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Pey It Forward...College Hoops Top 10 and SB XLI Recap

They Are Who We Thought They Were!!
Tony Dungy wasn't the only black coach smiling after his Colts captured Super Bowl XLI. You know somewhere, at some fishing hole in some backwoods pond, Denny Green was smilin' too. Because the Bears are who he claimed they were, and the Colts were the ones who finally kept them on the hook. Here's a rundown of what I thought of the game...

The Game Was Over When... Colts DB Kelvin Hayden intercepted Rex Grossman and took it 56 yards to the house, making the score 29-17 in favor of the Colts. A lot of people will look back on how poorly Rex played in this game, but the fact is it wasn't really until this play early in the 4th quarter where it became evident he may be falling apart. Sure there had been fumbles and inconsistency by GrossMan, but he had the ball, and a chance to lead his team on a drive that would give them the lead in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. After that pick, the Colts went up 12, the Bears were dejected, and the game was ova Hova.

My MVP Was...
Joseph Addai (10 catches 66 yards, 19 carries 77 yards) With no real blatant stand-out performances, I can totally see why Peyton Manning was awarded Super Bowl MVP. However, just because he was the safe pick, doesn't mean he was my pick. Addai caught more passes in the postseason than any rookie RB ever, and he did most of his damage in the big game. I wouldn't have had a problem with splitting the award between Addai and Dominic Rhodes (21 carries 113 yards, TD) either, but it looks like Peyton just got it by default. Sure, his total carer merits probably gave him the benefit of the doubt when there was no clear standout, but Peyton basically sucked in these playoffs (we've seen this before: John Elway waited forever to win a Super Bowl, but was given the MVP anyway in his 2nd appearance despite no real MVP performances...other than that helicopter run for a first down to help preserve the win against Green Bay). Manning became the first QB to ever throw twice as many picks as touchdowns (3/7) and still win the Super Bowl, let alone the MVP. And here you were thinkin' Rex Grossman sucked. So sure, in the grand scheme of things, it's probably better off that Peyton got the MVP, but make no mistake about it, Indy doesn't win that game without Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes stepping up and taking the pressure off the Slick Hick.

If Super Bowl XLI Was a Chick, I Would Need This Many Beers to Sleep With Her...14. This game was the slightly chunky chick with the big rack that told one good joke or comment at the beginning of the night. After a beer or two, you realize that fatty over there isn't a catch at all, but an annoying brat at best. But then by beer 14, you come back to the basics....she has a big rack and you know her name (well at least she knows your name). Any port in a storm my good friends, any port in a storm.

My Grade Overall for Super Bowl XLI is a
... C- The lone exciting moments of the game were Devin Hester's opening kickoff return for a touchdown and "Keenan and" Kelvin Hayden's interception return for a TD in the 4th quarter. More importantly though, the overall entertainment value of the event was at what seemed to be and all time LOW. Prince wasn't awful at halftime, but I'm pretty sure the only reason we didn't change the channel was because we couldn't quite locate the remote. And as for the commercials, they flat out stunk. Yea there were a few good ones in there for sure, but none that really made my sides split, and not nearly enough good ones in general. So the game provided a half of excitement, the commercials blew harder than Heidi Fleiss at a crack house, and Prince didn't fall on stage so I lost my prop bet. Matter of fact, the funniest part of Super Bowl XLI was probably when Boomer Esiason asked Dan Marino if a QB's legacy could be complete without a Super Bowl title, no matter how great their statistics. Hahah...Irony is funny isn't it Dan? Oh well at least you've lost like 30 pounds on Nutri System you fat bastard. Overall, this game was about as much fun as scrubbing Rosie O'Donnell's FUPA for a living. And for those of you who know what that means, I apologize for putting that image in your head.

2006-2007 Picks
Last Week: 0-1-0

5-6-0 (.455)

'06-'07 Season:
52-39-7 (.567)

All-Time Blogging Picks:
121-77-10 (.606)

*My overall record took a slight hit this season, but picking at better than 60% is nothing to sneeze at. And I don't want to hear how I don't pick every game or any other excuse you want to throw at me. Like Peyton, however, I have been dominating the regular season and choking in the playoffs. Maybe next year is the year I slay that dragon, but that's a long ways off. And oh yea, if you wanna check back and see how close my regular season predictions were (most of them were way off), feel free to do so right here...

When 10 teams in the top 25 lose in one weekend, it's bound to cause a shakeup in the rankings. And yup, just a few days after I anointed the Tar Heels my new #1 team, they choked on the road at NC State. So, that means for the 3rd week in a row I have a new #1 team, this week being the Florida Gators. Hey, they've proven they can do it with their championship last year, and now they are proving they are just as hungry and focused to capture a second consecutive title. While the Gators have been cruising pretty much all season, the real story this week has been the Texas A&M Aggies. I've been saying all season long that the Big XII was the best and deepest conference in the land, and after consecutive wins @ Kansas and vs Texas, the Aggies find themselves right on top of it. I'm a little concerned that they might be peaking at the wrong time of the year, but that being said they are still fun to watch. Bill Self protege Billy Gillespie has quickly built A&M into a contender behind the skills of PG Acie Law IV, who is rapidly making a case for player of the year averaging 22 pts and 11 assists over the last 2 games. With 7 games left in their season, A&M can now clearly see a #1 NCAA seed in their future if they can keep their place atop the Big XII. One final note. I know there are a lot of big games left in Rivalry Week that I could break down, but instead I chose to lay this on ya. After watching the Wisconsin Badgers this week, I noticed that Kammron Taylor, their Senior off guard, looks an awful lot like a certain famous comedian. Here's a hint: "Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost $5,000. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollars, we wouldn't have any innocent bystanders!"
College Hoops Top 10
1. Florida (21-2) 2
2. North Carolina (20-3) 1
3. Ohio St. (20-3) 4
4. Pittsburgh (20-3) 5
5. Wisconsin (22-2) 6
6. Kansas (19-4) 3
7. UCLA (20-2) 8
8. Memphis (19-3) 10
9. Texas A&M (20-3) NR
10. Buttler (22-2) 9

just missed: Nevada, Marquette, Georgetown, Southern Illinois
dropped: (7) Nevada

Again...feel free to check out the other fraudulent polls at

Air Force @ San Diego St.
LSU @ Tennessee

Pittsburgh @ West Virginia
UNC @ Duke
Kansas St. @ Kansas
Georgetown @ Louisville

Stanford @ Washington St.
Nevada @ Fresno St.

Now that football season is over, I'm going back to my schedule of posting once at the beginning of the week (sometimes Monday but usually Tuesday) and once on Friday. I figure I owe it to my adoring fans who are constantly thirsting for more of my delicious facts and opinions / I like doing it anyway. And to all of you out there that are always asking me if I posted a new blog, or complaining that you couldn't find my blog because I wasn't online. Bookmark this page you dirty skanks. The more hits I get, the better the blog gets, and the better my life gets. Boom Goes the Dynamite!


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