Thursday, June 30, 2005

Draft Recap and MLB Morons

NBA Draft Full of Surprises
he NBA Draft came and went this past week, and while in the past it has been a circus full of international and American teens, this years draft actually held fan interest with many big name college players, even some 4 year players. While its a little tough to judge teams that took chances on high school players and international teens, there were some other obivous moves that has some fans scratching their heads and others jumping for joy. There were not really any superstars in the group, but a bunch of solid players nonetheless. Here's a look at some mistakes as well as some great moves made on draft night.

Players Taken Too High
(7) Toronto - Charlie Villanueva: I want to know how a player who only averaged 11 ppg in college and who's attitude is questionable at best managed to crack the top ten. Then again, we are talking about the Raptors here.

(9) New York - Channing Frye: I make no bones that I don't like the Pac 10, but more specifically, I dont Frye. His stock went through the roof during pre-draft workouts, and I can imagine that he looked good playing one-on-none. However, Frye is still soft and doesn't have the body to bang down low in the NBA. Good work as usual Isiah.

(14) Minnesota - Rashad McCants: Again can I get some desire here? Nobody can deny his talent, but it takes more than that at this level, especially if you're expected to take over for Wally. Would he have been taken this high if the Heels (a team on which he was the 4th best player) hadn't won the title?

(21) New York - Nate Robinson: Nate the Great has the speed and the heart, but taking a 5'9" player in the first round? Any team would have been better off taking him in the 2nd round, let alone the Knicks making another draft day mistake.

Best Value Picks
(17) Indiana - Danny Granger: Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh pull off another good move with Granger. A projected top 10 pick, Granger slid halfway through the round despite averaging 19 points 9 rebounds 2 blocks and 2 steals while shooting 43% from 3.

(19) Memphis - Hakim Warrick: Warrick was a 4 year player at Syracuse, and while he may be a "tweener", getting a player with his athleticism with the 19th pick is still a steal. If he improves either his rebounding or dribbling he will be viewed as one ofthe best picks in the entire draft.

(29) Miami - Wayne Simien: Another college standout, Simien can step in and replace Udonis Haslem immediately. Even better, Simien has a superior face up game and plays with a better motor than Haslem.

(41) Toronto - Roko Ukic: I had Roko as the 5th best PG in the draft, and many teams flirted with taking him in the first round. He is ready to play now and will immediately challenge Rafer Alston for the starting job when he arrives north of the border. At least Toronto got one pick right, but still not enough to save their draft.

(50) Boston - Ryan Gomes: Another All-American, Gomes comes in as a rookie being older than half the Celtic roster and will add a little offense for a team that will be losing Pierce in the next season or two.

MLB Nonsense
Rogers Roasted
"He is the dumbest man ever to come out of Polk County" - Peter Gammons
Now I'm not so sure where Polk County even is, but its tought to argue with Peter's depiction of Kenny Rogers. MLB handed down a 20 game suspension to The Gambler after he shoved two photographers, sending one to the hospital. I mean we all knew Rogers was a complete recluse with no social skills (asking not to be photographed while in the clubhouse for one), but this is rediculous. This is just an example of players these days being too caught up in themselves, and not having enough respect for the people that pay their salaries. Does Kenny Rogers think that he could command the same pay if there were no reporters or cameras following these games? Well he will have plenty of time to think about how big an idiot he has been and maybe even change the way he goes about his business in the future.

Gary Sheffield: Team Player
Who says Sheff doesn't have a no trade clause in his contract with the Yankees? Just another example of a rich crybaby. Sheff has said that he will sabotage any team that attempts to trade for him, meaning its going to be even tougher to trade one of only three players on their roster without a no trade clause (Posada, Williams). This goes along with the thougts I have always had on Gary, hes just not a team player. Sure he may seem like one when the team is doing well, but there just has to be a reason that a player with over 400 career HR's has been with 6 teams. Something tells me that its not just the fact that his talent is in that high a demand, but maybe he is just tough to deal with. This can only end in a good way from my point of view. Either he stays in New York and they are forced to further deplete their farm system to make a decent trade, or he does go in a trade and the Yankees suffer from losing his bat in their lineup. Good luck with this one Cashman!

Which city hosted the first ever NCAA Men's Basketball Championship?
A) Detroit, Michigan
B) Springfield, Massachusetts
C) South Bend, Indiana
D) Evanston, Illinois
E) Des Moines, Iowa

answer last week: B) 30

Red Sox Week in Review
Record: 3-3 (45-33)
Best Pitching Performance:
(6/25) Matt Clement vs. Philadelphia: 7 IP 7 H R 4 K
Best Hitting Performance:
(6/26) Mark Bellhorn vs. Philadelphia: 3/4, 2B, HR, 3 RBI, 4 R
Standings: 2 1/2 game lead

*Just a little memo to my friends out there that like to keep their $200 million baseball team's record in their profile. Just because your team is at .500 doesn't mean you just so happen to stop updating their record. I mean you wouldn't take down your Final Four picks if one of your teams got knocked out by Texas Tech in the second round would you? Just puttin' it out there.


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