Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks Before Treats...

Greetings, friends. This week, there will be no hot sports takes on Why? Well, because I stayed up way too late/early watching the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event, and my brain is kind of fried...

That, and the NBA started last night. Something that more or less ruins Fall for me with the way it causes the Boston sports radio scene to turn more or less into a full blown PinkHat convention. Football and baseball experts talking about a league that has to fine their players to prevent them from pretending to have been pushed over? Yeah, no thanks. I'd rather go trick or treating with Jerry Sandusky...

Speaking of. Happy Halloween to you all. Hope everyone made it through the storm OK, and are able to follow through on your yearly customs and traditions. Girls, that means dressing up like hookers. And judging  from my Facebook feed, many of you have already gotten in the spirit. Which is great. And guys. That means. Well, I don't know what that means. It either means you either A) go all out, and have a costume that's so intricate and well thought out it makes everybody wonder about your virginity. OR B) you do nothing, and go drink a few beers. There really should be no in between. There's nothing worse than a half ass costume. And trust me, this is coming from a guy that's worn virtually nothing but half ass costumes since around 1999. SO I advise either going big or staying home. Unless you're still 17-25. Then get that half ass costume on and go check out all the usually reserved chicks dressed like hookers. Should be good times...

So enjoy the holiday, friends. And I'll catch you on Friday. Hopefully with my own unique basket full of treats to pass your way. And by "treats", I mean winning NFL picks. Could even be a trick, too. And by "trick", I mean a scantily clad flesh farmer at the top of my NCAA segment. Could probably even find one in a slutty NCAA themed Halloween costume. Matter of fact, I'll be shocked if I can't...

OK, the search is on. Enjoy the rest of your week, friends. And I'll catch you Friday...

NFL Picks

Last Week: 7-7-1

Overall: 71-64-6 (.525)

Twitter Picks: 14-6-1 (.690)

NCAA picks

Last Week: 6-6-0

Overall: 51-34-2 (.598)


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