Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's All Jeterian...

My results this past weekend were a lot like Derek Jeter's injury. I sucked in the NFL, which is bad. Like when a great player has an unfortunate injury. But I was awesome in college, which is good. Like when arguably the most charmed athlete of our time on the most despised franchise in all of professional sports goes down with an untimely injury. It makes you smile for a second, until you realize that you're just a huge Ted. And probably a jealous one, at that. And you move on. You take whatever "literal" benefit the unfortunate incident may have yielded you, and then you get back to fixing whatever it was that made you envious of that bastard in the first place. That's where I'm at. Some good has been going on, but I've got some problems to fix. So check back Friday, I'm sure I'll have them all ironed out by then. Which is more than I can say for Mr. Derek Jeter...

NFL Picks

Last Week: 4-9-1

Overall: 54-48-4 (.533)

Twitter Picks: 10-5-0 (.667)

NCAA Picks

Last Week: 8-1-1

Overall: 36-26-2 (.578)

Teddy Williams...



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