Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cut That Meat!

I hate to admit it, but it looks like the Colts might be overcoming their fear of Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. In the Colts 27-20 victory Sunday night in Foxboro, Peyton Manning moved the ball up and down the field almost at will to the tune of 326 yards and 2 touchdowns, both to Starvin Marvin Harrison. The Colts just looked like the better team. Maybe not defensively, but just overall better. And I don;t wanna hear it, you know, the same shit I heard when the Pats lost to the Broncos in the playoffs last year. And that's the theory that's often popular around here when the Pats happen to lose, "Wow we were so close despite all those mistakes we made. If we played them again we wouldn't make those mistakes and we would win!" Sorry people, you can't have it both ways. Don't you think that Colts fans were saying similar things while we beat them like a drum all these years? No fan base sits back and says to itself "Wow we suck, they are just so much better than us in every aspect of the game". Me, I say give the Colts their due. Sure Tom Brady threw 3 interceptions that were deflected, but are those luck? I see it more as a combination of Tom's bad passes, the receivers unable to hang onto the bean, and good timing by the Colts defense. Maybe you view all those things happening once as lucky or random, but not me. And don't tell me when you see me that I like the Colts now, because I may hit you. It's just I know a better team when I see one. And right now, not only are they better than the Pats, the Colts are the best team in the league. Peyton Manning has also placed his claim as the best QB in the league. I know, we could sit here all day and argue Brady V Manning (also known as rings vs commercials), but the fact is that this season Manning is far superior. He has more TD's and yards, a better completion %, and the best of all, his team is 8-0. We always put Brady over the top of Manning based on results, and right now this season, Manning has him beat. However, I will be the first to tell you, it all means nothing if he can't win when it matters, and that's the playoffs. But hey, this was a tough win too, so I give them their due. We've all seen what good being the best regular season team has done for them in the past. So don't worry Pats fans, hopefully we will get another shot at them and show them that while they may be a regular season monster, we are the only true Dynasty on the block.

*Oh and just a side note. Anyone else notice Marvin Harrison jawing at Ellis Hobbs? I've been watching Harrison play since he was at the 'Cuse, and I've never seen him say a peep to anyone, yet he was all up in Hobbs' grill. Note to Ellis: Marvin already has 99 touchdown grabs, and those all came when he was mild mannered. You pissed him off and he made one of the best grabs of his career. Next time just leave him alone and spend your energy trying to cover him!

Patriots Update
Last Week: Indianapolis Colts 27 New England Patriots 20
Record: 6-2

Next Week vs New York Jets (4-4)

*Just a little somethin for you Jet fan. You may look at it like Pats are coming off a loss, but I look at it as we are pissed off. So watch yourself Mangina, Big Bill is about to make you look like Kindergarten Coach...again.

NFL News and Notes

*Well, apparently the Bears were exactly who the Dolphins thought they were! The Bears defense was run all over by Ronnie Brown and passed on by Joey Harrington while their offense was shut down by Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas. Maybe the more appropriate statement would be "The Dolphins played like Sports Illustrated thought they could!" I mean after all, SI did pick the Phins to win the Super Bowl this year right? Well for the first time all season, they actually looked like a team that could contend. The bigger mystery though, was the play of a team that has realistic Super Bowl aspirations this season, the Chicago Bears. The Bears remain 2nd in the NFL in both scoring offense and defense, but the shine has certainly come off these golden boys. Rex Grossman has fallen out of favor faster than George Bush (oh wait was he actually ever in favor?) ever since his disgusting performance on Monday night against the Cardinals. Now, with both Mike Brown and possibly Brian Urlacher missing from their stellar D, and fans clamoring for Brian Greise or even (gulp) Kyle Orton. Now you know you have issues when you think your team might be better off with a guy who got benched during his senior year at Purdue strictly for sucking. I'm not saying the Bears are done, because I would be an idiot to say that an 7-1 team is "done". But, they better start playing with a purpose, and stop turning the ball over, or they may waste one of the best starts in franchise history.

