Saturday, December 17, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 15 Picks

*Looking to pass the 50 win mark this week. The past 3 weeks I have taken the Patriots in one way or another, and I hope continuing to take them will help keep my good streak going. Not to mention, this week include the much anticipated return of one of my favorite topics, the Vikings sex cruise! So here is to hopin that my good fortune continues and I can close out the regular season on a nice run.*

Week 15 Picks
New England Patriots (-4.5) over Tampa Bay Bucs
Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Giants over 46
Seattle Seahawks (-7) over Tennessee Titans
Cincinatti Bengals (-7) over Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) over Minnesota Vikings

Monday Night
Green Bay (+3.5) over Baltimore

Record: 46-23-3
Monday Night: 9-6-0

San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts
*So many factors contribute to what could be one of the better games of the season. While the Colts have basically cruised out to 13-0 and secured home field in the playoffs, thye still have a statement to make in this game. This is probably the last full game that the Colt starters will play, and they will want to make a great final statement before the playoffs. Then you have the Chargers, who are in a dog fight for a wild card spot in the AFC. Kansas City and Pittsburgh are both 8-5 like San Diego, and the Jags sit a game ahead at 9-4. Only two of those teams can get a wild card spot, so every game is crucial for the Chargers. With all that being said, its clear we could be in for a shootout here. Not only that, but should the Chargers really click on offense, we could be in for a close contest. I don't really see the Colts losing if they stay with their starters for the whole game, but this one could easily turn into one of the better games all year.

NFL News and Notes
*I would like to welcome back the Vikings sex cruise. Just when everyone was trying to talk about how great the Vikings had been playing lately, the Sexcapades return. Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKinnie, Moe Williams and Fred Smoot were charged with several misdemeanors for their involvement in the team sex cruise earlier this year. I'm so glad that this story is back in the news, and I'm happy for the members of the Vikings that were not involved finally have some sort of justice. Players that wern't there were being lumped in with the offenders, and now we can clearly see that it was only a select few. But more importantly, this is one of the funnier stories in years so it needs as much press as possible. And the best could be to come! Fred Smoot has promised to sue whoever it was that leaked his name to the district attorney, saying he was the one who rented and paid for one of the boats. None of the players have been dealt with by the team yet, but owner Ziggy Wilf says that the teams playoff chances will have no impact on how the players will be reprimanded. Stay tuned, this should be pretty interesting for a while.

*The Saints have been told by NFLPA rep Gene upshaw that the team will be returning to New Orleans. In the meeting, Upshaw told them team they would be returning to their training facility outside of New Orleans when the season was over. This is such a tough situation for the Saints, their fans and even their owner. Tom Benson wanted to move the team before hurricane Katrina, but now its virtually impossible. Both the league and the state of Louisiana want the team to stay and help bring the community back. Problem is, there were problems with the Saints long before this tragic disaster. Now with the Superdome badly damaged, and thousands of residents still homeless and jobless, it is going to be hard for the team to make any kind of money, let alone help the struggling community. So, if they are headed back, it may not be for long. Its a tough situation, and for times like these there are no blue prints on how to handle them. At least this a positive step for the team, and they have an idea of where they are going to be in the next few months, as opposed to this season where they have been shuffled all over the place.

*Apparently there are fans in Philly that think Donovan McNabb shouls run the ball more because he is black QB. This is another great example of Philly fans being idiots. I mean I'm not a big McNabb fan, but even he souldn't be subject to such morons. These people just need to shut up and stop whining for once in their lives. That city has the worst fans on earth, and they just keep getting worse as time goes on. Got Smarty Jones?

College Basketball Top Ten
1. Duke (10-0) 1
2. UCONN (8-0) 2
3. Villanova (7-0) 4
4. Memphis (8-1) 6
5. Louisville (6-1) 3
6. Florida (10-0) 7
7. Oklahoma (6-1) 8
8. Illinois(11-0) 10
9. Gonzaga (7-2) NR
10. Texas (8-2) 5

just missed: Washington, UCLA, Indiana
dropped: (9) Boston College

**Now I am not a huge NBA fan as many of you know, but I just have to pat myself on the back. Larry Brown has been AWFUL as coach of the Knicks, just like I knew he would. And I don't want to hear how he is rebuilding. It's the Eastern Conference! Not even that, its the Atlantic Division! Boston won the division last year with a 45-37 record for crying out loud, and Larry's boys can't compete. So, after essentially making himself the focal point in Detroit, and making his exit a big deal, Larry and his Knicks are 6-16. And oh, the Pistons that depended on Brown for leadership? They are off to a franchise best 17-3 start. I hope the Knicks keep losing, and force Larry to claim he's tired or sick and can't coach out the rest of his contract. That would just prove once and for all Larry is all about the drama.**


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