Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week 12 Picks: Food Coma Addition...

Call it a multi-day food coma, call it holiday time apathy. Either one works in describing the reason for this weekend's abbreviated picks. I'm sure you can relate, with the busy Thanksgiving weekend and whatnot. And I hope you've been enjoying yours just as I've been enjoying mine. I know my Thursday night was particularly enjoyable. I laughed (at the Jets), I cried (due to laughing so hard at the Jets, and I laughed again (ya know, because the Jets were still trying to compete). I also managed to drink a few beers in between the tears. And that rhymes, so you know it was a good time. And that almost rhymed, but no time for that...

There is a little bit of time to get your picks in order, though. And I'm here to help. Even tossed in a few OVER/UNDERS to help make up for my lack of witty comments and digs at Lance Armstrong. Think of them as my Thanksgiving gift to you. Unless they don't hit, in which case screw you. Thanksgiving isn't for gifts anyway, you greedy bastards...

Enjoy. And for one last time. GOBBLE GOBBLE!

Chicago Bears (pick) vs Minnesota Vikings

Indianapolis Colts (-3) vs Buffalo Bills

San Francisco 49ers (-1) @ New Orleans Saints + OVER 48.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1) vs Atlanta Falcons + OVER 51

New York Giants (-2.5) vs Green Bay Packers + OVER 50.5

San Diego Chargers (+1) vs Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals (-8) vs Oakland Raiders

Cleveland Browns (pick) vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs (+10.5) vs Denver Broncos + UNDER 45.5

Seattle Seahawks (-3) @ Miami Dolphins

St. Louis Rams (+2) @ Arizona Cardinals

Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) vs Tennessee Titans

Carolina Panthers (-2.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles

Thanksgiving Picks: 2-1-1

Overall: 100-79-8 (.556)

Twitter Picks: 24-10-2 (.694)

As for my college picks (went 3-0 in Top 25 games on Friday), this weekend. Yes, I'm taking USC. But it has nothing to do with the actual teams playing in the game. It's mostly because Notre Dame ruined the combination of Jaime Edmondson and football. A bra?! Really, Notre Dame?? For a supposedly religious school that's a rather sacrilegious act. I mean, any heathen knows how the amply chested Jaime Edmonson is meant to look when sporting football themed attire. And it's like this...

See? Now there's something to be thankful for. And I'll be rather thankful if I don't have to put up with a month+ of Notre Dame title talk, too... #underboobs

NCAA Top 25 Picks
USC (+6.5) vs (1) Notre Dame

(2) Alabama (-29.5) vs Auburn

(3) Georgia (-13) vs Georgia Tech

(4) Ohio St. (-3.5) vs (20) Michigan

(16) Oregon St. (+9.5) vs (5) Oregon

(6) Florida (+8) @ (10) Florida St.

(22) Oklahoma St. (+7) @ (14) Oklahoma

(11) Stanford (pick) @ (15) UCLA

(12) Clemson (-4) vs (13) South Carolina

UCONN (+11) @ (20) Louisville

(21) Rutgers (+2) @ Pittsburgh

(25) Mississippi St. (+1.5) @ Mississippi

Last Week: 9-7-0 (3-0 on Twitter on 11/23)

Overall: 77-48-3 (.613)


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