Saturday, October 08, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 5 Picks

* Want to know the difference between a 4-1 record and a 3-2 record? Answer: Josh Brown. When the Seattle kicker missed a FG at the end of regulation, it allowed the Redskins to avoid defeat and gain a 3 point win in OT. Nonetheless, I am still looking for another strong week to boost my record. Here's a look at this week's picks. Hopefully with a 1/4 of the season down, things will get a little easier for me. Its also time to end my 2 week Monday Night losing streak.*

Week 5 Picks
Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars under 38.5
Tennessee Titans (+3) over Houston Texans
Green Bay Packers (-3) over New Orleans Saints
Philadelphia Eagles (-3) over Dallas Cowboys
St. Louis Rams (-3) over Seattle Seahawks

Monday Night
San Diego (-3) over Pittsburgh

Record: 12-7-1
Monday Night: 3-2-0

Miami Dolphins (+3) over Buffalo Bills

Record: (0-0-0)

*New segment added this week. Pick courtesy of master handicapper to the stars. The one, the only, Mr Jared Hutter. If I were you I would put all your money on this man!

New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons
*Its not a coincidence that the Patriots are appearing again in the Game of the Week section. Before their week 7 bye, the Pats will have traveled to Carolina, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Denver. Talk about a brutal stretch to open the season. But this week I have sent Frosco to the Georgia Dome in order to assure a Patriots victory. In case that isn't enough, The Pats may want to try and slow down the Falcon running game and get their own ground attack on track. Its pretty safe to say that if Vick and Co. have as much success running the ball as Tomlinson did last week, then the defending champos may be looking at a 2-3 start to their season. One factor however is how strong the Patriots usually rebound off of a loss. In the past 3 seasons the champs are a combined 5-0 in a week following a loss. Should be a battle, hence why its the game of the week.

NFL News and Notes
*So the Bills dumped JP Losman as their starter and have instead decided to go with veteran backup Kelly Holcomb. Buffalo has apparently decided that despite their 1-3 start, they are a veteran team trying to take a shot at the playoffs. I mean what other reason would there be to bench the 2004 first round pick? The Bills let Bledsoe go in the offseason because they felt that Losman was ready to take the reigns and and lead a team that barely missed the playoffs last year. So if hes not going to take the snaps this year when will he get the bulk of the work? Who knows. If you ask me, this whole situation leads to one thing and one thing only, and thats the firing of both head coach Mike Mularkey and GM Tom Donahoe.

*Charles Rogers has been suspended four games for drug use. Let's play one of my favorite games: What Drug Is It Anyway?? I'm going to go out on a limb and say cocaine, but who really knows for sure. I suppose he could just be puffin' like Ricky. All I do know is, combine Rogers drug abuse with the alcoholism of former Michigan St. QB Jeff Smoker, and I bet they were having great postgame parties up in Lansing during their college days. P.S. If I were Rogers, I would just cop out and say Miguel Tejada gave me the drugs. Right Raffy?

*Word out of Minnesota is that Mike Tice's job is safe. Well i guess that shows what I know. Because what I see going on up there is a team that had Super Bowls aspirations off to a 1-3 start. When that happens its time for a change. I really don't care if Culpepper is dinged up, thats the nature of the league. I also don't think that the only thing wrong with this team is that they are missing the home run ball threat of Randy Moss. I think the real problem here is that the Vikings let Scot Linehan , their Offensive Coordinator, go to Miami in the offseason. Hes the one that always made that team go, it was never Tice. So why keep him around now? He may be a great guy, but this is a business, and a 1-3 start is enough of a sign to me that its time for a change. It's never too late to salvage a season when you play in the dismal NFC North. Prediction: The winner of this division wil at best have a 9-7 record, and could send a sub .500 team to, as Bill Parcell's likes to call it, the "tournament".

*The Boston Red Sox season came to an end Friday night after they lost their 3rd straight game and were swept by the Chicago White Sox. As a rabid Red Sox fan it is obviously tough to see the season come to a close, but I haven't really thought they would win the World Series since the All-Star break. The Sox never had the pitching to make a serious push this year, but it was a fun season and it was time to end. On that sad note, may I be the first to say goodbye and thank you to 2004 World Series MVP Manny Ramirez. I believe, as many do, that Manny has played his last game for the Sox and while I agree with the move to trade him, I also appreciate what hes done during his tenure here in Boston. Let's take a look at his numbers while in Beantown: .315 199 HR 610 RBI 174 2B Thats just Manny being Manny.

*Jason Giambi won the comeback player of the year award? Now I understand its not an official award and its simply voted by the fans over the internet, but still. If anything I think thsi speaks to the utter stupidity of some Yankee fans. You know they were the ones carrying the vote, so how else do you explain it? The guy is an admitted steroid user. So the fact that he was able to produce again after going off the juice makes him acceptable now? I think not. And let's take it a step further, who said hes even off roids completely anyway? MLB still has no testing for human growth hormone (HGH). Perhaps the most interesting subplot here though. The same Yankee fans that came out in bunches to vote in Giambi for this award, where were they when Jeter lost out to Scott Podsednik for the extra man award to appear in the All-Star game?

*Reason # 1,896,492 why ESPN's Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are the worst baseball announcing team in the history of the universe. During the Yankee/Angel game Friday night, here is the call Miller gave on Chone Figgins throw to the plate to try to stop Hideki Matsui from scoring on a 5th inning double by Robinson Cano: "Figgins gets it in to Cabrera, throw home, he air mails it! Touchdown!"

*Not sports related at all, but I thought this was funny. Here is the response a woman gave after winning 1.6 million on a slot machine weeks after being chased from her New Orleans home by Hurricane Katrina.

"You just don't realize what done happened until the person next to you hits you and says, 'Well, you done did it!'"


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