Tuesday, February 28, 2012

College Hoops Top 25 (2/28)

The best advice I can give you when it comes to filling out the perfect bracket in a few weeks is this: Listen to everything I say right now, and forget everything I tell you over the next two weeks leading up to the tournament. That's right. Listen to me now, and stop listening to me later. Why? Well, it's a forest through the trees type deal. I'm obviously going to not try and let the dozens of games and the deluge of information I absorb over the next few weeks lead me to some less than fruitful conclusions about certain clubs, but history tells me that it's bound to happen. So, please, keep reading, but from here on out, I'd get the salt from the cupboard and have the grains at the ready when digesting my take on the college basketball scene...

You need a little salt, anyway, to go with all the sweet, sweet action that's about to take place over the next two weeks. Let's check it out...

College Hoops Top 25
The #2 Orange are still undefeated when Fab Melo takes the floor. Hey, not saying
they're the best team in the country. Just somethin' to think about...
1. Kentucky (28-1) 1

2. Syracuse (29-1) 2

3. Michigan St. (24-5) 3

4. Marquette (24-5) 7
He benches some of his stars for the first half, wins on the road anyway, and then dances on the opponents mid court logo all the while staring down the remnants of the student section. Yep, I knew there was a reason I liked Buzz Williams. A lot of great reasons to love his team, too, and as long as they can keep for incurring his wrath, they should be a popular Final Four dark horse when they brackets are finally broken down...

5. Missouri (25-4) 4

6. Duke (25-4) 5

Marshall runs the show, but the numbers show his fellow Heels
are helping him out when it comes to distributing the rock.
7. North Carolina (25-4) 8

Interesting stat. For a team that's been criticized all season for not having a great distributor, the Tar Heels are 5th in the Nation @ nearly 18 assists per game. I'd be willing to bet that "per basket" their assist rate isn't nearly as high, but numbers don't lie, and getting the ball to open shooters shouldn't be an issue for Roy's boys over the next few weeks...

These youngsters are tenacious on D, and have the Princeton offense running
to perfection. Now if only they could find a little more scoring...

8. Georgetown (22-6) 11

Too young to know they've risen too far too fast (10 freshmen/sophomores), and too good on defense for most teams to handle. That's a dangerous combination come March. I'll call them my "Meth Lab Team to Watch". They'll either blow up early, or find the right formula and ride that high to unexpected success. Yeah, that's right. Meth: It's not just for talking about West Virginia, anymore.  Although I'm sure they got their fair share into their systems after Buzzy did the Morgantown two-step...

9. Ohio St. (23-6) 6

I defended Ohio St. last week and reminded every one that they're playing in this season's toughest conference, but they can't lose at home to Wisconsin. Nice win for the Badgers, but a top 5 team, a legit title contender, defends their home court in that situation. All the pieces are still there, but the Buckeyes need to start getting them to gel if they hope to have any shot at cutting down some nets...

10. Wichita St. (26-4) 9

11. Kansas (24-5) 10

For someone who over the years has taken a ton of heat for sticking up for Kansas, I'm finding myself in an odd position. I realize the Jayhawks have a lot of talent, but they don't do any one thing well enough for my liking, and certainly not well enough to consider them elite. I like Thomas Robinson, and I'm sure he'll be a great NBA player, but I'm still of the opinion that anyone placing their eggs in the KU basket come tourney time will probably be left with yolk all over their dancin' shoes. As long as they have that salt I recommended, that could actually make for a decent breakfast. Minus the shoe leather, of course...

12. Murray St. (28-1) 12

13. Michigan (21-8) 13

14. Baylor (25-5) 15

15. Louisville (22-7) 17

16. Florida (22-7) 18

Chances he does the Dougie all over your bracket? I'd say strong to very strong...

17. Creighton (22-5) 19

Four straight wins following 3 straight losses, and Doug McDermott and friends should be ready for the Missouri Valley Tournament and beyond. Three of their recent wins were only by 2 points or fewer, though, so be ready to sweat out any Bluejays' game from here on out...

18. UNLV (24-6) 23

19. Florida St. (19-9) 18

20. New Mexico (22-6) 14

21. Wisconsin (21-8) 20

How do you move down in the rankings in the same week you beat Ohio St. on their own floor? That's easy, you also lose to Iowa (15-14) on theirs. The Badgers present match up problems for a lot of opponents going forward, but it'll take a deep run in the B1G 10 tournament for me to believe that they can make some noise in the big dance... 

22. Long Beach St. (21-7) 24

23. Drexel (25-5) NR

The Colonial has made a habit of providing Cinderella's over the past few years, and the Drexel Dragons fit the bill as this year's candidate to keep that string alive. They ended their regular season winner's of 17 straight, and while their stats won't blow you away, teams that know how to win usually keep

24. Temple (22-6) NR

25. Indiana (22-7) NR

just missed: Notre Dame, San Diego St., Mississippi St., Gonzaga, Vanderbilt, St. Mary's, Middle Tennessee, VCU

dropped: (21) St. Mary's; (22) Notre Dame; (25) Mississippi St.

The Duke/UNC rematch highlights what should be
an outstanding weekend on the college hardwood.
The storm before the storm, if you will.

Michigan St. @ Indiana
Florida @ Vanderbilt

Marquette @ Cincinnati
Iowa St. @ Missouri
Ohio St. @ Northwestern
South Florida @ Louisville
UNLV @ Colorado St.
Miami @ NC State

Michigan @ Illinois
Florida St. @ Virginia
Virginia Tech @ Clemson
New Mexico St. @ Nevada

Akron @ Kent St.
PC @ Notre Dame

Louisville @ Syracuse
Duke @ UNC
Texas @ Kansas
Georgetown @ Marquette
Baylor @ Iowa St.
San Diego St. @ TCU
West Virginia @ South Florida
Oklahoma St. @ Kansas St.
Arkansas @ Mississippi St.
Vanderbilt @ Tennessee

Kentucky @ Florida
Ohio St. @ Michigan St.
Illinois @ Wisconsin
Purdue @ Indiana
Virginia @ Maryland

Enjoy the festivities, friends, and look for me again before I make my pilgrimage to the Big Apple for the Big East Tourney. Yep, it should be a doozy. And hey, maybe this time when I make the trip, Syracuse will actually win a game coming off their double bye. One can only hope...

Have a good week, kids. And I'll catch you on the flipman...

Teddy Williams...



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See, if Coach K danced at halfcourt you probably would have dropped them in to # 10 or something. Stop being "Salty" pimp....Duuuuuuuuke!

Brett Ferruccio said...

Probably. Unless that rat lookin' freak busted out some vintage Thriller moves. That would have required an instant and most likely permanent move to #1...Cuuuuuuuuuuuuse!

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