Wednesday, October 09, 2013

ALL ABEARD! We're Goin' To The 'Ship...

In a game that embodied their season's success to date, the Red Sox used strong starting pitching, a dominant bullpen and clutch hitting to further their worst to first campaign and reach their first American League Championship Series appearance since 2008. A fitting end, to say the least, that saw Breslow and Uehara nail down what Peavy started, with the offense providing of a few timely hits and a lot of savvy on the base paths. Rather encapsulating, don't you think? I know I do. If for no other reason than I get to use the word "encapsulating"..

SO, now it's on to the ALCS. A's? Tigers? It shouldn't matter. Either way, it figures to be hard fought and intensely entertaining. Even without the presence of Mr. Entertainment himself, Joe "the Madd Scientist" Maddon. That guy really is the best. Emu lookin' bastard. I'm gonna miss him. But, the show must go on. With or without his creepy pets, sketchy tactics and his hipster chic thick rimmed frames...

It really is great to have the Sox back on the main stage, though. And it seems even more satisfying knowing how they got there. Not saying they over achieved. I think it's apparent now that the talent was always there with this team. But the "us against the world" mentality, whether contrived or not, has really made this an endearing team to watch, and the most enjoyable team to root for since the idiots of 2004. Now, here's to hoping that they can make good on ending their season in a similarly appropriate fashion. Even if their bearded success will make that much easier for the GUY KID Bruins fans to latch on to the ever growing bandwagon...

ALL ABEARD!!!...(making sure to get as many of those in as I can before it becomes the rally cry for all the PinkHats at the next duck boat parade...)

As for last week's football picks, they were predictably mediocre. It's OK, though. Workin' on a new strategy for next week that will provide guaranteed winners. OR not. In the meantime, here's a picture of Scarlett Johansson in honor of her again being named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive. Quite the achievement. And she's more than just blonde locks and a big rack, too. As proven yet again in her turn as Janet Leigh in Hitchcock, which recently made it's debut on HBO (how else would I have seen it?). So, you should check that movie out. OR, at the very least, you should have yourself a Google Image search of "Scarlett Johansson GIF" to make sure you get an adequate and respectfully appropriate Scarlett fix in honor of her...well, honor. I know that's what I'm gonna do. After I give her ass wagging entrance in Hitchcock another look, of course. Which is a film worth watching, by the way. Ass wagging aside, it's an interesting take on a well known man with a great cast. Definitely worth the 90 minutes if you find yourself with time between deciding whether or not to add Nick Foles to your plethora of fantasy football teams...

Catch ya Friday...

NFL Picks

Last Week: 7-7-0

Overall: 34-39-4 (.468)

NCAA Picks

Last Week: 5-8-0

Overall: 21-22-2 (.489)



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