Friday, April 03, 2015

OR Not...

DID YOU KNOW?: Not a single person, minus it's illustrious creators, found the above photo either humorous, timely, NOR the least bit creative.

Yep. Upon it's highly anticipaTed release, this parody featuring one of the Final Four's most recognizable players, and one of TV's hottest new shows garnered absolutely NO response from the Interweb community at large. Probably because it isn't a picture of a dog...or a cat...or a baby...or a copy and pasted line from a well known song or film...

But, alas. You can only lead a Ted to water. And if you want that water drunk? Well, then you're gonna need yourself a packet or two of Kool Aid. OR, again. A picture of something small and cute...

But, hey. I can't help it if you all have bad taste. Guess that's just my bad for culminating a social circle full of people who apparently don't have cable, and aren't allowed on any website that isn't Facebook...

Meh, either way. Enjoy the Final Four, you ungrateful bastards. Because they should be some very entertaining contests. And by "enjoy", I mean I hope your bracket goes down in flames. No, better yet. I hope that you think you've won, only to find out that you've actually lost. And had been spending the last month blindly rooting for outcomes that ultimately led to your demise...

Yep, any good will has been beaten down (temporarily, at least). And now I want all of you to lose in the most painful way possible (And no, it's not bracket envy. My brackets are fine). So here's to that, Teds! And I'll catch you next time...



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