Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Year of Chicken & Beer...

I don't even know what to say about the Red Sox, anymore. Meh, I'm sure I'll think of something...

The team's backbone is proving to be spineless. And while I'm no doctor,
I'm thinkin' that's probably not a good thing...
If you've ever read any of Deadpsin's team by team NFL breakdowns "Why Your Team Sucks", this is more or less one of those about the 2012 Boston Red Sox. Except it's a lot shorter, and there won't really be any ironic or nearly as many blatantly hateful statements. Why? Because they suck, that's why. And I mean that from the very bottom of my steadily blackening heart...

1) They're Not Any Good. Your record is your record, and at 57-60 (12.5 out in the AL East & 6.5 out of either of the Wild Card spots) it's fairly obvious that the Red Sox just aren't very good. And that's fine, if you're Oakland, Pittsburgh or any other team that only spends about $50 mil or so a year. But when you're shelling out upwards of $180 million to put a team on the field, that type of return just isn't acceptable. It's as if they're attempting to pull off some sort of reverse-Moneyball philosophy, and achieving beyond their wildest dreams...

2) They're A Bunch Of Punks. With the latest news that Adrian Gonzalez and team mascot, Dustin Pedroia were behind the latest coup to try and ouster Bobby V, there doesn't seem to be a player left on this team that's genuinely worth showing any sort of faith or support. Because the only thing worse than ONE entitled and spoiled brat complaining about something, is A BUNCH of entitled and spoiled brats complaining about something. They want Bobby V out? OK, fine. I actually don't have a problem with that. I don't agree that he's the problem, but they're more than entitled to their own opinions. That being the case, there's a right time and a right way to air such grievances, and doing it during the season by sneaking behind your managers back certainly doesn't meet either of those criteria. The fact that they did, makes them punks. And unless you're coming in from the dugout with a skull on your glasses and topping 100 on the radar gun, nobody wants to root for a punk...

3) They Don't Get It. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM! I forget with stage of the grieving process "denial" happens to be, but whichever it is, the Red Sox have been stuck in that stage since their season started to die about a year ago today. Since then, it's been nothing but finger pointing and under performance. And that's the worst part about all this. Even punks can be forgiven when they show a little but of accountability, but this team refuses to do that at every turn. It's always someone else's fault that they aren't playing up to or even near expectations. Why are you losing? It's because you're not playing well enough. NOT because the manager rubs you the wrong way! You're freakin' professionals. Step up, admit that you're sucking, and try to get better. That's how that works. Don't bitch, moan and blame everyone else. If you're not winning, it's because you;re not playing well enough. Plain and simple. And while the "not winning" is on Bobby V's head, too, to suggest that any other manager would have you in a drastically different spot is quite laughable. I respect the manager position a lot, but I've yet to see one that would have this group of malcontent under performers any closer  than they currently are to the 2012 playoffs...

That's it. Not saying I'm quitting on the team or I'm gonna stop watching. But as of right now, I am officially against absolutely everything that's going on up there on Yawkee Way. From management right on down. Obviously, I hope they turn things around, but we're at the point now where even winning isn't gonna solve this problem. At least not for me. They make an improbable run into and/or through the playoffs? Fantastic. But if that's not accompanied by blatant changes in attitude and professionalism from ALL the parties involved, then it will merely serve as a band aid on what is obviously a gaping wound in this once proud franchise...

And having all of this news break just a day after the passing of the classiest Boston Red Sox player of them all, Johnny Pesky? I mean, WOW. Talk about night and day. Just sad, too. And I'm actually glad Johnny wasn't around to hear it...

ESPN made fools of themselves yesterday by going all out to celebrate Tim Tebow's 25th birthday, and officially joined the ranks of MTV and The History Channel as networks with names that no longer represent their programming. They're just such a joke of a network, now. Still love their live sporting events, and their website is pretty good (minus their writers that try to scam people and/or fraudulently inflate their Twitter followers), but their cable network, and in particular their flagship "SportsCenter", are just shells of what they were just a mere 10 years ago, and now try to cater to EVERYONE rather than the die hard sports fan they originally set out to please...

