Tuesday, March 12, 2013

College Hoops Top 25 (3/12)

I told you March was gonna be the jump off, didn't I? And boy has it ever delivered. College hoops? March's performance has continued to buoy the claim that this might be the craziest season of all time. My birfmas? A rousing success. The Taco Bell Doritos Cool Ranch jump off? The jump off. And out of left field, and obviously just for your pleasure, Tiger Woods even decided to add to the madness by sending a clear message to the rest of gold just a a few weeks before The Masters. That message? Look the fuck out, less out wanna get penetrated. He's primed to spray his special brand of Tiger sauce all over his 5th green jacket, and first since 2005. Those in the first few rows? You may get wet in a rather disgusting manner. I advise a poncho. Available in the gift shop for probably around 75 bean pieces...

Oh, and before I completely run off the rails. You're also getting an added March surprise with an early edition of my Top 25! I know, right? And it's my final Top 25 of the year, at that. After this, it's off to NYC, and then back for the bracket. Where Top 25 rankings become even more meaningless than they actually are during the year. But, no worries. I'll still have the bracket breakdown for ya. Granted, that info's been pretty useless past the Sweet 16 for the last 5-6 years. But, hey. We do what we can, right? After that, it's for Gus Johnson to decide. Yeah, I realize he doesn't work the tourney, anymore. But I think we all know he's still the final authority on all things March and dramatic. Sorry, Verne. But it is what it is...

So, here ya go. We're in the storm before the storm. And it's time to dance in the rain. Not the kind of gross rain that Tiger's producing. But yeah, let's not get back on that topic again...


College Hoops Top 25

1. Indiana (26-5) 1

2. Duke (27-4) 5

I said all year that when Ryan Kelly came back healthy, Duke would return to form as an elite team. And so far, I've been proven right. I expect that to continue right up til the Final Four, barring an incredibly disastrous draw. Remember that loss to Lehigh? I'm guessing that will serve as motivation towards what should be a vintage floor slapping and charge taking run to Atlanta...

3. Gonzaga (31-2) 2

The Zags are playing with an air of confidence, right now. And they're not just beating people, they're efficiently crushing people. Granted, they're still only crushing a bunch of Teds from the WCC. But you can only beat who you play. And they're beating all comers in a very impressive fashion.

4. Louisville (26-5) 3

5. Michigan St. (24-7) 6

6. Kansas (26-5) 12

I don't think I've ever elevated a team this much coming off of a week in which they had a loss. But it's time I started being honest with myself, and started listening to those hoop fans I trust when they say smart things. Like when my main mens 'n them, Sean P, said the following:

"Kansas has a bunch of experienced seniors and a freshman that people say is the best player in the country. The end!"

He's right. And while my bracket has been known to fucked in every which way by Bill Self's crew, there's no denying that this talented bunch is built for a deep March run. Unless they run into a team like VCU that can run them ragged. Or a team like that other polarizing squad that I've got down at #8...

7. Michigan (25-6) 7

8. Florida (24-6) 13

The Gators get a bump, too. Mostly because, like I said, I'm deciding just to call a spade a spade. Florida is one of the most efficient teams in the country (per KenPom) on both ends of the floor. And while I'm no expert (I am), I tend to think that'll lead to a lot of good opportunities to grab some neutral court wins. Billy Donovan will just need one of his guys to step up and lead this team there. You need stars in March, and if one of the Gators can become one on a run to Atlanta, the Gators will all of a sudden become very, very dangerous. My money is on Erik Murphy, but it really shouldn't matter. As long as it's one of them...

9. Miami (24-6) 4

10. Ohio St. (23-7) 14

11. Georgetown (24-5) 8

I know Georgetown is a match up problem for pretty much everyone outside the Big East (apparently no other coaches have studied the Princeton offense), but I'm still down on their inability to effectively score. OR to at least do it in a visually pleasing manner. They're Sweet 16 good. But they'll need a great draw for me to move them any further than that...

12. St. Louis (24-6) 10

13. NC State (22-9) 11

My claim all along has been that this team will show up to play defense when it has to. And when it does, it'll be as dangerous as any team in the country. Well, it's almost time to put up or shut up. And I certainly wouldn't mind to see that defense start to show itself in the ACC tournament...

14. Oklahoma St. (23-7) 9

15. Pittsburgh (24-7) 20

16. VCU (24-7) 17

17. Creighton (27-7) NR

The Fighting McDermotts are peaking at the right time. Winners of 7 of their last 8 and a Missouri Valley Tourney title, the Jays are a pre season favorite that finally seems to be living up to expectations. Something that bodes well for their prospects over the next few weeks...

18. New Mexico (26-5) 16

19. UNLV (23-8) 15

Mark my words. A team from the Mountain West is going to make a run. Whether it's one of the two above,  San Diego St. or CSU, one of those unheralded teams should prove what most of us hoop junkies have known all season long. That the MWC was one of the elite conferences in the country...

20. Marquette (23-7) 18

21. Wisconsin (21-10) 19

22. St. Mary's (27-5) 21

23. Kansas St. (25-6) 25

24. UCLA (23-8) 23

25. Notre Dame (23-8) NR

just missed: Arizona; Colorado St.; Butler; Belmont; SDSU; Minnesota; Wichita St.; Memphis

dropped: (22) Oregon; (24) Butler

Twitter Picks: 107-71-10 (.596)

I know Syracuse won't be a 2 seed this year, like they were when they became the 1st ever 2 seed to lose to Richmond. But rest assured that if they're giving points in the first round of the tourney, I'll be taking the opponent. Sorry, but like Jay Mohr said in Jerry Maguire. "It ain't 'show-friends', it's 'March Madness'." And if he didn't say that, well then he definitely should have. Yeah, that's the type of top notch college basketball analysis you can expect if you find it in your best interest to follow me on Twitter...

Oh, and if by some bizarre set of circumstances you're still not on Twitter, there's no better time to remedy that situation than the NCAA Tournament. Why? Because why the fuck not, that's why. Just get on there, already. And start saying clever things. OR don't, and continue being a huge Ted. Your choice...

Enjoy Championship Week, friends. And I'l catch you on Wednesday...

Teddy Williams...



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