Saturday, March 14, 2015

College Hoops Top 25 (3/13)

OK, friends. It's nearly tournament time. But before we get to my final Top 25, I've got a few issues to address. Namely, my quick thoughts on both the Patriots NOT re-signing Darrelle Revis, and my Syracuse Orange being hit with the NCAA ban-hammer. So here they are...

First, we've got Revis. And to me, it appears he was going to New York unless someone blew him away with an extravagant offer. And the Patriots just aren't in the business of blowing people away. At least not off of the field. Now, do I wish that the Pats had gone to the mattresses for the league's best cover corner? I do. He's unique, he's a game changer. Hell, he's the best at what he does! But I also can't argue with their using of similarly unpopular tactics to build their current dynasty. Call in blind, ignorant faith in Belichick if you must. But I call it well informed, and well documented faith. And as unpopular as it may be, I truly believe whatever steps are taken next will result in the Patriots being in their usual position come playoff time...

As for my Orange, well. This is just a case of getting mud on you while you're playing a dirty game, and not cleaning up well enough so that your mother doesn't catch you. The mother, in this case, being the NCAA. More of a whore than a mother, really. But the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. So there's that...

But I'm not ashamed, and I'm not surprised. It's part of the game, cheating in every conceivable way possible. You're just not supposed to get caught. OR, more importantly. You're not supposed to be so blatant with your cheating that the NCAA is forced to to investigate and make an example of you. And my boys got very, very sloppy. So now they'll serve as the latest sacrificial lamb, proving once and for all to the public that the WELFARE OF THE STUDENT ATHLETES COMES FIRST, GOD DAMMIT! And you know what? They're just as guilty as anyone else, so why the Hell not...

It certainly sucks, having to fork over all of those scholarships. But that's merely the price of doing business at that level. A speeding ticket, if you will. So Syracuse will just buy themselves a radar detector, research the speed traps, and go about their merry way. At least that's what I hope they do. I mean, they didn't take our car, right? OK, maybe they grabbed a cylinder or two. But we still have the whip. Now, it's time to find more efficient ways to speed, and get back to the head of the pack...

As for any Boeheim predictions following this fallout, I have none. He probably won't wanna walk away amidst all of this, but I wouldn't have predicted he throw off his sports jacket in a fit of ref-rage, either. So who knows. I do hold him responsible, though. I mean, he can dance around the words "trusted" and "unaffiliated" all he wants. But he was supposed to be in control, and apparently he wasn't. It's as simple, and as unfortunate as that...

So, in that sense, I'd like him gone because he's lost control. But I also have to think that this will all serve as enough of a wakeup call for him to regain the reigns for the rest of his tenure. I also don't think anyone really has control, over there. I mean, Doc Gross has been a disaster for most of his tenure as AD, and I forget who the chancellor is now. But the fact that their presser addressing these sanctions focused more on the 1918 Black Sox scandal and witchhunt accusations than it did owning up to any transgressions was about as embarrassing as it gets. And it certainly wasn't a glowing endorsement for the school's world renowned public relations and communications programs OR a reassurance that the school understood that there were/are major issues that need to be addressed within it's basketball program. At least in terms of appropriately covering their tracks...

Meh, whatever. Just sucks when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Which is why you have to be sure and grab as many cookies as you can while you're in there. Muaaahahaha.....

OK, now onto the teams that are actually playing this week and beyond. Yep, my final Top 25 of the season. Don't worry, I'll have a tourney primer ready for you on Wednesday. But this is my final look at the nation's best as Championship Week is unfolding before us. GranTed, a lot of perception shifting events will happen between now and Wednesday. But it's still good to get these things down on virtual paper. You know, so you can see just how well you would have done filling out your bracket if you had just LISTENED TO YOURSELF FROM TWO WEEKS AGO! DAMMIT, ROOCH!...

So, yeah. Grains of salt, and whatnot. Enjoy...

College Hoops Top 25

1. Kentucky (31-0) 1

Well, here we go. The Wildcats are on the doorstep of history. And, you know what? I think they gots. They're obviously the most talented team, and thanks to an inordinate amount of close games, we know they're a fairly composed bunch, too. Add to that the experience they have from last year's title game run (especially in the backcourt), and it's easy to see why they're considered one of the heaviest favorites in recent memory...

