Saturday, November 19, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 11 Picks

*Finally a normal week back at my home base after two weeks on the run. I can't complain though since I managed to go 6-3-1 during those 2 weeks, so instead I'm just going to try and keep the momentum going. This week I managed to pick 5 games even though there was really only one that I liked (Carolina). It was tough considering that there were a mind blowing 11 games where the spread was at least 6 points! I only chose one of those games, so hopefully I will be rewarded for not playing with too much fire.*

Week 11 Picks
Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5) over Houston Texans
Carolina Panthers (-3) over Chicago Bears
Dallas Cowboys (-7.5) over Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) over Baltimore Ravens
Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5) over Tenessee Titans

Monday Night
Minnesota Vikings (+4.5) over Green Bay Packers

Record: 28-19-3
Monday Night: 6-5-0

NAPPY LOCK OF THE WEEK (6 point tease)

San Diego Chargers (-5) over Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers (+18) over Seattle Seahawks

Record: (2-2-0)

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals
*Chad Johnson has already come out and said that he guarantees nobody will be able to cover him this week. Head coach Marvin Lewis is probably glad that Chad didn't guarantee a victory, but maybe he hopes that this took a little pressure off of the rest of his team and put the spotlight directly on Chad. This game also serves as a big chance for the Indy defense to state its claim as one of the best in the league. After a very stingy start, the Colts defense has bent a little against tougher offenses like St. Louis and New England, but this is the best offense they have faced all season. If Indy can shut down Rudi, Chad, and Carson, not only will they win the game, but they will make it very difficult for anyone to say that they aren't the current favorites to win Super Bowl XL in Detroit.

NFL News and Notes
*We don't talk about TO!

*Tommy Maddox has been given the start this week for the Steelers against the Ravens. Just a little reminder for Tommy, this still isn't the XFL but lucky for you this also isn't the Ravens defense we are all used to. There's been a lot of speculation that coach Bill Cowher should start WR Antwan Randle El, who as we all know used to be a QB during his days at Indiana. As much as I would like to say Cowher is making yet another terrible decision, I think he actually got this one right. Picking Antwan would be the flashy choice and would go over real well with the fans, until the Steelers lost the game. And just to add a little fire to those of you who would like to see the second coming of "Slash", Randle El in his career in the NFL is 12-14 with 2 TDs as a QB. Whoever starts, Pittsburgh still should have very little trouble coming out on top in this one.

*Olin Kreutz, center for the Bears, beat the living shit out of teammate and fellow ofensive lineman, Fred Miller. Just one look at Olin, and you can tell he's not a man to be messed with. That being said, Fred Miller is no small man in his own right. The funniest part of this whole incident is that it occured at an FBI weapons training facility. Now I have never claimed to be a gun expert, but I am fairly sure that having two 300+ pound men exchanging punches on a firing range is not the safest thing in the world.

*Wait so did I miss something in Detroit? After being shat on for the better part of 2 years as a starter for the Lions, Joey Harrington had his first real good game, throwing for 231 yards 3 TDs and zero picks, and promptly gets benched? And better yet, it's for Jeff Garcia! Word from Lions camp is that Harrington has been taking about 70% of the snaps this week, but thats only on days when Jeff isn't feeling at 100%. My advice (and this is one of the organizations where I feel my input could actually be of some help) is for the Lions to try and ride what little momentum they have going with Harrington. If he doesn't prove himsefl once and for all through the next few games it will do two things. 1) It will give Garcia time to heal back to 100% and drive this team through this weak division and towards a playoff spot and 2) It will force the Lions to see for once and for all if Harrington is their QB of the future.

College Basketball Top Ten
1. Duke (3-0)
2. UCONN (1-0)
3. Louisville (1-0)
4. Indiana (1-0)
5. Texas (2-0)
6. Boston College (1-0)
7. Memphis (2-0)
8. Kentucky (2-0)
9. Villanova (1-0)
10. Michigan St. (0-1)

just missed: Gonzaga, Oklahoma

**I was listening to Jim Rome on Friday afternoon and heard a hysterical line on the Michigan/Ohio St. matchup that I just had to post so here it is:

"This weekend Michigan is going to flame-out faster than Kordell Stewart and Jeff Garcia at a Village People concert."


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