Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let Them Smoke Cake...

I know it's only a matter of time before these rat bastards screw me in a way that's only legal in the hills of West Virginia, but I'm a fan of the NFL replacement refs. OK, that's probably not entirely accurate. But I am a fan of the on field chaos their presence has created. What was it that Steve Young said in his criticism of the NFL not being able to come to terms with the "regular" refs? Let them eat cake? Well, I love delicious cake. And truth be told, I love it when entertainment entities are exposed for the cold and calculating businesses that we all like to forget that they actually are...

It's a rather high and mighty position to take, I know, but I think it's my love of Quiz Show and it's message of profit over product integrity that allows me this odd sort of self satisfaction. Naturally, I'd rather the regular refs be out there doin' their thing like the rest of you, but a pulling aside of the proverbial curtain can be just as good. The NFL. A multi-billion dollar business. Is knowingly putting an inferior product on it's fields for what amounts to a few thousand dollars. It would be like me deciding that I didn't want to cave in to the high prices proposed by the toilet paper industry, and instead insisted on using the leaves I found in my yard. And then, trying to convince my house guests that the leaves were just as good, when they had the ravaged backsides and common sense to prove I was wrong...

And I'd be able to truly laugh all of this off, as I'm pretending to do, if there weren't such a current and ominous example of what this type of business practice can do to a professional sports league. Yep, I'm talking about the currently locked out NHL. An organization that has time and again shown that it's not a bad business practice to treat your fans like idiots, because they will ALWAYS continue to come back for more. Their fans are like addicts whom they know will come back to get their fix no matter how much you cut it, water it down and jack up the price. And while I'm not suggesting you boycott the NFL as I long ago chose to do with the NHL, I am suggesting that you count this as a strike in your theoretical "at bat" with the NFL. Take a "fool me once" approach, if you will. Because if you allow your drug dealer of choice to continue slipping baking soda into your stash, one day you're gonna realize you're just smoking cake mix. And nobody likes smoking cake mix. After all, delicious cake is meant to be eaten...

Friday, I'll have my picks for the weekend, so be sure to check in. I'll also have my picks for the Thursday night game on Twitter, which as indicated below are probably the picks you're really going to want to keep an eye on.  So be sure to sign up and follow...

NFL Picks
Last Week: 10-7-1

Season: 19-13-2 (.588)

Twitter Picks: 5-1-0

NCAA Picks
Last Week: 4-6-0

Season: 11-11-0 (.500)

Teddy Williams...



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