Monday, May 01, 2006

Super Mario?

Houston, We Are the Problem
Let's put this in as simple terms as possible. The Houston Texans made a monumental mistake by selecting Mario Williams. However, that's not nearly as big as the mistake they made by NOT taking Reggie Bush. There's a reason Houston had the #1 pick, and it's the same reason why they went 4-12 last year and have never really sniffed the playoffs in their existence. They haven't shown any competence as an organization. I mean fine let's say they determined they couldn't sign Reggie Bush so they needed to take another player. Defense is great, but how about protecting your franchise QB who spends more time on the grass than Ricky Williams? Take the Brick! D'Brickashaw Ferguson makes more sense as a #1 pick than Mario Williams. So the Texans think they have a good enough back with Domanick Davis? Well last time I checked, he doesn't have nearly the track record as Saints RB Deuce McAllister, and New Orleans didn't even blink before taking Bush. Having Bush, no matter who else is on the field with him, is having a player on your team that is a constant matchup problem. And in the end that's the ultimate weapon. As far as the rest of the draft? I really don't feel like delving into it, but I saw there were more teams that really blew it, than teams that really nailed it. I think the Bills came out as the biggest loser, but teams like Kansas City and the Giants made some questionable selections. A lot of teams just seemed to ignore areas of need (including my very own New England Patriots), leading me to think their may be a lot more movement this offseason as teams realize they still have holes to till. One note, props to the Jets on locking down their O-Line for years to come with Brick at #4 and then center Nick Mangold later in the 1st. But as usual, take a look at this draft in about three years, then we will see who the real winners and losers were.

Red Sox Update
Last Week: 2-4
Overall: 14-11
Standings: 1st place tie

*Just a brutal week for the Sox, and it won't get any easier with the Yanks in town for a quick 2 game set. But Doug Mirabelli is back baby! With Mirabelli flying back tonight to catch Wakefield, and Damon making his Fenway debut as a Yank, this season series is starting off on the same hectic pace that has carried the rivalry so feverishly the past several seasons. The season starts now. Let's get it on.

Fantasy Update
My pitching let me down a little this week, but the 9 K's by Schill on Sunday night was enough to salvage me a tie. Bright side? At least I'm not Frosco, whose team took one on the chin this week, getting smoked to the tune of 14-6-2. I really do get the feeling though that my team is just a click or two away from being dominant. It's a long season, and I plan on being in this thing right up till the end.

Week 4 Final Score: 10-10-2
Record: 40-35-13

Week 5 vs Bubba's Bitches (34-43-11)

*Now I know I said I wasn't going to talk about the NHL and NBA playoffs this year, and while there is still the chance that I won't, I did want to this week but ran out of time. Due to a little weekend road trip (working titles include "Sabby's Abortion", "The Adventures of Lord Fuzzybottom" or "White Man: The Xany Pimp") I wasn't able to get to a lot of topics I wanted to this week, but make no mistake that I will be coming strong again next week.*


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