Saturday, November 30, 2013

White Saturday Special...

"Black Friday is just a regular Friday that smokes Newports and chases chicks with big asses."

Saw that on Twitter. Hilarious. And who doesn't love themselves a Newport or 2 now and again? Smoking a cough drop? Yeah, sign me up for that. OR don't. I will take me some of that big ass, though...


And, yeah. There's no significance behind "White Saturday". Although I do like to think I'm doing my part in helping to even out the potential for racial inequality. Black Friday? That shit's just racist, B...

Oh, right. I have football picks for you, too. Because white, black. We all love to gamble. Not so sure about the Spanish, though. Jury's still out on them. Pretty sure they're pumped for big asses, though. So there's always that. Common ground, bodiqua. We gotta find it...

OK good luck, Teds...

Week 13 Picks
Jacksonville Jaguars (+7) @ Cleveland Browns + OVER 40

Tennessee Titans (+4) @ Indianapolis Colts
Say I needed a place to rest my beverage...

Chicago Bears (+1) @ Minnesota Vikings

New York Jets (-2) vs Miami Dolphins

Arizona Cardinals (+3.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots (-7.5) @ Houston Texans

Buffalo Bills (-3) vs Atlanta Falcons

St. Louis Rams (+9) @ San Francisco 49ers

Denver Broncos (-5.5) @ Kansas City Chiefs & UNDER 50

San Diego Chargers (-1) vs Cincinnati Bengals

New York Giants (-1.5) @ Washington Tedskins

Monday Night
Seattle Seahawks (-5) vs New Orleans Saints

Last Week: 11-6-1 (2-1 on Thanksgiving)

Overall: 93-85-9 (.521)

NCAA Top 25 Picks
(4) Auburn (+10.5) vs (1) Alabama

Florida (+31.5) vs (2) Florida St.

(3) Ohio St. (-15) @ Michigan

(5) Missouri (-4) vs (19) Texas A&M

(6) Clemson (+5) @ (10) South Carolina

(8) Stanford (-14.5) vs (25) Notre Dame

TCU (+12.5) vs (9) Baylor

(11) Michigan St. (-14.5) vs Minnesota

(14) Wisconsin (-24.5) vs Penn St.

(23) USC (-3.5) vs (22) UCLA

(24) Duke (+5.5) @ North Carolina

Last Week: 3-4-0

Overall: 59-50-4 (.540)



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