*As has been the case with most Cowboys games this year, this one had it all. T.O dropping the bean, Parcells marching up and down and screaming and of course a missed kick by everyone's favorite liquored up idiot. The Cowboys have turned from a world class football team to a reality show that deserves a weekly time slot before Breaking Bonaduce, but right after House of Carters. After a game in which T.O dropped a pass from Tony Romo that arguably cost his team the game, he did all he could in the post game presser to take blame. But is that really enough? Fans don't want to hear you apologize for blowing the game. They want to see you use those 25 million reasons to live to motivate you to catch the damn ball! And yea, those end zone celebrations are crowd pleasing, but the true fans knows that each time T.O costs his team 15 yards it's not worth the mild entertainment. Now with Romo at the helm, T.O bringing out his antics in full force and dropping pills (yea pun intended), and the Tuna steaming, you can get ready for full throttle chaos in Big D. Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaa

*There are just certain times where I question where my brain actually was when my body made certain decisions. The Falcons /Lions game was one of those times. When you think about teams that have locked Mike Vick up in his career, and the first that comes to mind for me is the Tampa Bay defenses of the past 5 years. Well..who was the defensive co-ordinator of those Tamp teams? None other than new Lion head coach Rod Marinelli. Marinelli always owned Vick then and he apparently owns him now. Mike and his boys promptly went out and turned the ball over 3 times in the first half, once for a TD. What happened to the new Mike? The pocket passer? I guess it doesn't matter what style he plays, Marinelli still owns him. See, these are the blatant trends that I miss and hence, why I don't wager my own money.

*Apparently "Ocho Cinco" is mad at the way he is being used (or not being used) by the Cincy offense. I must say, he's got an interesting argument, but one that's almost impossible to prove. It's your classic chicken/egg argument. Is it Carson Palmer? Is Johnson not getting open? Has he lost a step? He even asked these questions of himself right after the game. But no matter what the reason, his numbers are way down. Why haven't you seen him dancing in the end zone? Cuz he's only made it 2 times! That's right. For all the times you've seen the man on TV this year, whether selling Madden with Daunte Culpepper (gee maybe there is something to this curse, heck, it seems to have hexed 'Pep twice) or telling the media which DB he is going to embarrass next. Fact is, he's got career lows in every major category. Whether it's him, the QB, or just the team in general, something is going wrong with the potent Cincy offense. If they don't get it fixed, there could be problems in the Natty that for once don't involved the high crime, poverty or in-breeding.

*And I would be remiss if I didn't react to the Raiders Tyler Brayton kneeing Seattle TE Jerramy Stevens right in the junk. On the one hand, you know as a man that you never hit another man in his money maker. On the other hand, am I the only one sick of Jerramy Stevens? What has this guy done besides run his yap like Shannon Sharpe? Kid called out Joey Porter in the Super Bowl, and then promptly went out and dropped several key passes on his way to a non-descript game, and his team's loss. I guess I'm just glad that Brayton kneed him in the balls before I went out and did it....I gotta save money everywhere I can...can't afford that fine son. P.S. Tyler if you could find whatever cardboard box Freddie Mitchell lives in and knee him I'd greatly appreciate it.

My NFL Picks
Last Week: 3-3-0

29-21-5 (.580)

*Eh, another .500 week. It's about as much fun as it looks.

*Louisville won big, Ohio St. and Michigan won small, and Joe Paterno busted his leg. I'm not sure which is the bigger story, seeing as JoePa is almost 80, and Louisville now has another do or die game for a chance of going to the National title game. You heard right, Louisville and Rutgers are involved in a game that has championship implications, and for once that championship isn't the NIT.

College Football Top 10
1. Ohio St. (10-0) 1
2. Michigan (10-0) 2
3. Auburn (9-1) 4
4. Florida (8-1) 5
5. Texas (9-1) 6
6. Louisville (8-0) NR
7. Notre Dame (8-1) 7
8. West Virginia (7-1) 3
9. USC (7-1) 9
10. Arkansas (8-1) 10

just missed: California, Wisconsin, Boise St., Rutgers, LSU
dropped: (8) Tennessee

Games to Watch This Week
Louisville @ Rutgers
*This Thursday night matchup is basically the exact same scenario that Louisville found themselves in last Thursday against the Mountaineers. The difference? This one's on the road. But make no mistake, just because it's Rutgers doesn't mean their aren't National championship implications on the line. Should be another classic for the Big East, let's just hope this one stays a little closer than last week.

Oregon @ USC
*The Ducks can make the path real smooth for the Cal Bears if they can upset the Trojans in Pasadena. But we all know that's not going to happen. Actually, screw that. I have yet to unleash my really fury on Pete Carroll for blowing that bet for me to Oregon St. So you know what. Here's my prediction. Oregon 63 USC 6...Pete Carroll fired....then shot and killed while leaving the stadium. Ahhh...that felt much better.

Tennessee @ Arkansas
*The Vols are basically looking to do to the Hogs this week exactly what LSU did to Tennessee last week, and that's crush their hopes. Tennessee now sits at 2 SEC losses, much like LSU, but the Hogs have only one loss and none in conference. In fact, they are 5-0 and in control of their own destiny in the SEC West. I know they might not have the National appeal of some other squads, but doesn't it look like their 50-14 loss on opening night to USC was an aberration? Since they made the change to freshmen phenom QB Mitch Mustain, Arkansas is 8-0 with wins @ Auburn, Vandy and South Carolina and at home against 'Bama. So can they show and and prove they are the cream of the SEC crop and more deserving than Florida? We'll see.

