Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Conference Championships

*Now that my beloved Patriots are out, my support will turn to the Carolina Panthers. Anyone else surprised that neither Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is going to be in the Super Bowl? I've gotta say that surprises me. But both of their teams made way too many turnovers and mistakes in general to deserve to be in Detroit in 2 weeks. As for the teams left, I think Carolina has proven that they are clearly the class of the NFC, and Seattle has played lackluster competetion all season long, and didn't look all that great beating the Redskins. And even though Pittsburgh was far more impressive in their last win than Denver, home field combined with only having played one game so far gives Denver the nod. Both the Broncos and Steelers have great defenses, power running attacks, and QBs that both coaches hope don't need to go out and win the game for them. It will be interesting though to see if, called upon more this week, Jake the Snake Plummer will be able to continue his consistent and mistake free play. No matter what the Super Bowl matchup, I'm sure the NFL isn't doing backflips. I mean when the biggest market in the game could possibly be Denver or Pittsburgh, thats not really the draw they were looking for when the playoffs started. But sometimes thats just how it breaks down. Only one game left to Super Bowl XL!*

Conference Championship Picks
Carolina Panthers (+4) over Seattle Seahawks
Denver Broncos (-3) over Pittsburgh Steelers

Playoffs: 6-2-0
Regular Season: 52-27-3
Monday Night: 10-7-0


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