Wednesday, January 09, 2013

College Hoops Top 25 (1/9)

Nick Saban. Dude makes Bill Belichick look like Petey freakin Carroll. I mean, even The Hood cracks a smile, pumps a fist, or let's a celebratory expletive fly when his team gets the job done. But not Saban. And it's OK. Matter of fact, I love the fact that guys like Saban exist. This is entertainment, after all, and few things are more entertaining than a Napoleonic narcissist with a penchant for perfection. Mostly because their falls from grace are the disastrously most epic and entertaining, but also because they provide a necessary enviable evil that any franchise needs to keep the viewers coming back for more. And one that's not an illegal type of evil, like that diddler Sandusky...

Just thought I'd throw that thought out there before getting to this week's Top 25. Been hearing a lot of talk about Saban since Alabama's 2nd consecutive National Title and 3rd in 4 years, and there's my take. He's a rat bastard, but you need rat bastards. Because without the rat bastards, the Teds start to run the asylum. And the next thing you know...poof! You're the NHL...

Enjoy the Top 25, friends. Rumor is it tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios...

Oh, and if you want to hear my take on that? Here it is. Not since Roseanne Barr has anyone made a better career out of being a bitch than Kevin Garnett. And you know what? Melo fell right into his trap. So, props to KG for continuing to show that he's still got use of his biggest weapon. And shame on Melo for letting a back peddling trash talker get the best of him...


Now back the the basketball that actually matters...

College Hoops Top 25

1. Michigan (15-0) 2

I don't really care for Duke. They're the Nick Saban of this particular situation, in that they're a very worthy and necessary evil. So, in order to keep balance in the universe, I'm knocking them down to #2. Saban wins, Duke loses (if only in my mind). Makes it feel a little less like the Death Star is hoovering just over the horizon...

2. Duke (14-0) 1

3. Louisville (13-1) 3

4. Indiana (14-1) 4

5. Arizona (14-0) 5

6. Kansas (12-1) 6

7. Gonzaga (15-1) 7

8. NC State (12-2) 8

The Wolfpack underwhelmed, this week. Barely winning at BC. And they're going to continue to underwhelm as the season goes on. But you're just gonna have to hang in there with me in believing that this is a Top 10 team. Because they are. Sorry, I wish I had more to help sway you. But trust me. You'll see in the end that this is not a team to have been trifled with...

9. Florida (10-2) 9

10. Missouri (12-2) 11

11. Syracuse (14-1) 12

I'm not attending the Syracuse game tonight, at Providence College. And it's mostly because I'm an elitist snob. I've been to too many of those games to count. Sat court side, sat in club seats. Sorry, but it's just getting a little bit old. Sounds strange, coming from someone who claims to bleed for college hoops. But that's probably just how much of an elitist I am. Or how lazy I am. I'm still not 100% sure...

So. I told myself this year, that if Syracuse were still undefeated (likely top 3 in the country) when they came to play @ PC. Then I would go. Then, they lost to Temple, and here we are. So I ask you. Who wants to do somethin' tonight?...

12. Illinois (14-2) 13

13. Ohio St. (12-3) 10

14. Minnesota (14-1) 14

The Mountain West is getting a lot of press these days, as is normal this time of year. All the "experts" try to locate the conference that all of the other "experts" overlooked in their pre season predictions. And this year it's the Mountain West. And while that's a great conference with some sneaky depth, I think the most competitive basketball to be played this season will likely take place in the B1G 10. Or whatever the Hell it's called these days...

If the early season returns are any indication, this is a conference filled with many similarly talented teams that play the physical half court style for which the conference is known. That's going to make for a lot of close, exciting games. So keep an eye out...

Plus, the Mountain West games are on too late at night. I've got Family Guy reruns that need watchin' and movies to criticize on the Home Box Office...

15. Butler (12-2) 15

16. Creighton (15-1) 16

17. UNLV (13-2) 19

18. New Mexico (13-2) 17

These two teams from the aforementioned Mountain West actually play each other tonight. New Mexico is coming off 9 days rest and get to host the Runnin' Rebs in their own joint, so they almost have to win to claim any stake. But UNLV has the potential to be elite, so even a tough loss here might not cause me to lose faith in a 13-2 New Mexico team that has very few good looking wins...

19. VCU (12-3) 21

20. Notre Dame (14-1) 23

21. Michigan St. (12-3) 24

22. Kansas St. (12-2) NR

23. San Diego St. (12-2) NR

Two newcomers to this week's Top 25. San Diego St. has bounced back nicely since it's awkward loss to Syracuse on that boat to open the season. They don't get UNLV or New Mexico for another week or so, so we won't know how much better they really are. But they've played a lot better, of late. And looked a lot more competent. Funny how playing indoors can do that for a team...

K-St. is here because they've only lost to Michigan and Gonzaga, and they now have wins over two ranked teams in Florida and Oklahoma St. Twelfth year senior, Rodney McGruder (didn't he play with Michael Beasley?!) is still who makes the Wildcats go. As they don't have anyone else who averages in double figures. But they'e shown they can step up when called upon, and should continue to be a team to keep an eye on as the season unfolds...

24. Kentucky (9-4) 25

25. Cincinnati (13-3) 18

just missed: Oklahoma St.; Pittsburgh; Marquette; Maryland; Wichita St.; Wyoming

dropped: (20) Georgetown; (22) Oklahoma St.

As predicted, my white hot run came to an end this past weekend. And appropriately enough, it was Robert Griffin's already legendary injury that did me in. But, no matter. I'll be back to fight the good fight on Friday, so make sure you're here, too. Besides, I still win more than anyone you know that actually documents their results, and I usually toss in a half naked flesh farmer and a funny picture involving Meth. It's just a win/win. And that's tough to find on any site on the Interweb that isn't peddling porn...

NFL Picks

Last Week: 1-3-0

Overall: 163-115-9 (.564)

Twitter Picks: 29-11-2 (.714)

Catcha Friday, friends. And enjoy the rest of your week...

Teddy Williams...



Anonymous said...

You sir are a hater. I agree with a lot of it....obviously duke should be #1 and your just a silly ted. After last night you got to move Minnesota up. I'd move Kansas down based on the fact they should have lost at home to Iowa state...and I move Creighton up ahead of Arizona. Zona should have lost to colorado. Where is Baylor at?? Aren't they fairly nice? Per my request please adjust this list immediatly and repost. Thanks for ur prompt attention.

Brett Ferruccio said...

You're not the first to question the absence of Baylor. IF they can hang with Kansas I'll consider bringing them into the fold.

As for the rest of your revisionist history...whatever, you're a huge Duke loving Ted. Now go ask your boy Danny Ferry for some advice on how to properly tattletale on people. Because you're gonna have to report me for putting you in your place. OH!

And Bags goes the Munmanite.

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