And I get it, it's all about money. They get more advertising dollars if they can bring in more viewers, and to do that they take their programming more towards the middle of the road. They pander to demographics that they never in their wildest dreams thought they'd be targeting, and inevitably, that takes a toll on their programming. It's why MTV no longer airs music videos, why The History Channel no longer airs history, and why eventually, ESPN will no longer air sports a we once knew them. I mean, why else would they have shirtless Tebow running through rain all over their broadcasts and website? They already know the men will be watching, so to get the women and girls to tune in too, they throw Tim Kardashian on there. A player that ESPN has more or less created in a Truman Show style setting, and will keep milking for ratings until he's finally out of football. Which I'm imagining will come when the Christian Football League he founded because he needed a team to play for goes bust because nobody wanted to watch players without helmets that hugged instead of tackled. Oh, who am I kidding? ESPN will just hire him at that point...

I guess I just miss the days where I could turn to ESPN, and be provided with quality sports programming. Now I'm lucky if I don't hit their number on the dial and find Tim Tebow showing how he pimped out his ride or picking through his neighbors garage for some good stuff to sell on eBay...

Mentioned Johhny Pesky earlier, and I just wanted to again touch on how class of an act that man was, and what a great ambassador he was for the Boston Red Sox. Truly a gentleman of the game, and he will be dearly missed. He's also a central figure in one of the best books I've ever read, The Teammates, and I'd suggest that now is as good a time as any for you to pick that up and give it a read. I know mot of you already know what a great man he was, but that book will take the respect you have for him to a whole new level. He wasn't just a great man, he was a great friend. And to know that is to know that we truly lost one of  the best men that we had walking this earth...

"Chad. Sorry, but we have to let you go. You're a good player, we wish you luck,
and our player personnel guys will give you the rest of the details." DONE

So I've been watching Hard Knocks with the Miami Dolphins and I've had a couple thoughts:

1) I'm pumped football is right around the corner. They do such a good job with that show of getting you amped for the start of football season, and I'm now officially chomping at the bit...


2) Every time I watch that show, it renews my respect for Bill Belichick and the business-like manner in which he handles his team. You see Joe Philbin trying to cut Chad Johnson?? It was like the scene from Moneyball where Brad Pitt is trying to teach Jonah Hill how to tell someone they've been traded. Uhhh uhhh you're a good player uhhh uhhh difficult decisions uhhh uhhh you're a good guy uhhhh uhhh. Watching it I couldn't help but evoke Adam Sandler and his T-t-t-t-t-today JUNIOR! Geez. I mean Philbin seems to be a good coach and what not, but watching some of those guys try to work "show-friends" in there with "show-business" is as painful to watch as it is comical. Just makes me all the more grateful that my team has a coach that puts the business of football first, makes sure that all his players know that, and then handles things accordingly. Sounds like a radical idea, right? Of course it doesn't, which makes the fact that so few teams are able to consistently pull it off all the more hilarious...

Closing things out, I figured I'd offer another movie review since last week's post was such a rousing success...

This week's movie? J. Edgar. My review? It was freaking terrible. Not only was the story rather bland (which was strange considering the subject matter), but as I had been advised, the makeup for the main characters was so bad it was severely distracting. The first time Armie Hammer came on the screen as an old Clyde Tolson, I literally jumped back in my seat. Then I hit my cable guide to make sure I wasn't watching The Mask with Rocky Dennis. I wasn't. So then I just began to laugh. That's how horrifyingly awful the makeup was. A minor detail had the film turned out to be a good one, but it was far from. Really surprising, too, coming from a team like Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio. Meh, guess you can't win 'em all... (4/10)

That's it for me, folks. Catch you next week where I may or may not be dishing out some fantasy football advice. Either that, or I'll be handing out a decent chunk of disinformation in order to pave my way to another championship. That'll be for you to decided. Should be fun. I know I'm looking forward to it...

Teddy Williams...



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