Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Super Bowl XL

*Super Bowl XL had a chance to be "Extra Large", but all of that went by the wayside when we were presented with this snoozer of a matchup. Even so, hopefully the game will be a good one, and in failing that, hopefully there will at least be some good commercials. So seeing as I have already analyzed this game, there is nothing left to do but pick the winner.*

Super Bowl XL
Seattle Seahawks (+4.5) over Pittsburgh Steelers

**Fact of the matter is, I want Pittsburgh to lose. So when a team you want to lose is giving points, you take them! Plus, can anyone remember the last time the Steelers won a major playoff game in which they were favored?**

Super Tease (6 points)
Seattle Seahawks (+10.5) and Under 53

*In my perfect world, Seattle jumps out on top and manages to hang in a close game. Therefore I see them easily covering the 10+ points. And while this game has the outside chance of being a shootout, I say enough points are scored to scare the 53 points, but the two teams will finish out with a 24-17 or 27-21 score at best. Both of those results will keep it just below the under.

Super Prop Bet
Which point total will be higher:
A) Kobe Bryant's total points scored against the NO/OK Hornets on Saturday night
B) The total points scored in Super Bowl XL

*In this one I am taking the under in 53 for my tease, so I will have to go with Kobe to score at least 40 against the Hornets seeing as the Lakers have nobody else that can score. With that in mind, I am taking Kobe just to edge out the Super Bowl, 48-41.

*So I made a $20 bet with Sean P that the Syracuse Orange will not make the NCAA tournament. So now I am going to keep everyone updated on how the Orange are fairing between now and then. Let's check it out so far:

Syracuse Tournament Resume
Record: 16-6
Big East Record: 4-4
RPI: 31
SOS: 17
Record vs RPI top 25: 1-4
Key Wins: @ Cincy
Key Losses: Bucknell, Seton Hall

* Not a very impressive resume so far. The Strength of Schedule (SOS) and Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) look good, but that's due to simply playing in the Big East. To make matters worse, the Orange are hitting possibly the most difficult part of its schedule all season with games still to come @ #1 UCONN and #22 Georgetown, and hosting #4 Villanova, #11 West Virginia, Louisville and Cincy. With only 8 games left, they will have to pull out at least a few of these crucial games in order to have the look of a real tournament team. What they do have going for them is the fact that right now it only looks like the Big East has 5 tourney locks in UCONN, WVU, G-town, Pitt and Villanova, so if they can stay even somewhat competitive, the selection committee might be compelled to throw them in simply based on the strength of the conference.


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