Wednesday, January 16, 2013

College Hoops Top 25 (1/16)

Somerset: These murders are like forced attrition.

Mills: Forced what?

Somerset: Attrition. It's when you regret your sins, but not because you love God.

Mills: More like because someone's sticking a fucking gun in your face....

That's a back and forth from David Fincher's classic, SE7EN. And it's a conversation that perfectly sums up Lance Armstrong and his "apology tour". Now, I've been on Lance Armstrong for going on a decade, and I know you've all heard my take on him. So I'll spare you another rant. But just one last reminder. Do not forgive this man...

"There are seven Tedly sins, captain. Greed, greed, greed, gluttony. SEVEN!"
I'm all for forgiveness, but not for someone who willingly and knowingly deceived for their own financial gain. And especially not someone who masked their selfishness with charity, and is only now apologizing because he is most likely broke. Hard to believe, with all the money he made. But why else would he be doing this? And why else would he allegedly be taking out loans against his house? He's broke. He knows he won't have to pay the large sums he's going to be sued for, and he knows that by apologizing, he'll have a chance at being allowed to make more money competing in decathlons...

He's just the worst type of person, and there's no way around it. And if he gets anything other than thrown in jail and fully embarrassed in the press, I'm won't be satisfied. Call me vindictive, call me slightly obsessed. Matters not to me. I mean, if wanting to watch one of the greatest frauds in the history of the world burn at the stake makes me weird. Then I'm proud to accept the title. And seeing as Lance thoroughly torched so many bridges on his way to the top, it shouldn't be too hard to find a few like minded individuals to help stoke the flames. At least here's to hopin'. I'm also ready for him to be named anti doping czar, or something like that. Like when they had Tony Dungy giving fatherly advice in the wake of his own child's suicide. Yeahhh. Some things I'll never understand. But I do understand fire. So let's burn that mother fucker til there's nothin' left but a neuticle and a unitard so that can't happen. Thank you...

Again, not obsessed at all. Completely normal...

Speaking of taking a flamethrower to a bridge, that's exactly what Terry Francona seems to have done in his book set to drop in just a few days. And good for him. In the book, co written by notorious Boston mouthpiece, Dan Shaugnessy, Francona makes the Red Sox front office sound like Kramerica Industries. Talking about how they were more focused on the cosmetic look of the team and it's ability to draw fans and money, Tito slays the Red Sox brass and reveals what a lot of fans such as myself have been saying for years: They're running a Pink Hat factory, up there. And the owners like it so much, they even tend to wear the product themselves...

And I thank Francona for writing this book. Not sure if it will actually result in any changes, but at least more of the masses will become aware that this ownership group just isn't quite right. "Too Big to Succeed", I think it said on the cover of SI. And I wouldn't disagree. Either way, check out the book on one of those fancy tablets I know you've all got. That's right, put down the Words With Teds. You don't have any good letters right now, anyway. At least not any that you know what to do with...

Speaking of Words With Teds, I had some words with some Teds about last week's Top 25. And you know what? They made some valid points. None that I've taken into account with this week's rankings. But they were still valid points nonetheless. Not the ones about Baylor, obviously. But some of them weren't halfway bad. OK, they were all miz. But, whatever. I enjoy the conversation. I also enjoy stirring the pot. So here's this week's stew...

College Hoops Top 25

1. Louisville (16-1) 3

It happened again against UCONN. Peyton Siva got in foul trouble early, and the Cardinals fell behind. That happens late in the season, as it has in the past, I'm scared for this team's safety. Russ Smith left to his own devices in crunch time? That's as frightening a prospect as it is an entertaining one...

That being said, the Cardinals have proven to have the most talented rotation in the country. And the fact that they're guard driven, is even better. Oh, and get ready for people to start really going crazy for them when they run an overrated Syracuse team out of the gym this weekend. That's right, you heard me...

2. Michigan (16-1) 1

3. Kansas (15-1) 6

If Louisville has the most talented rotation in the country, the Jayhawks aren't far behind. And it's the emergence of freshman Ben McLemore that puts them there. He's averaging 15/5 and 2 assists per game, all while shooting better than 43% from 3 and 87% from the line. Even for a freshman, those gaudy numbers should put him right in the conversation for Player of the Year...

4. Duke (15-1) 2

5. NC State (14-2) 8

I told you the Wolfpack were going to beat the Blue Devils, didn't I? Yeah, I did. Mostly because I'm some sort of wizard. Now if I could only somehow profit from my wizardry. Hmmm...

