Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Teach a Man to

Musings? Musings. Let's go!

Boston Red Sox
Overall: 29-35 (5 games out of AL Playoffs)
Last Week: 2-5

Last week, I said that the Red Sox would continue to streak in various directions, and fail to live up to expectations. And after a 2-5 week that featured a large chunk of a 5 game losing streak, I'm not about to change that opinion. Might not be the sexiest analysis, but there it is. And I've got nothing else to add. So, yeah. Streak on, my damies. Oh, and if you find it within yourselves to put a winning streak together that's long enough to convince the front office to make a big deadline deal. Well, then that wouldn't suck, either...

I've got some NBA-ish thoughts, though (I know, right?). Not that I'm watching the Finals, or anything crazy like that. But here you are:

Derek Fisher

I can't help but think that when arguably the greatest coach in the history of the league feels it's appropriate to seek out and hire a coach without a modicum of coaching experience, a rather clear message has been sent: Coaching in the NBA is no longer about "teaching and coaching", and all about merely having a head man that can coexist with your players and pout out any fires in terms of the locker room and chemistry. That's it. Jason Kidd, Mark Jackson, Steve Kerr and now Derek Fisher. That's why they were brought in. Which is fine, I guess. To each their own. And just because a few owners/GMs made a few bizarre hirings doesn't exactly mean it's the start of a trend. But when someone like Phil Jackson does it. Well than that moves it from merely "acceptable", to downright intelligent and forward thinking...
Sooooo why are you here again?

My question is, where is the track record of success to back up this recent trend? These "championship teams" that were led by inexperienced coaches? OH, that's right. They don't exist. So, I have to wonder. Is this a trend towards a bold, new way of thinking that will prove more effective? Where the GM becomes the real coach and the coach on the sidelines is more like a friendly chaperone of sorts? OR is this just merely the latest way to appease players that seem to get more arrogant and self absorbed with every passing year? I mean, obviously you know I think it's the latter. Because I just don't see installing someone with NO real experience as a viable solution. But if you're an NBA fan, I'd be more than a little bit concerned that you're only a few years away from the inmates entirely running that asylum...

OR maybe this is all just part of a new "system", where the inexperienced guy brings them to the brink, but when the players get tired of him being a pushover, then the GM brings in hard nose to push them over the top. Yeah, that could be it. But probably not. I mean. I don't wanna go giving those Teds the benefit of the doubt now, do I? No, no Rooch. You certainly...

And that, my friends. Is what we call referring to yourself in the 4th person. I wouldn't try it at home. On the Interweb, maybe. But certainly not at home...

Donald Sterling

I hate to side with a racist d-bag, but I love how Sterling is refusing to go quietly into the night regarding the forced sale of the LA Clippers. And instead, is attempting to make it as sketchy and difficult as possible for the NBA to take his team away. Why, you ask? Well, it's simple. The NBA and it's owners have known for decades that Donald Sterling was a racist d-bag, and they allowed him to operate with impunity. But now that they've been publicly embarrassed due to his racist-ness and d-baged-ness, they want him out, so they abruptly alter their indifference in order to facilitate his ouster...

Again, the NBA is right in wanting him gone. He's a racist, he's a d-bag. Dude's just a freakin' liability. I just hate when a group turns on an individual merely because it's become popular or convenient. I mean, it's obvious they don't really care that he's racist, OR they would have ousted him years ago. So all this really is, is the NBA trying to save face. And, I'm sorry. But I don't want to see them do that. I'm a big fan of just desserts, consequences and whatnot. And I want to see the NBA struggle to get this thing done. It probably won't happen, just because so many people want Sterling out. But I'd love to see the NBA squirm. It's the least they should have to go through after carrying on with that chirad that helped line their pockets for the better part of the last quarter century...

The NBA, man. It's a freakin' shit show. No wonder Dennis Rodman needed to go to North Korea for a break...

As for the rest of the landscape. I recommend you check out the US Open this weekend. No Tiger, but the talent he's left in his wake is something to see (most notably the 2 Masters champs up top). Basically all these guys for whom he set the bar are now thriving, while at the same time finding the fields much deeper than before Tiger's prime. Anyone can win, and it's great. And with the US Open's traditionally challenging layout, it should make for a weekend of good watchin'...

Otherwise, amuse yourselves as you will. And I'll catch you next week. You know, when hopefully the Red Sox will be on an uptick. OR maybe they'll have fired John Farrel and replaced him with Jason Varitek. You know, because apparently that's the smart thing to do these days...

Until then, friends. Be good...



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