2. Duke (29-3) 2

3. Arizona (29-3) 4

4. Villanova (30-2) 7

5. Wisconsin (28-3) 6

6. Gonzaga (32-2) 5

7. Virginia (29-2) 3

They're inability to really score is going to cost them. Mark my words. And while it wasn't exactly a "bad" loss, the Cavs latest loss @ Louisville showed exactly that. Yes, they're elite defensively. And that would prove crippling in any sort of 5 or 7 game series. But that's not what this is. And they'll need Justin Anderson (just back from injury) to provide that scoring punch if they expect to meet their seeding come tourney time...

8. Maryland (26-5) 13

9. Notre Dame (27-5) 10

10. Oregon (23-8) 12

My flying V of a bandwagon still appears to be a one man affair (Oregon is 26/29 in both polls respectively). But whatever. I'll fly solo. I mean, EVERY year some west coast power conference afterthought runs their way into the Sweet 16. And this year's Ducks certainly look the part. They score a bunch, they're on a roll, and they've played plenty of close games against solid competition. They're primed for success. Now they'll just need a decent draw...

11. Utah (24-7) 11

12. North Carolina (23-10) 16

13. Wichita St. (28-4) 8

So the Shockers lost in the Missouri Valley Tournament (AND the NIU Panthers won it) before I had even recognized that the rat bastard had started. Seriously, Valley? I thought you wanted to be considered a legitimate conference? WHAT IS THIS WEEK OF REST, BULL SHIT! Whatever. Either way, the Shockers tourney loss to Illinois St. has be down on the conference as a whole. I mean, both Wichita and NIU are good teams and capable of runs. But neither are as talented as the Shocker team that only managed one win in last year's tourney. So there's always that, too...

14. Kansas (25-7) 14

15. Baylor (24-8) 20

16. Oklahoma (22-9) 19

Get a good look, Teds. Because, as I've been saying for the past month, one of these teams is going to completely rape your bracket. For better, or for worse. Hmmm. Guess I shouldn't say "rape" if it's possibly for better, and not just worse. I mean, unless you're into rape? Nah, nah. Nobody's into rape. Except rapists, I guess. But I'd like to think they're not in the meaty part of my target demographic. Minus the fact that, purely from a statistical standpoint (young-ish males, and whatnot), they most definitely are. Damn. Freakin' BIG XII shadiness! Look what you made me do!...

17. Arkansas (24-7) 9

18. SMU (24-6) 21

19. Northern Iowa (30-3) 18

20. Ohio St. (23-9) 15

21. Michigan St. (21-10) 24

Talented teams that are tough to trust late in games. That's what we've got in both MSU and OSU. Which is why you've been so impressed with them when you've stumbled across them on your TV, and why you're so surprised to see how many losses both have accumulated. That Motta and Tom Izzo are great tournament coaches, though. And that'll be tough to overlook when putting the pencil to the paper...

22. Davidson (23-6) 25

23. Providence (22-10) 23

24. Iowa St. (23-8) NR

25. St. John's (21-11) 17

just missed: San Diego St.; Dayton; Louisville; Texas; Georgetown; Boise St.

dropped: (22) Dayton

And that's it for me, friends. Enjoy the rest of Championship Week, and be sure to check back here before you've put the final touches on your dance card. Because we'll have some dancin' to do, and you don't wanna be the only Ted that doesn't know how to two step. Wait, do the kids these days still two step? I mean, I don't think I did. Yeah, I bet they're doing some new fangled sance. Probably one whose name is derived from a New York borough or neighborhood. Like the Staten Island Slither, or something. Maybe the Park Slope Bump & Dump. Because you just KNOW that those hipsters are watching Better Call Saul. And you should be too...

OK, friends. Catch you next week. Be good...



Josh Astin said...

Any possible #15 seeds over #2 seeds in this tastey little bracket this year? Maybe Belmont over Virginia??? Huh...HUH! Also what about Bobbys Boys in Buffalo marching to the sweet 16! If you haven't watched it yet, which I'm sure you have, check out The Jinx documentary on HBO. Crazy stuff. That is all.

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