Friday, March 11, 2011

College Hoops Top 25: Getting Back To My #Winning Ways...

Chucky Estevez may be addicted to #Winning, but your man right here has a poppy seed-like craving for some college hoops!  And while my arm is itching at the thought of the games still to come, and the sick amounts of knowledge I could drop on you right now, I've got a reason even more selfish than addiction that's causing me to pull in the reigns, and to hold back the orgasmic like building of information that I have gathering in my brain...

That reason, you ask?  Well it's a perfectly justifiable one.  I too, you see, am addicted to #Winning.  And in my quest to end my 5 year pool winning drought, I'm weary of giving away too much primo information.  After all, the people reading this are likely the very same people I'll be attempting to relieve of a $20 bill over the next month, so why hand them the keys to the kingdom?

In fact I can almost directly trace my drought (save for a $ finish in 2005) to when I started giving the type of detailed tourney advice you've come to crave.  Granted, my 7 year pool winning streak can literally be attributed to the Syracuse National Championship in 2003 (I had Oklahoma), but it wasn't until '05-'06 that I started to realize that perhaps I was becoming the victim of my own brain. Suffering from "paralysis by analysis".  So into it, that I was more or less lost. I may have been living with the gorillas, but I couldn't see the forest through the damn proverbial trees!...

It was worth not winning $$, trust me
And while that's a tough conclusion to come to, essentially telling yourself that you've become too dedicated to something to be able to view it "normally" anymore, it's an important notion to consider if you're stuck in a rut and trying to to steady the ship.  Now I'm not saying a radical change in strategy is in order here, either.  Far from it.  I'm just saying a little distance away, a little perspective couldn't hurt, and in all likelihood, will probably help...

Unfortunately for you, that means I'm not gonna be delving into my brain this week to tell you which teams are the hottest, and which teams are lookin' like potential fraudzillas.  Don't worry, I'll have all that on Wednesday when I hit you with my tournament primer (the advice there will be plentiful).  But today, all you get is the rankings.  From there, you'll have to read between the lines. (well, for like 4 days, then I'm gonna more or less tell you).  I've determined that all this in depth writing, no matter how seemingly trivial, has somehow clouded my judgement when it comes to filling out my bracket.  Therefore, in an attempt to again make the NCAA Tournament a profitable $$ venture, I'm eliminating some of that cloudiness from my normal routine.  Focus even more on just watching the games, with as few opinion-based notions as possible.  More or less removing "Rooch the analyst", and trying to watch the game ever more so as "Rooch the fan".  Something I try hard to do, anyway, but something that, by removing the writing aspect of it, should become even easier.  Obviously, all in  an attempt to rake in that sweet, sweet casheesh.  I'm usually really good about being able to separate fan and analyst, but when it comes to college hoops, it's a real struggle.  Seriously, it's more or less an addiction, which is why I'm getting myself some help....all be it, help from myself...
OK, so maybe at the top, when I said I alluded to the fact that my problem wasn't an addiction, I was lying.  I am addicted.  And this weekend, my addiction is all about watching college basketball, and limiting my writing about it to the occasional jab on Twitter (@RoochNation).  That way, my head will be clear, and I'll once again be able to conquer the beautiful and powerful beast that I once called my bitch, the NCAA Tournament.  I may have taken you for granted, my sweet mistress, but daddy's comin' home, and right after this spiritual journey, he's gonna be back to claim what's rightfully his!..

There ya go.  That's it.  I'll see ya here again when the dust has settled, hopefully my mind is right, and HOPEFULLY we're another day closer to an NFL labor agreement.  See, I didn't forget.  Nor have I forgotten about MLB Spring Training.  I HAVE forgotten about the Bruins and the Celtics, but I'm pretty sure (Melo!) you guys already knew that.  But the other "non Bruin-Celtic" stuff, I'll be sure to get to as the weeks and months tick on.  However, much like with the temptation of the one the run "that's what she said", there just isn't enough time to get it in this week.  Ya know, with all the Zen-like college hoops watchin' I gotta do...

Hey, it's weird, but weird usually works.  Now go watch some hoops...

Oh yeah, and LET'S GO ORANGE!...

They're not deep, but boy are they DANGEROUS

College Hoops Top 25
1. Notre Dame (26-5) 5

2. Ohio St. (29-2) 3

3. North Carolina (24-6) 7

4. Pittsburgh (27-5) 1

5. Kansas (30-2) 6

6. Syracuse (26-6) 8

7. Louisville (24-8) 10

From Fat to Fab to...HUGE?!
8. UCONN (24-9) 16

9. Duke (27-4) 4

10. Purdue (25-6) 2

11. Wisconsin (23-7) 9

12. Kentucky (22-8) 13

13. Xavier (24-6) 12

14. Texas (26-6) 11

15. Vanderbilt (22-9) 14

16. Florida (24-6) 25

17. BYU (29-3) 19

18. St. John's (21-11) 20

19. George Mason (26-6) 15

20. San Diego St. (30-2) 23

21. Old Dominion (27-6) NR

22. Cincinnati (25-8) 21

22. Temple (24-6) 24

24. Texas A&M (24-7) NR

25. UNLV (24-7) NR

just missed: Belmont; Cleveland St.; Georgetown; West Virginia; Arizona; Butler; VCU; Florida St.: UCLA

dropped: (17) Georgetown; (18) Villanova

Teddy Williams...



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