Boise St. @ San Jose St
*Sure this one looks like a lemon, and unless I'm at home when it's on I doubt I will be able to convince anyone to watch it, but this game has some appeal to you if you're always trying to find ways to make the BCS look foolish. And that's where I find myself. Let's see how Boise St. can handle playing on a green surface. Should be interesting. But if they can manage to run the table along with Ohio St./Michigan and Rutgers/Louisville, that will leave 3 undefeated teams. Let the annual cries for a playoff system begin again!
NBA 2006 Season Preview
I give the NBA so much respect, that I wait until the season's been going on for a week before I make my bold predictions. Either that or I'm actually lucky I remembered to write anything about this boring league before the start of the new year. So pretty much all I got for ya are my predictions on where all the teams will finish, and a little commentary to cut the league down to size a little. That's what I do...

Eastern Conference
1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Detroit Pistons
3. New Jersey Nets
4. Chicago Bulls
5. Miami Heat
6. Orlando Magic
7. Washington Wizards
8. Indiana Pacers
9. Milwaukee Bucks
10. Boston Celtics
11. Philadelphia 76ers
12. Charlotte Bobcats
13. Toronto Raptors
14. New York Knicks
15. Atlanta Hawks

*OK, the East is still awful. However, we do have some bright spots. The Bulls are vastly improved with the addition of Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas, the Magic have matured and of course LeBron is one year closer to greatness. And that's where I pretty much stop analyzing. I like Lebron, I want him to win, so that's who I'm picking, He's got enough to carry a whole team on his shoulders and this is the year he shows us all. As for the Celts, I have pairs of socks that are both older than most of the players and show more potential. Stay tuned for my weekly Celtics watch which will be called "Danny Being Danny".

Western Conference
1. San Antonio Spurs
2. Los Angeles Clippers
3. Utah Jazz
4. Dallas Mavericks
5. Phoenix Suns
6. Los Angeles Lakers
7. NO/OK Hornets
8. Houston Rockets
9. Sacramento Kings
10. Denver Nuggets
11. Golden State Warriors
12. Memphis Grizzlies
13. Seattle Sonics
14. Minnesota Timberwolves
15. Portland Trailblazers

*For starters, most of these games are on when I am sleeping or drinking. That being said, I like the Spurs, so I'm picking them. I know, I know, another very analytical break down of the standings. But here's how I see it. I think the Spurs are going to win the West, so aren't the rest of the standings pretty irrelevant? I'll tell you one thing, look out for the Hornets in the West. I know they're young, but aren't the young teams the most exciting and compelling? And oh yea, I hate Kobe even more know that he stole my number. What a prick. So just like Pete Carroll, I hope Kobe gets hit by a car. I think it's something about L.A man. Nice weather, but I think all that smog is screwing with people's heads.

MVP: Lebron James
*King James is the man. He means the most to his team. And this year they are going to win the East. Hmmm. Best player, best team. Sounds like an MVP to me. Not to mention the countless highlights he will be entertaining me with on Sportscenter. God knows I won't be watching the games.
other candidates: Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash

Rookie of the Year: Brandon Roy
*To be honest, my favorite rookie coming out of the draft was the Celtics original pick, Randy Foye, so I wanted to pick him. But after actually watching a decent amount of the pre-season, and reading NBA writers constantly, it looks like Roy is the most talented right now. It also doesn't hurt that he plays for a team in Portland that should have no trouble getting him some PT while they are playing themselves into another lottery selection. Some props to my man Rajon Rondo though for at least making it so there is a Celtic on the floor that I not only like, but respect the way he plays the game.

other candidates: Rajon Rondo, Adam Morrison

NBA Finals Predictions
Eastern Conference: Cleveland Cavs over Chicago Bulls in 6
Western Conference: San Antonio Spurs over NO/OK Hornets in 5

NBA Finals: San Antonio Spurs over Cleveland Cavs in 6
*I like the Spurs, and I like LeBron. Pretty simple I think.

Fantasy Update
Last Week:
Open Back Door 64 I Got Warrants 58
Record: 4-5-0, 10th place

Next Week vs The vegetable Garden (1-6-1)

*Hey now I know I said I wouldn't start celebrating until I got to .500 again, but come on now. I narrow victory over the first place team? Those don't come around every day. But realistically, I'll need to string at least a few more of these together to keep myself in the race. Rome wasn't built in a day bitches!


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