Friday, December 01, 2006

NFL Week 13 Picks

Hmmm...I can't say I like the fact that I'm picking 5 road teams this week. I also can't say I like the fact that 4 of those teams are favored, all by more than 3 points. To continue with the bad vibes parade, Mark Clayton scored me only one point last night in my season ending, must-win fantasy matchup. Not only did he only score one point, he finished with 29 receiving yards. One yard shy of two points! If this is a sign of things to come this weekend, I'm literally frightened for my own sanity. However, should I go insane, it seems I'll still be a few steps ahead of the New York Giants. One day they are infighting worse than any non-T.O team in recent memory, the next they are singing "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "We Are the World" in the locker room together? No, that's not a metaphor or anything, they were actually singing those songs, along with several other tunes, after practice on Thursday. They claim they are just showing their unity. See, they've decided that the media is to blame for the current friction within their team, so if they can band together they can slay the mighty beast! World's Easiest Prediction: If the Giants win, this team unity thing is the thing that saved them (thank you evil media). But if they lose, look for Plaxico, Strahan, Shockey and crew to start singing some jams that might have a few curse words in them. And I'm not talkin' about "hell" and "damn".

Week 13 Picks
Indianapolis Colts (-8) @ Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons (+2) @ Washington Redskins
Kansas City Chiefs (-5) @ Cleveland Browns
Chicago Bears (-9) vs Minnesota Vikings
Dallas Cowboys (-3) @ New York Giants

Monday Night
Carolina Panthers (-3) @ Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week: 5-1-0

2006 Season:
37-31-5 (.541)*

*Monday Night: 8-5-0 (.615)

P.S. Since I know you are all sick and twisted like me, make sure to check out the top 10 sports injuries caught on tape at I would by no means call this a comprehensive list, but it's entertaining nonetheless so click on it and gross yourself out. If for no other reason than to watch Joe Theismann's leg snap, like K-Fed's platinum cards, under the pressure of the Coke-y Monster, Lawrence Taylor.


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