Friday, October 13, 2006

NFL Week 6 Picks

*Well, it took 5 weeks, but I finally had a big week with my picks going 4-0-1 last week and nailing the Monday night game as well. Last week, I rode a strategy that I described as picking "big favorites" (which is ironic seeing as I didn't take the biggest favorite of the week, which was Indy at -19). Every team I picked last week was at least a 3 point favorite, with the highest being the Bears at -10, and all but one covered. So, common sense would say I should stick with that strategy right? Wrong. Instead, I've decided the only way to beat the betting trends, is to just go out and guess what they are going to be. If I stick with the same technique every time, eventually Vegas will catch on to me, I and will be defeated. This way, by switching it up, I will always be one step ahead. For this week, my new trend is, well, to just go back to my old ways. I'm all over the map this week with everything from a 5.5 point (0-4) home dog to a (1-3) team that's almost a touchdwon favorite. Hopefully, this new trend will give me as much success as the last one, but seeing as this trend really isn't one, who knows what will happen. I know a lot of Patriot fans are a little down this week because of the bye, but never fear. There are plenty of games to watch this week like St. Louis vs Seattle, Carolina vs Baltimore and the game of the week, Giants @ Atlanta. So hang in there, the Pats will be back, and so will I...*

Week 6 Picks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+5.5) vs Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills (-1) @ Detroit Lions
Carolina Panthers (+3) @ Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs
Atlanta Falcons (-3) vs New York Giants

Monday Night
Chicago Bears (-10.5) @ Arizona Cardinals

Last Week: 4-0-1
Monday Night: 1-0-0

2006 Season: 16-11-4 (.592)


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