-1) 20

21. Michigan (13-4) NR

22. Minnesota (14-5) NR

23. Ohio St. (15-3) 9

The B1G10 is a crazy place, man. Lots of really good teams that are going to look really shitty, from time to time, because they're constantly playing against other really good teams within their own conference. And likewise, others will look a lot better than they actually are on any given night, given the right match up. That'll make these teams tough outs, come March. Although that'll be such a trendy sentiment, that I'll probably bail and have only Michigan St. and Wisconsin advancing through the round of 32. Mostly because I'm a rat bastard that's also a glutton for punishment...

24. Iowa St. (14-3) 21

25. Creighton (16-3) 19

just missed: Oklahoma; Cincinnati; Harvard; UCONN; New Mexico; UCLA; Utah

dropped: (18) Baylor; (22) Colorado; (25) UCLA

And here's a look at this week's big games. And another picture of Nina Agdal. Even though that Danish bitch couldn't stop me from going 0-4 in last weekend's conference championship picks. Oh, well. I guess it's not all her fault. And I'm not one to hold a grudge. At least not against someone who has so passionately dedicated their life to proving just how classy and elegant the sideboob can be. At least I'm pretty sure that's what her goal is...

What To Watch This Week
Indiana @ Michigan St.
Texas A&M @ Kentucky
Clemson @ Pittsburgh
Kansas St. @ Texas

Iowa @ Michigan
Wisconsin @ Minnesota
UMASS @ Richmond

Colorado @ Arizona
Illinois @ Ohio St.

Michigan @ Michigan St.
Villanova @ Marquette
Wisconsin @ Purdue
Kansas St. @ Iowa St.
Florida St. @ Duke
Pittsburgh @ Maryland
BYU @ Gonzaga

Utah @ Arizona
Clemson @ UNC
Cal @ UCLA

Villanova @ Georgetown
Oklahoma St. @ Oklahoma
Duke @ Pittsburgh



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