Friday, September 15, 2006

NFL Week 2 Picks

*While I certainly wouldn't call last week's start "good", I did manage to save myself quite nicely with a Monday Night sweep to break even. The beginning of the season there are always a lot of teams that surprise you so it makes it a little tricky to pick 'em. But that's an excuse, and I don't want to sound like a whiner, so instead of complaining, I'll just go ahead and do my damnedest to go undefeated this week. And no I'm not picking the Patriots because I am a huge Pats fan, you should know better. I'm picking them because they were embarrassed last week and are going to come out and stomp the J-E-T-S. Time to show we don't miss Branch and to expose Eric Mangini as a F-R-A-U-D.*

Week 2 Picks
NY Giants (+3.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles
St. Louis Rams (-3) @ San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots (-5.5) @ New York Jets
Chicago Bears (-8.5) vs Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts (-13.5) vs Houston Texans

Monday Night
Pittsburgh Steelers (-2) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Week:
Monday Night: 2-0-0

2006 Season:


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