Saturday, October 15, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 6 Picks

*So, another sub .500 week. At least im still managing to keep my head above water for the season, which is respectable. But I aim higher! I really feel a 5-0 week coming on soon. With that said, I am avoiding the Seahawks alltogether for the rest of the season becuase they have foiled me 3 times already in just 5 weeks. Hopefully I can start the train moving in the right direction before the MLB Playoffs end and everyone begins to notice how bad I've been doing lately. And I beg the sports Gods to help end my Monday Night losing streak!*

Week 6 Picks
San Diego Chargers (-1.5) over Oakland Raiders
Tampa Bay Bucs (-3) over Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers (-1) over Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings (+3) over Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals (-3) over Tennessee Titans

Monday Night
Indianapolis Colts (-13.5) over St. Louis Rams

Record: 14-10-1
Monday Night: 3-3-0

(6 point tease)
- Tampa Bay (+2.5) over Miami Dolphins
- Under 41

Record: 0-1-0

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
*You're kidding yourself if you thought this week 6 matchup would be pivotal to winning the NFC East, but with the Eagles struggling, and fresh off a throttling at the hand of the Cowboys, this division is up for grabs. The Giants and Redskins are tied at the top at 3-1 and Dallas could move right up there as they are currently 3-2. The Giants great start can be attributed more to other teams than their own. While Eli Manning has been better than expected, most teams to start have stacked the box and dared Manning to throw the ball. So far he has repsonded, but its only a matter of time before defenses adjust. There in lies the key for Dallas. If the Cowboys can keep Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs under control, it will allow them to drop more men into pass coverage and create tougher reads for Eli. In my opinion, this game could turn into a shootout, which makes for great football.

NFL News and Notes
*First it was Hurricane Katrina. Then it was the "home game" in New York. Now, fresh off a 52-3 drubbing from the Packers, the Saints have some more good news! Deuce McAllister is done for the year, suffering a season ending knee injury. So let's go ahead and officially call this season a wash for the 'Aints, and let Jim Haslett keep his job for one more year.

*After going six years in the NFL, and an additional 4 years at Wisconsin, Green Bay's Mark Tauscher was finally called for his first ever holding penalty. The run lasted 75 games, 73 of which were starts. Its such an impressive streak, espcially since you always hear how the officials could basically call holding on at least one lineman every play.

*Ricky Williams is back this week! So everyone pick up your pipes, grab your papers, and lets give a toast to the best stoner ever to run the bean. We don't know what his "roll" will be, but one can only hope that Nick Saban will give him more than just a few "toke"n carries a game. Ha!

*A popular saying in the NFL is that you can only play the teams that are on your schedule. That arises when you try to compare two teams that haven't played each other. That brings us to the "vaunted" new Colts defense. All you seem to hear now that the Colts are 5-0 is that their new look defense is what is going to put them over the top and finally get them to the Super Bowl this year. Well this just in. The "best" offense that the Colts have faced so far this season is the Cleveland Browns. Thats right, the offensive juggernaut that is the Browns, is the highest ranked offense, at 16th, that the Colts great D has shut down so far. Let's hold off our judgement on this defense at least until the Colts play Cincy and New England in the coming weeks.

*On Friday former Rams OT Kyle Turley appeared on the Jim Rome show and talked about how he was accused of threatening former coach Mike Martz. Now Martz is in the hospital. Hmmmmm.

*I'm only making one comment on the alleged Minnesota Vikings sex cruise: Next time spring for it and get your own boat! You can't expect to leave used condoms and lube all over the place and not get caught. I mean its freking Minnesota and you are the Vikings. For crying out loud there are no other celebrities in the whole damn state. Of course you are going to get noticed and reported!

Other News
*So it looks like Ron Artest has learned his lessons from the "Malice at the Palace", and will return to the court this year a kinder and more well behaved player. OK now wake up and remember how big of an idiot this man is. If it wern't bad enough that hes going to be under scrutiny from referees after causing the single biggest brawl in NBA history, Artest threw some more fuel on his personal fire with his latest comments. "Im going to continue playing hard and out of control, like a wild animal that needs to be caged in. I'll let the referees handle it." Well Ron, with comments like that, saying that you are intentionally going to play out of control, expect the referees to handle it with a lot of technical and flagrant foul calls.

* you're tryin' to tell me that Bill Romanowski did steroids? Well mark me down as shocked.

*Just to put it simply. The umpire may not of been wrong in his call in Game 2 of the ALCS, but he sure is being stubborn. This whole nonsense about strike and out calling mechanics is bullshit. Do we need replay? I'm still not sure. What we may need is umpires that don't have such big chips on their shoulders. I mean have you ever heard a MLB umpire admit he got a call wrong?

*Anyone still trying to give the MVP to A-Fraud? While Ortiz was clutch all year, Rodriguez showed his big-game performance in a nut shell grounding into the double play that essentially ended the Yankee's season. And oh yeah, in the ALDS series as a whole, he was 2-15 with 0 RBI and 1 double.

*This past week Michelle Duggar of Arkansas gave birth to her 16th child. That's not even the best part. Much to the shock of everyone, her husband's name is Jim Bob. Who would have thought? A guy named Jim Bob has 16 kids. I bet he grew up in the northeast and attended an Ivy League school.


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