I still like Duke, but they're just too banged up right now to be considered the best team in the country. They get healthy, they'll be right back on top. But until I see Curry and Kelly out there doing their thing on a consistent basis, they'll probably remain right around 4-10...

Oh and get that 3rd Plumlee brother off the court. He should have definitely been named Ted Plumee, instead of ending up with an awesome nickname like MP3. Tall bastard. Awkwardly runnin' around and pissin' me off...

6. Indiana (15-1) 4

7. Gonzaga (16-1) 7

8. Florida (12-2) 9

9. Minnesota (15-2) 14

If you haven't seen the Gophers play, there's probably 2 things you should know:

1) Tubby Smith is as creepy looking as ever, evidenced by his creepy stache. Not to mention his name is Tubby, and he's not even fat. Leaving me to wonder under what perverse circumstances he acquired that nickname. But that's a story for another day...


2) This team is athletic and scrappy as all Hell. Senior Trevor Mbakwe is a MAN inside, as is Rodney Williams. And this team will work you hard on every possession.

They're fun to watch, too. So check them out. Like this week when they play  Michigan. They almost nipped Indiana, wouldn't be surprised if they pull a similar trick to the folks from Ann Arbor...

10. Ohio St. (13-3) 13

11. Butler (14-2) 15

12. Creighton (16-1) 16

13. Syracuse (16-1) 11

Based on their rise in the rankings, it would be safe to assume that national pollsters believe that Syracuse is better without their indefinitely ineligible second leading scorer. Call me crazy, but I disagree. The loss of James Sutherland, for God knows why, is bad for this club. Really bad. Especially since they don't seem to have an offensive identity even with Sutherland on the floor. That's the problem with the Orange. They don't have enough weapons, and they only seem to be on the court to help Michael Carter Williams fill out his stat sheet...

The good news, is that CJ Fair has stepped up in Sutherland's absence. Scoring 22 & 23 in his last 2 games. If Fair can get going, and become the consistent scorer that I felt he could be coming into the year. The Orange can find an identity and start improving. But if that doesn't happen, I feel the only word used in retrospect to describe this year's team will be "underwhelming"...

14. Arizona (15-1) 5

15. New Mexico (15-2) 18

16. VCU (14-3) 19

17. UNLV (14-3) 18

18. Missouri (12-3) 10

19. Michigan St. (14-3) 21

20. Wisconsin (13-4) NR

Bo Ryan, a bunch of tall white famr boys that can shoot 3's, and a few black kids with flat tops. Those 3 things, combined with a lot of hard work on defense, will win you a lot of games. See: last night @ Indiana...

21. Illinois (14-4) 12

22. Kansas St. (13-2) 22

23. San Diego St. (14-2) 23

24. Marquette (12-3) NR

25. UCLA (14-3) NR

I'm still not sure what's going on out there in Westwood, but at the moment it seems to be working. Due in no small part to the identically creepy Wear brothers, up there. And while I'm willing to give Ben Howland the benefit of the doubt, this still doesn't feel like the most stable of situations. It's how they choose to "use" that instability that should determine whether they stick around, or disastrously implode. I like Ben, so I'll hope for the latter. Plus, when UCLA is good, it's good for the game. Whatever that means...

just missed: Not Baylor. They're like 35-40...

dropped: (20) Notre Dame; (24) Kentucky; (25) Cincinnati

Bounced back nicely after my 1-3 performance in the opening round, and I'll have complete breakdowns coming for you on Friday. And SPOILER ALERT: I hate passing on teams getting 9.5 points twice. So there's that...

NFL Picks

Last Week: 5-3-0

Overall: 168-118-9 (.585)

Twitter Picks: 33-12-2 (.723)

Oh, and if you like printing money. Which I apparently don't. Make sure to get yourself to Twitter. Please, take my advice and benefit from it. Lord knows somebody has to...

Catcha Friday, friends...

Teddy Williams...



Anonymous said...

I am with you in that Minnesota gets a win at Michigan. Like what they are up to. Also just want to get this out of the way. Bo Ryan straight up looks like a Mortician....right? I think Wisconson and Bo Ryan should come out to the undertaker music from WWF back in the day....Plumlees NBA draft stock is climbing and I realize it may pain you to agree..but its true..Duuuuuuuuuke

Brett Ferruccio said...

Kind of like your boy Austin Rivers, right? #MichaelCarterWaiters

Anonymous said...

Someone's sticking some "fucking fun" in Lance's face? I love me that kinda party.

Brett Ferruccio said...

Ha. Hey there typos! That was lifted straight from another site, too.

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